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Cquote1 Even if I sacrifice my body, I will never sacrifice my honor Cquote2
Genjirou the Ninja


Genjirou appears as a complete cyborg, made completely of metal and circuitry, with no shred of his original body left intact within his new form; his mind and personality is stored on memory chips from data obtained from various brain scans and tests.

The entirety of Genjirou's body is made up of one of three different types of material: titanium, carbon fibre, and tamahagane japanese steel. The frame or skeleton of Genjirou's mechanical body is made of tamahagane, a strong type of steel that is used in japanese swordsmithing that keeps the blade strong. Over this frame are layers of carbon fibre that has been augmented with a special kind of gel-like fluid that keeps the material flexible as well as dense, allowing for a great freedom of movement as though it were human skin and muscle. Lastly, titanium armor plating has been fixated onto 90% of the frame as a form of armor, protecting Genjirou from heavy fire and blunt force trauma.

The majority of Genjirou's color scheme is a titanium gold color due to the amount of it that protects his body. Under the joints and other exposed areas can be seen black tracings of where the carbon fibre lays under the titanium armor. Some parts of Genjirou, notably the chest area, contains tamahagane over the titanium in order to provide extra protection to vital areas. This can also be seen on his knuckles as well, used to provide extra punching power to his fists.

A green visor acts as sight for Genjirou, providing him with various different visual spectrums when needed. Along the muzzle lays a piece of titanium that looks like a shinobi mask with vents along the sides. These vents are used to cool to circuitry in the head area, venting out air as hot as 60 degrees celsius and taking in cooler air.

Various green orbs are located on parts of the body, with serve two functions: the first is that they absorb and store sunlight additional energy to keep the body going for long duration, especially in combat; the second is to give Genjirou indication of when power is down should his system report functions cease to work, with the orbs turning from green to orange to red when his power levels drop to certain points.


A being who holds honor above all else, Genjirou is essentially the technological future of the shinobi of old. Though he is often a lone wolf, he does not turn down requests of help from those who cannot defend themselves, often providing escort, protection, or other duties to his clients. As a being that requires neither rest nor nourishment, or most other creature comforts, Genjirou often turns down offered rewards; doing his duty and upholding his honor is more than rewarding for him.

Despite his good nature, Genjirou has his fair share of experiences when it comes to the darker side of being a sword for hire; espionage and assassination are no stranger to the cyborg ninja. Genjirou will carry out his mission with great proficiency and without heart, letting nothing deter him from carrying out his client's orders. However, despite his cold and calculating demeanour, he refuses to kill anyone he deems as unnecessary, viewing them as innocent bystanders getting caught up in someone else's mess. Hired bodyguards or mercenaries that aim to impede his mission, however, is a different story entirely.

In life, Genjirou loved the springtime. He enjoyed the gentle breeze on his skin, the smell of the budding cherry blossoms, and the sight of the big blue sky dotted with thin clouds. However, with nothing but an unfeeling cybernetic body, his can never again feel those sensations. However, his joy has never deterred even after the fact, still enjoying spending his time in meditation under a cherry blossom tree, a notion, he thought, would bring him luck in his future struggles.

Despite having a strong body that feels no pain, Genjirou still has a dislike of sheep, having come about when he was chased across a farm by one of them and headbutted to the floor. It is possibly one of the few things that he has trouble keeping himself from killing, though he has done well thus far.


Early Years

From birth, Genjirou's legacy had already practically been set in stone. His father was part of the top brass of the Raijin Zaibatsu; a mafia group comprised of human and mobians members. He was usually sent to assassinate key threats to the organization, while his mother owned an expensive clothing store which was owned and protected by the Zaibatsu. Despite heavy connections with the Zaibatsu, both of Genjirou's parents agreed that they did not want their son to have anything to do with them; his father took the guise of a business secretary to hide his affiliation from Genjirou, while his mother often looked after the young mobian while at work.

In his childhood, Genjirou was spoiled rotten by his parents and his various "uncles" that often came to visit his father, unbeknownst to him that they were colleagues of his father from the Zaibatsu. If there was something that Genjirou wanted, he would get it, often before its street release through various means--some kosher, others not so much. Despite much of the luxury that he was bathed in, Genjirou wanted to spend more time with his father more than anything else.

The boy's wish would soon come true, however, despite those of his parents. When Genjirou turned nine, one of his uncles had given him a wooden sword for his birthday. Genjirou's father was furious, knowing full well that the weapon was in fact a ceremonial gesture as a way to induct people into the Zaibatsu, and that he swore to not let his son anywhere near them. But to Genjirou, it was just another birthday present from one of his uncles.

But Genjirou became attached to the sword, completely discarding every other toy that was bought before or afterwards, usually a vain attempt by his parents to get him away from the sword. Genjirou only ever letting it go when he was at school or when he was sleeping. but at any other time it would never leave his hands. Every day he would practice with it, going for hours at a time. Despite his enjoyment and growing proficiency with it, his parents grew evermore worried and displaced that their son would end up joining them.

In the end, his father reluctantly accepted that nothing would erase the fact that his son became part of the Zaibatsu the day that he was born, and that, if he would ever become a target of the Zaibatsu's enemies, he would need to learn how to protect himself. He took it upon himself to teach Genjirou a secret style of kenjutsu that was passed down from countless generations of his family.

Teenage Years

As years went by, Genjirou's expertise in his father's kenjutsu continued to grow at a considerable rate. As his skills continued to grow, so did the Zaibatsu's interest in the young boy. However, the kingpin of the organization chose to respect the wishes of Genjirou's parents and refused to put pressure on them to fully induct him into the Zaibatsu, though added that Genjirou would join of his own accord eventually, as it was in his blood.

During an outing around the shopping district, Genjirou witnessed a group of humans making their way into his mother's clothing store. During the confrontation between the group and his mother, he had overheard the conversation in that the group were trying to pressure her into accepting protection from the Hei-Long Triad, to which she adamantly continued to refuse, saying that her store had no need for protection. As the group relunctantly left, Genjirou approached his mother afterwards wanting to know what the confrontation was about, but she dismissed them as a bunch of thugs and told him not to worry about it.

Despite this, Genjirou had his suspicions. Knowing that his mother wasn't going to tell him what was going on, he instead chose to question his father during his training sessions. Despite a constant bombardment of questions regarding the Triad, his father kept his knowledge a secret under growing frustration of Genjirou's persistence, and lashed out at his son with a flurry of strong blows to which Genjirou had no chance of retaliating.

Laying bruised and battered on the ground, Genjirou told his father that he knew he was hiding something and that he needed to know or else all the training he was doing to protect his parents would be gone to waste. Knowing his son's motivation and resolve to protect his family, Genjirou's father laid down his weapon and began to divulge everything that he needed to know, in that he was a top member of the Raijin Zaibatsu that garners wealth through "face operations" such as running casino's and providing protection to various clients, to more "underground" operations such as through the black market from drug dealing and weapon smuggling, to hitman requests. He continued to explain that he was in charge of securing clients that are profitable for providing protection to, and that was how he met Genjirou's mother. He also revealed that his "uncles" were indeed colleagues of his from the Zaibatsu and the sword that he was given was part of an induction ceremony into their ranks.

Genjirou couldn't believe what his father was saying, though. He always thought of his father as a good businessman, and someone who was well respected in the community. He couldn't come to terms with the fact that his father was part of a criminal organization that hurt others to increase their own influence. In a fit of anger, Genjirou snapped his wooden sword in half and tossed it at his father, vowing that he would never join such an organization and that he was not their son anymore before running away. His father, although saddened, felt a bittersweet joy as he heard his son renounce the Zaibatsu.

As he ran away, Genjirou began to ponder on why he ended up being the son of a criminal, desperately wanting just to live a normal life with normal boring parents, wishing that he could live a life where his father was just a businessman and his mother was just a shopkeeper. Eventually he found himself in front of his mother's clothing shop and sat in front of it, coming to understand that those Triad people wanted to gain control over the shop over the Zaibatsu.

As he sat in thought, the same group of people from earlier confronted Genjirou, telling him to move out of the way. When he refused, a number of them grabbed and began to beat on him while the others broke into the store and ransacked it. As the commotion ensued, Genjirou's father attacked the group with his own katana, killing and injuring several of the Triad members and rescuing his son. Genjirou looked upon his father and saw him not as a criminal, but as a a person who had his heart in the right place. But before father and son could have their reunion, Genjirou's father was shot through the head by an injured Triad that then fled the scene. Overcome with shock and grief, Genjirou cried out and wept over his father's body.

Joining the Raijin Zaibatsu

Days went by after the incident, to which Genjirou became cold and distant, even to his mother. While she herself was grieving over the loss of her lover, she tried as best she could to be strong for her son. Later on during the day, a funeral was held for his father within the Zaibatsu compound, much to the displeasure of Genjirou's mother. As other Zaibatsu members came to pay their respects, Genjirou confronted a number of them that he recognized to be his "uncles" from years ago. Despite his earlier resentment of them, Genjirou demanded to undergo the rest of the ceremony and to be fully inducted into the Zaibatsu. While his mother protested, Genjirou stated that he was only joining them in order to avenge his father's death.

Despite his induction into the Zaibatsu, many of its members disliked the young Genjirou because of his attitude. Even though Genjirou was one of the lowest ranked members due to only having been initiated, he often spoke down to his superiors and even ignored orders when given; his only goal was to find his father's murderer and kill him. As such, he only ever found interest in assignments that had to do with Triad operations, and he was incredibly efficient at them.

During one such mission, Genjirou was tasked to perform reconnaissance on a warehouse within the River District that was posing as a fish warehouse, but was actually a warehouse used for the transportation of drugs across the waters. During the mission, Genjirou was able to capture and interrogate one of the Triads, learning of their transport routes, other warehouses, what they were transporting to them, and several of their next following transportation times. After acquiring the information he needed, he killed the man before returning back to the warehouse and destroying it.

The Zaibatsu's crime lord, very pleased with Genjirou's efficiency and prowess, wanted him to undergo personal training by his own right hand man, Kentsurugi, in the art of ninjutsu, something that was prior only offered to his own son, Jeigo. Despite his want to find his father's killer, Genjirou understood better than this training will further help him in his mission.

During one of their training sessions, Genjirou and Jeigo were tasked with sparring against one-another in order to gauge their skills. Despite Jeigo's longer training, his arrogance and overconfidence cost him the match as Genjirou displayed his killing intent to his opponent, something that Kentsurugi was shocked yet impressed to see within the mobian, something that Jeigo lacked. Because of this, the crime lord began to favorite Genjirou over his own son, giving him more training time and opportunities over Jeigo. This began to create growing tension between the two boys.

Hei-Long Triad Confrontation

Within a few months of serving the Zaibatsu, Genjirou had become infamous among both the Triad and the Zaibatsu for better or worse. Among the Triad, he had become their biggest fears, with many of the organization abandoning it out of fear of being killed, while at the same time becoming a target for its leaders and those who still stuck with the Triad. Among his peers, he had become one of their best operatives and assassins, though there was still tension between him and the rest of his colleagues; they had become discontented that an initiate was garnering the attention of the Zaibatsu's clients as well as the crime lord himself, getting special treatment and, often times, more rewards than some of the top brass. Coupled with the ever-growing hostility between himself and Jeigo, Genjirou was becoming more hated by his own organization than he was with the Triads.

Uncaring and undeterred by the negative reception he knew he had directed towards him, Genjirou remained loyal to the crime lord, seeing him as a father figure with having taken him under his wing and with the special training he was given. Unknown to him prior, the crime lord had revealed to Genjirou that, after the passing of his father, his mother was under constant protection from further Triad attacks. It was at this moment that genjirou began to wonder what his mother was going through, remembering his vow to protect her. Having not seen her for over half a year, Genjirou asked the crime lord for the day off to spend time with her. He wholeheartedly agreed.

Having made his way to the shopping district, Genjirou became nervous and anxious at seeing his mother again seeing as they had not departed on the best of terms. As he made his way into the store, he expected his mother to became distant or angry with him, but was met with a hug and a great welcome, with her stating that she missed him so much. After a deserved reunion, his mother began to question him about his life and teasingly asking if he had found himself a girlfriend yet. However, she became more stern as she asked him about his business. Genjirou replied that he still has his job to do, his mother knowing that he was referring to avenging his father. She tried to talk him out of it, telling him that if he went through with it then they would continuously hunt him, and then the Zaibatsu would retaliate, continuing an endless cycle of killing. But Genjirou retorted that the cycle would continue with or without him anyway.

In the midst of their talk, gunfire opened up on the store by a group of Hei-Long Triads. Genjirou quickly grabbed his mother and jumped into cover behind the store counter, hearing the bullets fire into the counter and the wall behind them. Genjirou tried the best he could to fight back, using the cover to blindly fire into their ranks. Though a couple of them were taken out, more soon arrived on the scene to fire back. Thankfully, because the Zaibatsu were constantly watching for Genjirou's mother, backup arrived through the back-alleys to even up the numbers. With there being more targets for the Triad to fire at, much of the suppression fire was lifted from Genjirou, allowing him time to fire from out of cover to get better shots. With most of the Triads disposed, the rest retreated within their vehicles.

With his mother shocked and scared, Genjirou began to suspect that the Triad were after him and not the store, but wondered how they knew he would be there. He suspected that someone at the Zaibatsu who had a grudge against him had tipped them off with his location.

Storming through the Zaibatsu compound, Genjirou confronted the crime lord and demanded to know how the Triad knew where he was, accusing the crime lord himself with tipping them off. First taken aback by the accusations before maintaining his composure, the crime lord denied the accusations and explained to Genjirou that the Triads have been after the store for a while now due to the amount of revenue it makes, making it the best financial target for both enforcing the Triads and crippling the Zaibatsu, which was another reason why his mother was being watched by the Zaibatsu. He further explained that Genjirou was one of their top priority targets for elimination, and that when they saw him is when they decided to open fire. Genjirou still held mistrust for the crime lord, bt the crime lord went on to ask Genjirou why he would bother wasting his time training him and sending him on their most important missions just to throw him away to the Triads. In the end, Genjirou accepted the case, and left with no further word.

Zaibatsu-Triad War

The Zaibatsu began to become more irrate with the Triads over the attacks on various of their businesses in the shopping district. With the speculated lack of protection from the Zaibatsu, many of the shop owners had turned from them and began to do business with the Triads out of fear of having their businesses destroyed. The Triad had also began to further cripple the Zaibatsu's finances through invasions on their casinos, heavily plundering their income. As the Triads began to rise in power, many black market dealers also turned from dealing with the Zaibatsu and instead dealing with the Triad.

Fearing for his mother's safety, Genjirou pleaded with the crime lord to relocate her to somewhere safe and out of the war of the Triad and Zaibatsu's influence. using what influence and resources he had, the crime lord relocated her southward, complete with new identity papers and records so that she couldn't be traced. Genjirou transferred what money he could into his mother's new account so that she would be financially sound. With her out of harms way, Genjirou was now free to wreck as much havoc as he wanted.

Without consent of his superiors, Genjirou traveled the city to the various different Triad territories in order to turn those businesses they had taken and to reinstate them back under Zaibatsu control. Within the day, Genjirou had already retaken twenty-six businesses and eliminated tens of Triad enforcers through sneak tactics. Despite having taken back ten percent of what they had lost within a day which took the Triad weeks to garner, the Zaibatsu's top brass were furious, stating that if Genjirou keeps this up then he could start a war of desperation between the Triad and the Zaibatsu. Despite this, the crime lord knew that this would happen, and this was exactly why he wanted Genjirou in the first place.

Within the following week, the majority of the businesses and dealerships that the Triads had taken from the Zaibatsu had been returned without any major expenditure on their part. With the Triad having invested resources in gaining these properties without having made anywhere near a profit off of them, it had became a battle of attrition that the Triad were losing. Capitalizing on this, the Zaibatsu were planning on leading a full assault on the Triad's compound, using several squads of gunmen for a frontal assault while Genjirou, Jeigo and Kentsurugi would infiltrate the compound from the rooftops first.

However, as soon as the trio became inbound to the landing zone, they had noticed that the Triads were much more in number than anticipated, as though they were prepared for the invasion. Kentsurugi thought it as nonsensical; why would the Triad send what little forces they had to the compound instead of out in the city to try to re-establish businesses to make up for their recent losses. Genjirou pondered if this was another Zaibatsu tip-off to the triad, but kept his thoughts to himself.

Even though the ground forces were heavily enforced, it appeared that the high rise was still unoccupied. After arriving at the landing zone, the three departed onto the rooftops near the compound, scouting the compound from above before locating a nearby skylight to make their entrance. As the group set up, they relayed the details of the Triad's ground forces to the Zaibatsu squads on standby. With the signal given, the ground forces stormed the front of the Triad compound while the trio broke through the skylight into an attached loading warehouse.

However, as the three dropped in, numerous Triad members opened fire on them from the catwalk. The three had no choice but to duck behind whatever cover there was; hardened wooden crates and steel supports were all they could get behind to avoid taken any bullet fire. With the infiltration and sneaking a complete failure, Kentsurugi wonder how they knew they would be coming, with Genjirou finally voicing his thoughts that someone must have tipped them off from within the Zaibatsu in the same way they must have tipped them off when he came under fire before. With no choice but to fire back from where they were, all three engaged the Triad operatives in a shoot out across the warehouse. However, Jeigo soon found himself out of ammo, having not prepared enough clips, and instead used several smoke bombs to blind their enemies while Genjirou and Kentsurugi maneuvered to the catwalks, eliminating the shooters.

With their attackers dispatched, the three of them decided to split up to cover more ground. Kenjutsu decided to remain on the ground floor in order to flank the Triad ground forces to help the Zaibatsu push in, while Jeigo and Genjirou proceeded to the upper floors. As the two of them came to a junction within the inner halls, Jeigo took the time to admit that he hated how Genjirou was given more attention than he was, but was happy that he was his partner in this mission, telling him to not die before parting ways.

Taking a stairwell to the fifth floor, Genjirou ambushed a few triad gunmen within the corridor and eliminating them before he came across a large sorting office. Shifting through some of the files in order to try and find any viable information on the Triad, he came across several records of individuals from within the Zaibatsu, all with contract payments. Genjirou cursed under his breath, knowing that his suspicions weren't just paranoia, and that the Triad had been bribing and contracting Zaibatsu members into working for them, which was likely how they were tipped off. Grabbing what he could for later, he left the room and proceeded to navigate through the floors to find the Triad's leader.

As Genjirou made his way up the stairwell, he received a transmission from Kentsurugi saying that the three of them need to group up on the fifth floor and await extraction from the landing zone, stating that the Triad have also led an attack on the Zaibatsu compound and they need to return immediately. Genjirou reported back that there are traitors among the Zaibatsu that were paid off by the Triad, and that he had records of them. As the three of them understood the situation, they made their way to the fifth floor.

Genjirou found himself on the fifth floor, with Kentsurugi having gotten to them beforehand. Though Jeigo had not arrived, Kentsurugi stated that they could not wait for him any longer once their extraction arrives. He also asked Genjirou if he still had the records with him. Genjirou said he did, and was about to hand over the documents before Kentsurugi was shot through the temple, having been taken out by a sniper on one of the nearby rooftops. For a moment, Genjirou stood in shock as he witnessed almost the exact same death of his father. He quickly snapped from his daze, quick enough to avoid a second shot from the sniper and duck behind a thick partition wall. Having nowhere to go lest he wanted to get shot as soon as he moved into view, Genjirou could do nothing but sit behind the wall, pinned down.

However, the sound of an incoming chopper could be heard from outside, being the extraction for the trio. But Genjirou knew he couldn't move from where he was, and stayed still. However, the sniper soon switched his focus from Genjirou to the chopper pilot, taking him out with a single shot to the chest. Despite the thought of sacrificing the pilot indirectly, Genjirou took this opportunity to get out from cover and rush to the stairwell while his shooter had to refocus back into position.

With one man down, one man missing and their extraction taken out, Genjirou had only one thought in mind: he was going to kill the Triad's leader himself and put an end to it all.

Genjirou made his way to the sixth floor, making sure that there were no windows or other points where the sniper could fire at him from as he scouted through the corridors. As he turned one of the corners, he spotted two Triad operatives with their backs to him, patrolling the corridor. Getting the jumped on the both of them, Genjirou tackled both of them to the ground, holding one of them in a headlock while he stabbed the other through the back. Drawing his blade and holding it to the person's neck, he demanded to know where their leader was under pain of death. Terrified, the man told Genjirou that he was on the twelfth floor. Having the information he needed, Genjirou slit the man's throat before proceeding upwards.

As he made his way to the twelfth floor, Genjirou was greeted with the sight of a wide hallway and a set of double doors. Kicking the doors open, Genjirou proceeded to kill all four of the doorman on either side before confronting the leader himself. Genjirou was taken aback to find himself in front of an elderly man, no younger than in his late seventies. The man was of oriental heritage, with a long grey beard and a white business suit. Even more shocking was the man who stood beside him; the man that Genjirou immediately recognized as his father's killer.

The elderly man introduced himself as Jiang-Seng, the leader of the Hei-Long triad, and that he had been expecting Genjirou. He then ordered his son to kill the mobian, but Genjirou quickly threw down several smoke bombs, just as Jeigo had done prior. With the two of his opponent's blinded, Genjirou charged through the cover of smoke and delivered a fatal strike to the man, impaling him through the heart with his father's katana. As the man died, a sense of calm and peace enveloped Genjirou. Slowly he drew the blade from the body before sheathing it and turning to Jiang-Seng. The old man stood in shock, not believing that his son was killed. He quickly drew a pistol from his suit and aimed at Genjirou, but the mobian swiftly sliced the gun in half vertically, at the same time severing the top half of the man's fingers. As Jiang-Seng cried out in pain, Genjirou retorted that he was only avenging his father's death by his hands, and that his mission was now complete. With the compound's forces decimated before the Zaibatsu had left to defend the compound, and Genjirou's father avenged, he decided to leave, but not without warning to Jiang-Seng that he can come and kill him anytime he wanted if he continued to oppose the Zaibatsu.

Zaibatsu-Triad Peace Treaty

The war had taken a heavy toll on both sides; the Triad had lost a lot of their enforcers during the defense of their compound and the invasion of the Zaibatsu's own, their leader had become lethargic in acting any further to either capitalize on the aftermath or to even repair the damages the Triad had suffered, and his only successor had been killed in the conflict. For the Zaibatsu, they had also lost a lot of their own enforcers, were under constant pressure of being struck from within again from any more Triad sleeper agents, and the crime lord had lost his right-hand man and whose son was missing in action. The situation had left the state of war cold for several months, with no side daring to make a move in fear of retaliation that they could not afford.

However, Jiang-Seng sent a neutral messenger in order to deliver a message to the crime lord. The letter revealed that the Triad wanted to have a meeting with the Zaibatsu in order to come to an agreement. Though the Zaibatsu crime lord was hesitant, almost confident that this was a trap in order to assassinate him out of revenge for Jiang-Seng's song, he nonetheless agreed to the conference, confident that Genjirou would protect him.

After an intermission of preparation, Genjirou accompanied the Zaibatsu convoy via the rooftops in order to observe from the rooftops and strike should there be any suspicion of foul play from the Triads. Both the Zaibatsu and Triad met outside of a small abandoned warehouse, neutral to both parties. The crime lord warned Jiang-Seng that if there was any trouble, then Genjirou would make short work of them. The leader understood, stating that he had no intention of throwing his life or his business away at the chance of assassinating the Zaibatsu's crime lord, especially after losing his son. The crime lord retorted, claiming that he had also lost his son, though Jiang-Seng admitted that he had no knowledge of whether or not Jeigo was dead or alive as no one had reported it nor was there any body to confirm a kill.

With that said, Jiang-Seng noted that both parties hadn't the power to confront one-another again, and that the best thing they could do was to pick up the pieces and start anew, proposing that the Triad would control the west territories while the Zaibatsu claimed the west, unopposed on both sides. The crime lord agreed, much to the chagrin of the Zaibatsu, them claiming that they could easily rid the Triads and claim the east territories as well. Despite the hostility of the Zaibatsu, the Triads refrained from retaliating after the crime lord silenced them. Once more, he agreed to the peace treaty with Jiang-Seng,

Post treaty, both the Triad and the Zaibatsu continued to recover their losses during the war, using whatever finances they could in order to recruit more enforcers, rebuild the damages done to their own property, as well as establish newer businesses now that they had no worry of being opposed by the other group. In time, both organizations would become what they once were in power and more, having been able to establish constant streams of revenue from their businesses now that they were not being contested over.

The Egg-Fleet Attack

For a few months, the city had known relative peace during the aftermath of the Zaibatsu-Triad War and following peace treaty. Though there were still crime within the city as well as the unease among its citizens directed towards both groups, the gang wars had come to cease completely. Genjirou had remained as a constant deterrent for the Triad to attack the Zaibatsu, but other members of the Zaibatsu were still unhinged that the crime lord had not capitalized on the Triad's defeat to take over their territory. A number of the top brass were also angered that the crime lord had bypassed the entirety of them when picking a successor to Kentsurugi to be his right-hand man in favor of Genjirou. Despite this, they all knew that they had no chance to challenge Genjirou for the position.

When all seemed well, a sudden invasion from the skies launched over the city; thousands of robots poured from a large aircraft from the clouds as they overran the center of the city. The Zaibatsu maintained their distance seeing as these robots had not encroached upon their territory. Instead, the crime lord figured that the police force would be able to fend them off, and, in the aftermath, the Zaibatsu would use its resources in order to help out the restoration in the aftermath, thus branching out from the east and establishing its influence within the central area.

However, as time went by, there was no sign of the city's forces pushing the robot invaders back. Knowing that after central city, the area with the strongest police force, had been taken, then the invaders would surely push outwards into the other four sectors. Knowing that if this were to come then the Zaibatsu would fall, the crime lord established its own makeshift army in order to reinforce the police forces at central. However, with Kentsurugi dead and Jeigo missing, it was left to Genjirou to go solo in order to attain whatever information he could within the warzone.

A day later, the Zaibatsu had established its forces and had sent numerous squadrons into central city, their entrance routes diverse in order to flank the invading forces as well as establish exactly how much of the area had been taken by them. However, the Zaibatsu soon realized that, within only a week or so, the invaders had already taken most of central and were now spreading towards the remaining four sectors. The Zaibatsu convoys could barely break through the borders of the forces, only a few miles into central, before they were outnumbered and outgunned. The robot's armor was impregnable to the low-caliber firearms that the Zaibatsu were using, and even shotgun blasts proved to be ineffective.

Meanwhile, Genjirou had ejected from one of the convoys in order to infiltrate deeper into enemy territory. Though the mobian had confidence in his abilities, he soon understood that the Zaibatsu were fighting an unwinnable battle. Nonetheless, Genjirou pressed on to try and recover some form of information on the invaders. However, he was suddenly blown from the rooftops, having been spotted by a group of aerial robots armed with explosive rounds. Knowing that he had no chance in a head-on fight, Genjirou fled his attackers, bounding from rooftop to rooftop, trying to find a way to shake them off or to counter them. As his attackers pursued him, he realized that the robots had cameras in their abdomens that act as their sight after seeing the light reflect off the lens. With this knowledge, Genjirou used a pistol to accurately take out each of the robots' cameras, causing them to crash into nearby buildings. Through intercom, Genjirou relayed this information to the other Zaibatsu forces as well as headquarters.

But while relaying the information, Genjirou was caught by surprise by another few of the robots. These hulking ape-like creations wore huge, bulky arms like battering rams, which Genjirou ended up getting smashed by. Heavily injured and concussed, Genjirou was swatted from the rooftop into the streets below. As one of the robots leaped from the roof to come crashing down on him, Genjirou, semi-conscious, was able to roll out of the way and impale the robot through its side, something which shocked the concussed mobian. Genjirou, struggling to regain his composure, decided to flee the area, but was trailed by the remaining two robots. As Genjirou made his escape, he attempted to relay the information he had on the ape-like automatons, but found that his transceiver had been damaged from the fall. With no way to communicate with the Zaibatsu and with two metal hulks trailing him, he had no choice but to try and lose them. Eventually he managed to, noting that their intelligence seemed to be fitting for their ape-like stature, by pressing himself flat and holding himself up against the underside of a stone archway. With the robots gone, Genjirou used what little strength he had left to hide himself inside a high rise apartment block before falling unconscious.

Genjirou awoke back at the Zaibatsu compound several hours later, having been brought back by one of their choppers. When Genjirou asked how he was found, they told him that, while the communications unit on the transceiver was busted, the GPU tracking on it was still functional, and that they were able to pinpoint his location through that. Genjirou understood the situation, and proceeded to relay what information he hadn't been able to send over the transceiver to them. The group came to the conclusion that their armor is something akin to Kevlar, in that ballistics don't seem to damage their armor but sharp instruments do. Knowing that this threat was more dangerous than they had anticipated, the Zaibatsu had to come up with a new strategy if they ever hoped to win.

Before they were able to discuss a means of counterattack, the Zaibatsu had picked up a broadcast on the city's television frequency, being broadcast from the aircraft above the city. The man on the craft introduced himself as Dr. Eggman, the leader of the robot invasion. The doctor stated that he planned to take over the city as he discovered that there was a huge fount of untapped energy within its northern sector. He further explained that he requires this energy in order to expand his robots and weapons manufacturing, planning to turn the city into a colossal manufacturing plant. He demanded that the government surrender to him or else he would burn the city to the ground before taking it over.

The Zaibatsu, deeply perturbed by this, had no choice but to wait for the government's decision before they could take action. They surmised that if the government agreed to the demands then the Zaibatsu could not act without facing conflict with both the police force and Eggman's robots, whereas if they refused to negotiate with the doctor then at least they could form a sizable resistance.

Six hours later, the government had surrendered to Dr. Eggman's demands in order to cease the attacks on the city, leaving the Zaibatsu with no choice but to wait for something to turn up.

Operation: Heishiro

Within a matter of months, Dr. Eggman had managed to take over the entirety of the northern sector of the city, completely converting the entirety of it from a rural and industrial estate into the basis of his manufacturing empire, the heart of it housed a huge high rise power plant that he dubbed the "chaos reactor". This new chaos reactor continuously pumped the latent energies that dwelled underneath the northern sector of the city, effortlessly powering the entirety of the northern establishment of the doctor's expanding manufacturing empire, the energy itself providing more output than electrical or solar power or anything else that had been known before. This huge manufacturing plant continued to pump more and more robots at an alarming rate, all used to start taking over the rest of the city within a short time.

Although some of the residents of the city were able to evacuate within a small timeframe before Dr. Eggman had begun his total conversion of the northern sector, the majority of the people had been taken into slavery to work the factory. Despite the doctor having huge swaths of robotic servants to do his bidding unquestioned, the move was to establish his dominance over the city more so than it was for the extra work force. With the northern sector under his complete control and central torn asunder by the prior invasion, the only pockets of resistance remained in the east, south, and western sectors, and even so they were little; the southern sector was being evacuated out of the city, while the east and west sectors were still reeling from the attack that spilled over from central.

After some time, Genjirou was sent an anonymous message via his transceiver with a set of coordinates, asking for him and the Zaibatsu to meet at a discrete location within central city. Though the organization was suspicious of the message, the crime lord opted to check it out under reason that this could be from another resistance group, and that the only other option they had was to sit by and wait to be taken over by the doctor. With no other choice, the Zaibatsu sent out a number of groups to the target location along with the crime lord in order to find out what was going on.

The entirety of central was turned into a scrap yard in the invasion, barely recognizable to anyone. As the convoys made their way through the destroyed sector, they arrived at the target location, an abandoned loading dock that was used to ferry good across the river expanse to the south. As they arrived, they were met by Jiang-Seng and his own group of Triads. The crime lord questioned the Triad leader if he was the one who sent them the message, to which he responded that he was to ask him of the same.

Before the two could continue, they were greeted by an old colonel of G.U.N., who admitted to sending them both the anonymous message. He explained that G.U.N. had gotten wind of Dr. Eggman's invasion of the city and had decided to step in, although he admitted that he had arrived too late, stating that the doctor had managed to establish himself more strongly than he had anticipated. The crime lord called out the colonel, openly mocking him that even the military could do nothing against the doctor. However, the colonel responded that that was the case, which is why he contacted both the Zaibatsu and the Triad. He stated that both of them had a lot of power and influence within the city and are able to secure resources better than G.U.N. could at this time, and offered them an alliance opportunity to take down Dr. Eggman's empire.

At first the Triad and the Zaibatsu were skeptical, unsure as to how the three of them could battle an entire empire with what little they had, despite Eggman's current expanse being as small as it was. The colonel said that they all have their share of expertise in dealing with the doctor; he stated that G.U.N. have had a few confrontations with the doctor's work before and understood much of the doctor's tactics, that Genjirou knew about the weaknesses of the doctor's robots and how to exploit them, and that he knew the Triad had been recruiting espionage agents that will help in initiating a covert operation. Jiang-Seng was shocked that the colonel knew of his recruitment, having kept it as secretive as he could, but admitted that it was the truth.

With the three factions in agreement, the leaders began to draw up plans for a means of an attack against Dr. Eggman. The colonel would control the main attacking force, using his G.U.N. operatives to stage a frontal assault, while also maintaining communications on a frequency shared by the Zaibatsu and the Triad to coordinate their movements. Meanwhile, the triad and Zaibatsu would use their knowledge of the city as well as their informants to keep tabs on the doctor's forces' movements and relay back to G.U.N in order to counterattack, while at the same time performing flanking maneuvers on the doctor's forces. Lastly, Genjirou will use this diversion to lead a group of the Triad's espionage agents into the chaos reactor, the aim being to plant a series of explosive charges to destroy it. With the plans concluded, the groups began Operation: Heishiro.

Although the plans of attack had been decided, it was another business altogether to prepare the resources and equipment necessary for the attacks to carry out. However, with Genjirou's vital information on the weaknesses of the doctor's machines, they began preparations on various weaponry and equipment that will exploit these weaknesses. From diamond-tipped custom rounds to pierce the armor of the robots to using chaff grenades to disrupt their electrical components, as well as more unconventional fire arms such as crossbows and harpoon launchers. Every operative was also given a G.U.N. communicator in order for their Intel team to relay information to all operatives on a secure channel.

With the preparations complete and all of the operation's operatives equipped and prepared, the colonel gave the signal to the eight different units that were formed to engage the doctor's forces on the ground; Alpha, Bravo and Charlie squads would stage a frontal assault on the doctor's empire, while Delta, Echo, Foxtrot and Golf squads attacked from the east and west, with Hotel squad flanked from behind in order to create an opening for Genjirou's Ryuu unit, comprised of him and several Hei-Long assassins.

As the fighting commenced, the ground forces were easily able to engage and overtake much of the empire's outer perimeter forces, the doctor having not anticipated such an assault and having not prepared any form of defense, coupled with the fact that the outer perimeter of the empire would have had to least defenses. With the resistances small victory secured, the squads were able to move further into the doctor's stronghold, although the squads were met with increasing resistance the further they made way. Although they had the necessary equipment and tactics to deal with the waves of enemies that had mounted a defense against them, the resistance's resources were diminishing and finite, while the doctor's forces seemed endless.

As the colonel had anticipated, Dr. Eggman was sending the bulk of his forces to the front line in order to combat Alpha, Bravo and Charlie squads, allowing for Delta, Echo, Foxtrot and Golf squads to form two-pronged attack from the east and west and flank the doctor's numbers, allowing for Hotel and Ryuu squads to push through the back line with minimal resistance and for Ryuu squad to begin the bombing run to shut down the chaos reactor. However, as the two squads pushed towards the base of the reactor, they were met with a few giant mech-like robots that hindered their approach towards the reactor's entrance. Hotel Squad opted to provide suppression fire and act as a diversion to the mechs while Ryuu squad proceeded into the reactor. Despite the squad's large numbers and intel, they found that their weapons were unable to pierce through their armor and even artillery did little to faze them, while chaff grenades and other electrical jamming weaponry proved ineffective. Within minutes, the entirety of Hotel Squad had been wiped out.

The G.U.N. intel officers had confirmed that they had lost all signals from Hotel Squad, ordering Echo and Golf squads to pull back from their positions and to relocate to Hotel's position in order to assist Ryuu squad. Genjirou interrupted the transmission, stating that they had no need for reinforcement as they were already inside the reactor. Reluctantly complying, the intel team resumed directing Echo and Golf squads into pushing the attack from the sides. However, munitions were starting to thin and parties of resistance fighters were starting to fall from increased pressure from the doctor's forces. The colonel ordered Alpha, Echo and Golf squads to fall back and regroup, opting to cycle teams in and out to drag out the attacks while Ryuu squad conducted their own assault.

Meanwhile, Ryuu unit had managed to infiltrate deep within the reactor, being able to easily dispatch the small number of guard robots and worker drones as they advanced further. Genjirou had relayed to intel that they had reached the arcpoint, a section within the reactor that acted as the means of travel to the upper and lower sectors. Acknowledging their position, intel then relayed back to Ryuu squad the key structural points of the reactor, the plan being to use their bombs to detonate these key supports and to collapse the reactor on itself, destroying it. With their objective clear, Ryuu squad split up and headed towards a location each to speed things up.

Things began to take a turn for the worse, however. The alarms in the reactor triggered a sudden influx of guard robots. Caught in a surprise ambush, the Hei-Long assassins began to gradually drop off the map as they were systematically taken out by the reactor's enforcers. Coupled with the falling numbers of the remaining seven squads that were battling outside of the reactor, it was now a matter of accomplishing the task quickly before the remaining resistance were wiped out and the doctor's ground army turned their attention back to the reactor. Intel relayed to Ryuu squad that taking out the structural supports was now no longer an option and that the only alternative they had was to detonate the reactor's core. However, they noted that they had no idea what sort of chain reaction this would occur and said that they would evacuate any civilians they could before they detonate the explosives.

With the plans changed, Genjirou and the little remainder of the Hei-Long assassins began to make their way towards the reactor's core. However, they were all met with heavy resistance from numerous different guard robots that were protecting the core. Many of the assassins had not made it to the central core room, with only Genjirou and two others having survived the onslaught. With only a few explosive charges, they proceeded to place them around the core before relaying to intel that the explosives were set in place. With their task complete, they were instructed to evacuate the reactor, while in the mean time the remaining squads would continue evacuating the civilians as they pulled out of the warzone.

Before the transmission could finish, one of the doctor's mechs that they had faced earlier outside of the reactor dropped from the ceiling above, crushing the two unsuspecting assassins while Genjirou was able to avoid it. Before the mech could attack, Genjirou noted that there was a change in plans and that he was being blocked from escaping. Intel responded that there was no chance of Genjirou receiving any support and that he would have to try and deal with the situation. Outmatched and overpowered, Genjirou had no choice but to avoid the colossus and try and escape. But the mech had proved to be fast and agile for its size, continuously blocking any means of escape that Genjirou had found.

Knowing that he wasn't going to go anywhere, Genjirou understood that he was going to have to find some way of disabling the mech if he was going to escape. However, as he began to dodge and find openings with the mech's attacks, it was beginning to read, adapt, and even predict the mobian's movements. As Genjirou tried to avoid a strike from the mech and get around behind it, the machine had followed with a second pre-emptive strike, slamming into Genjirou and smashing him into a nearby wall. Winded and injured, Genjirou struggled to get up and narrowly avoid the next powerful strike from the mech, leading it to lodge its hand into the metalwork. Taking the opportunity, Genjirou jumped upon its arms and ran straight towards the mech's head, unsheathing his katana and impaling it through one of its optics. Genjirou leapt from the mech's head as it reached to grab him, but ended up getting swatted into the ground with great force by the robot's free hand.

Despite having succumbed to two of the mech's colossal smashes, Genjirou was still conscious but barely able to move. As he struggled to get to his knees, the mech was poised to finish off the mobian with a titanic stomp. However, seeing the opportunity, Genjirou quickly threw and detonated a chaff grenade at the mech. With the robot's optic damaged and its circuitry exposed, the electromagnetic pulses from the grenade were able to short out its components, causing the mech to lose its balance and collapse backwards. Seizing the opportunity to deliver the final blow, Genjirou ran towards the prone robot with katana in hand, leaping onto its huge body and running towards its head, impaling the blade through its cranium and destroying its central processor. With his target destroyed, Genjirou relayed to intel that he was now evacuating the reactor.

However, before intel could respond, the explosive charge had detonated prematurely, taking out the entirety of the central core room. The explosion had caused a catastrophic chain reaction with the volatile energies that were powering the reactor's core, causing a sizeable explosion mirroring that of a hydrogen bomb. The resulting explosion had killed Genjirou, as well as wiping out the entirety of the northern sector, killing countless resistance forces and civilians that had not been evacuated in time. 

The Shadow Reborn

Finding The Truth

Present Day


Within his body, Genjirou carries multiple items that he uses depending on the situation--from close range to long range to area attacks, Genjirou has something in his arsenal to make sure he is never caught unprepared.

"Muramasa" Vibro-Katana

Named after one of the greatest blacksmiths during the Muromachi period in Japan, this katana is constructed from a flexible titanium alloy that allows it to endure heavy loads on the blade, making it much more durable and shatter resistant than a conventional steel blade. The alloy allows for large electrical currents to flow through it, which gives it its signature vibrating blade, otherwise known as a "Vibro blade" or "High-frequency blade." The vibration allows the blade to move from side to side at a high velocity on a microscopic level, allowing it to cut through most, if not all, materials on an atomic level. 

The katana can also be overloaded through the capacitors stored along the handle, creating an electrical surge, or field, around the blade. The electrical current reaches several hundred volts, enough to overload electrical equipment even with several surge protectors, or outright kill a living creature by shutting down vital organs. However, this surge can only be activated in bursts for several seconds--any longer and the vibro blade will shut down or cause it to shatter under the increased electrical output.  

"Sadamune" Vibro-Wakizashi

Named after one of the greatest swordsmiths between the Einin and Shouhei eras, the wakizashi uses the same vibro-electric technology that exists within the Muramasa vibro-katana. The only difference between the capabilities, on a technical level, between the Muramasa and the Sadamune is that the blade in the Sadamune is able to hold the electrical charge better due to the smaller, more compact blade. This allows the blade to vibrate faster and provide a better cutting power, but also allows the electrical surge to last longer than on the Muramasa.

"Tendou" Collapsing Longbow

A Foldable Longbow Which Can Hold Genjirou's Many Arrows For Various Ranged Attacks

"Tenyari" Arrows

Various Elemental Arrows Including Acidic,Fire,Ice And Lightning

Ryuugan Shuriken

Throwing Stars Stored Inside Gebjirou's Cybernetic Right Arm

Ryuuga Kunai

Throwing Daggers That Don't Do Much Damage But They Can Stun Opponents And Can Be Coated In Acid,Poison Or Slag To Do More Damage


Genjirou's cybernetic body is capable of many different abilities, key of which is granting him great speed, strength, agility and reflexes. Muscles made up of hundreds of thin fibres are attached to the limbs of the skeleton, which move in tandem with electrical signals send from the main system. The system can control how much electricity and how fast it is sent, allowing the muscles to react and move at great velocity; this is what gives Genjirou his strength and power. His vision is able to process movement into calculations, solved within microseconds with the same amount of time used to provide a response action. This gives Genjirou immense reaction times comparable to that of a supercomputer, enough to deflect machine gun fire with his sword with little effort.

As a machine of tactical espionage, Genjirou is able to cloak himself by generating an electromagnetic field around his body, which causes light to bend around him, rending him almost invisible to the human eye. In daylight, Genjirou appears as a shimmering wave of light similar to when heat dissipates from the ground. In dark or dimly lit areas, he is practically impossible to see. Because of the nature of the cloaking technology, he is still traceable via electromagnetic scanners and can be taken out of stealth with EMP equipment.

Genjirou's vision is particularly effective when performing reconnaissance, being able to switch into various different spectrum modes. This include standard vision, night vision, heat vision, infrared vision, electromagnetic vision, and ultraviolet vision.

Parts of his cybernetic body contain compartments where various equipment can be stored, mainly weaponry. The forearm plated are able to slide away to reveal stored shuriken, which can either eject from the forearms or slide inbetween the fingers via hydraulics. The thighs also have sliding plates which reveals compartments containing kunai as well as a pair of tanto swords. The back has an electromagnet which holds the high frequency katana in place when not in use, which itself required around two thousand pounds of force to remove when it is being held. The back itself can also open up, containing a folding longbow.


Genjirou is skilled with a few types of weaponry, such as japanese swords (Tanto, Wakizashi, Katana), shuriken, kunai, and with a longbow, each used for specific means of combat, distance, and purpose.

As part of his martial training, Genjirou also knows few forms of martial arts such as Ninjitsu, Aikido and Kenpo, all made even more deadly with his new cybernetic body.


  • Shuriken Toss - Genjirou unsheathes the shuriken from his arm compartment and launches them in a volley of three, travelling in a straight line.
  • Shuriken Spread - Genjirou unsheathes the shuriken from his arm compartment and launches them in a spread, at a rough 30 degree area, often used to attack multiple targets at once.
  • Spin Cutter - Rotatory pistons clamp to the sides of the shuriken in his arms, holding them in place as they sit between the arm platings. These pistons then rotate the shuriken at 1000 RPM, with them acting like circular saws. The shuriken can be aligned along the arm in a single row of three, or can be spread along the width of the arm in three rows of one.
  • Shuriken Ejection - The shuriken sit positioned in the arm until they are ejected from their mounts, firing up to 70 mph.
  • Fan of Blades - Genjirou outstretches his arms to the side while the arm and leg compartments open to reveal the hidden shuriken and kunai. High-pressure pistons then fire these weapons in multiple direction, giving Genjirou a 360 spread of attack.
  • Thundering Blades - A surge of electricity is formed in the capacitors within Genjirou's kunai or shuriken, giving them electrical properties. The electricity is able to short out machinery and paralyze enemies.
  • Heated Blades - Excess heat is generated through the body and then stored in the high thermal-conductive blades of the kunai and shuriken, increasing their temperatures to up to 1500 degrees celsius. These blades are able to puncture through steel and instantly burn and cauterize enemies struck by them.
  • Thundering Arrow - A technique similar to Thundering Blades, but using arrows fired from the collapsible longbow. A vital organ struck by one of these arrows will result in complete shutdown.
  • Heated Arrows - A technique similar to Heated Blades, but using arrows fired from the collapsible longbow. A vital organ struck by one of these arrows will result in fatal burn trauma, turning the inflicted area into char almost instantaneously.
  • Frag Arrow - A special arrow that is made up of twelves different needle-like segments. When a surface is struck, the arrow explodes into its individual segments, firing in different directions and able to ricochet off other surfaces. With his internal computer's calculative systems, Genjirou is able to aim his shot in a way that each segment can strike a target.
  • Dragon's Eye Arrow - A special arrow that has an arrow head that can emit a low-frequency electromagnetic force field that spread up to a five meter radius. This force field has enough power to shutdown small electrical components (watches, cell phones, radios) as well as revealing other electrical equipment without Genjirou having to shift to electromagnetic vision.

Super Forms

  • Awakened Genjirou (10%) - This form is obtained when Genjirou acquires one chaos emerald. A single chaos emerald sees his strength and defense increase.
  • Awakened Genjirou (25%) - This form is obtained when Genjirou acquires two chaos emeralds. This sees his speed and agility increase.
  • Awakened Genjirou (40%) - This form is obtained when Genjirou acquires three chaos emeralds. The saturation of chaos energy at this time further increases his wisdom, magic and charisma. At this point Genjirou is also able to utilize chaos energy to float and to distort space at a minor level, allowing him to bend space that it up to a foot around him.
  • Awakened Genjirou (55%) - This form is obtained when Genjirou acquires four chaos emeralds. His strength, speed, agility and reflex all increase.
  • Awakened Genjirou (70%) - This form is obtained when Genjirou acquires five chaos emeralds. The increase of ancient knowledge from within the emeralds floods Genjirou's circuitry, increasing his intellect, wisdom and magic, and also giving him the ability of Chaos Control.
  • Awakened Genjirou (85%) - This form is obtained when Genjirou acquires six chaos emeralds. His strength and defense increase further, and is able to absorb chaos energy to regain stamina or to power his attacks. Genjirou also gain the ability to use Chaos Blast and Chaos Spear.
  • Super Genjirou - This form is obtain when Genjirou acquires all seven chaos emeralds. Genjirou turns shining gold, with a golden aura of chaos energy around him. In this form, his speed reaches past his limits, is able to fly using chaos energy, and is completely invulnerable until his chaos energy runs out. Genjirou gains access to a few unique abilities while in this form: Chaos Fuuma Shuriken, Chaos Arrows, and Chaos Spiralling Dragon. 
  • Master Genjirou - This form is obtained when Genjirou acquires the power of the master emerald. Genjirou becomes the embodiment of thousands of years of ancient power and knowledge. This power brings Genjirou's powers to new heights, surpassing the limits of even his Super form. Aside from an overwhelming power increase, Master Genjirou becomes the avatar of chaos, unlocking all chaos abilities and gaining access to several unique abilities. 


Genjirou the Ninja

Attribute Strength Stamina Defense Speed Agility Reflex Intellect Wisdom Magic Charisma Total
Value 7 10 8 8 8 9 9 7 0 6 72

Awakened Genjirou (10%)

Attribute Strength Stamina Defense Speed Agility Reflex Intellect Wisdom Magic Charisma Total
Value 8 10 9 8 8 9 9 7 0 6 74

Awakened Genjirou (25%)

Attribute Strength Stamina Defense Speed Agility Reflex Intellect Wisdom Magic Charisma Total
Value 8 10 9 9 9 9 9 7 0 6 76

Awakened Genjirou (40%)

Attribute Strength Stamina Defense Speed Agility Reflex Intellect Wisdom Magic Charisma Total
Value 8 10 9 9 9 9 9 8 5 7 83

Awakened Genjirou (55%)

Attribute Strength Stamina Defense Speed Agility Reflex Intellect Wisdom Magic Charisma Total
Value 9 10 9 10 10 10 9 8 5 7 87

Awakened Genjirou (70%)

Attribute Strength Stamina Defense Speed Agility Reflex Intellect Wisdom Magic Charisma Total
Value 9 10 9 10 10 10 10 9 7 7 91

Awakened Genjirou (85%)

Attribute Strength Stamina Defense Speed Agility Reflex Intellect Wisdom Magic Charisma Total
Value 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 9 7 7 93

Super Genjirou

Attribute Strength Stamina Defense Speed Agility Reflex Intellect Wisdom Magic Charisma Total
Value 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 9 9 7 95

Master Genjirou

Attribute Strength Stamina Defense Speed Agility Reflex Intellect Wisdom Magic Charisma Total
Value 14 12 12 15 13 13 12 12 12 12 127


"Marked by the dragon." - when using Dragon's Eye Arrow.

"With death comes honor. With honor... redemption." - Genjirou's favorite phrase.

"One shot. One hundred deaths." - when using Frag Arrow.

"None escape the dragon's eyes." - when using Dragon's Eye Arrow or switching vision spectrums.

"Mi wo sutetemo, myouri wa sutezu." - "Even if I sacrifice my body, I will never sacrifice my honor."

"Ryuu no chikara miseshimashou." - "Let me show you the power of the dragon."

"Ryuuga wagatekiwo kurau!" - "The dragon will devour my enemies!"

"Mizu no you ni nagare." - "Flow like the water."


  • Genjirou is inspired by two heroes from Blizzard Entertainment's game Overwatch: Genji and Hanzo, as well as Gray Fox and Raiden from Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear franchise.
    • His design is borrowed from Genji, with slight alterations to the armor, particularly the helmet and boots.
  • Genjirou's different vision modes are inspired from the Predator alien, who also uses its helmet to aid its poor vision as well as shift between heat, electromagnetic and infrared spectrums.
  • Genjirou's Awakened forms are similar to that of Emerl, where they both steadily increase in power with each chaos emerald absorbed.


Toshiro Masuda - Loneliness

Toshiro Masuda - Loneliness

Genjirou's theme


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