Geno is a mystical deity that takes the form of a life-sized,humanoid doll


[note:This Version of Geno never went through the Events of super mario RPG]

After sensing a Dark Presence in the solar system of mobius,he was sent by the unknown "Higher authority" to stop it,but he was no match for the dark being and was sent plummeting into mobius's gravity pull,getting sucked into a old doll in the woods,he changed its form to his liking{see photo on the right}

more will come as he enters RPs-----


Geno Beam: He Jumps and fires a blue beam from his finger,It is one of his weakest

Geno Whirl: His most powerful attack,he charges a energy disk,then sends several in a beam formation,once they all hit,he clicks his fingers and more come down from the sky,hitting the target rapidly

Geno Boost: He gives a allie extra power while halving his own


  • Sodam
  • Mois


  • The Trolls
  • The Dark Being{arch-enemy}


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