This is an article about Genja the Husky, a character created by Mr.gameandfight on 01/9/2015.

"I AM a top rate character aren't I viewer? No? heh... WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO?!"
—Genja to You

Genja is an Anthrophormic Brown Husky created by Mr.gameandfight. He is one of the halved separated from Achella and fully created by Avris (The other being Ethix). He is also the first known Anti-Hero of the creator's roster.

Character Development

Genja and Ethix were created and ultimately replaced the Beta characters Ono and Ethix Kumamoto. originally, Ono and Ethix had found relatives in already existing characters Rik (Ethix supposing to be his Son), and Cervantes (Ono supposing to be his Nephew). the two characters were fully taken out of development in late 2013, and were re-done and "reincarnated" as Genja and Ethix in Mid-2014. unlinke the Beta characters, Both Genja and Ethix bare no relation to Rik and Cervantes and are different species from both of them as well. However Genja had seemed to gain more popularity from the two. Genja has seemed to make himself his own stand-alone character instead of being a major character. He also has his own insignia on his shirt, and his Maul.


After Avris' Incarnation

As of being the negative half of Achella, Genja is a very sinister, evil-minded, and destructive individual. He's always in a habit to find various ways to humiliate people or put them into depression. This may be tailored to the fact that Genja's life source is based from negative energy and that he absorbs all said energy in the area that he's in. However despite his negativity, there are times where Genja seems to show a sensetive side for a selected amount of people he cares about whether being children, some people that show trust or his lover Claudine.

After Vyra's pact with Avris

After having a full soul around his body from Vyra's pact with Avris, Genja's attitude began to change, and he became more caring about his friends. He acknowledges a person's powers, and even encourages their improvement. although he appears to have adapted kindness for Claudine and his friends, including retaining his tendency to give nicknames to others. 

He has also shown to be extremely overprotective of certain people to the point where he disregards anything only to take care of the certain people. 


Genja possesses a horrible case of ADHD due to contaning all of Achella's Memories. There would be certain times where he will change into a different subject with whoever he is talking to. Genja also at times enjoys giving extremely dirty Innuendos, puns and jokes. Stemming from that, Genja is extremely perverted and is an extremely "grabby" individual  

Genja also has a strange fondness for children, and he cares for every known child more than anything else. this may stem from the fact that in Achella's memories, a child took care of him when he was fatally wounded.  


Achella's soul was composed of the ultimate good and evil. Achella was soon alerted that the two sides of him would ultimately lead to his demise unless sperated from his body entirely. Thanks to the help of Avris, Achella released his soul into two halves known the cost at hand affected onto himself. The two soul pieces were then composed of Positive and Negative. with Avris retrieving the halves and easily manifesting them into beings, Genja was created along with his Positive Counterpart Ethix.

Genja had soon posses all of Achella's Abilities including all of his known memories. and before being tested by Avris and her soldiers, Genja effortlessly escaped with his new powers waiting to cause mayhem.



Genja has the power of Psychokinesis and Telekinesis used by taking and reusing parts of his Astral energy and forming it into psychic energy. This energy is based from containing the abilities of Achella while being seperated. This gives him capabilities to Fly, levitate, crush down matter and hold people captive. Genja has huge reliance into this power as it also help him mind link with others and move around extremely large and heavy objects. He can also create a psychic aura around him that acts as precatious armor when put into combat and to prevent sneak attacks. He can also be able to make small shields to block attacks or reflect oncoming projectiles.  

Genja also has the ability to teleport into long ranges with his psychic abilities to appear in any distance with ease, though it does take estimated amounts of his energy from range he travels from.

Astral Energy

Genja's main source of power and use for his psychic abilities are drawn from his soul energy. This energy was obtained during the separation project with Achella, giving Genja all of Achella's negative energy and his past experiences of combat. When used to create psychic energy for combat, a portion of the energy leaves his body to fulfill out the actions that Genja chooses. And when finished, failed by a counter or block or damaged the energy swiftly returns back to him under any certain circumstance. When Genja takes a knockout or heavy damage, the energy keeps him going until he loses consciousness.

"No Johns on this move" - Genja levitates his opponent, pulls them in close and hits them with his explosive hammer five times. on the 5th strike, Genja gives a straight lunge to his opponent with the other hammer.

"Welcome to DIE!!" - Genja traps his opponent into a psychic sphere and slowly shrinks the sphere crushing his opponent

"That's what they all think" - He traps his opponent in psychokinesis until he breaks them free on the point where they think they can. Once broken free and as they fall, the head Genja's hammer is planted and hits his opponent between their legs as he throws his small hammer at them.

"Confusion Snap" - he simply snaps his fingers causing confusion.

Iron Festival - Genja levitates both of his hammers at an extremely fast rate bombarding his opponent.

Seth of Devils

Seth of Devils is a form Genja takes when he has to take on multiple regenerations during the course of a battle. He becomes coated in a black symbiotic form differing from his astral energy, and his eyes and lips are turned white as this increases the flow of his soul and psychokinesis. The reason Genja calls his form this is unclear considering the fact this doesn't partake to devils or angels.

Shivers of Anarchy- Using the ability of the Seth of Devils, Genja conjures all use of his soul, and lunges all of it at his opponent. the length and radius is extremely large but if used, Genja immediately reverts back and loses a large amount of astral energy during battle.


When Genja engaged in close combat, he uses to hammers. One hammer is his main choice of combat that can extend and contract from the helm to help the weapon obtain more distances while in combat. The Hammer weighs exactly 2,000 Pounds (2 Tons), and hits with the exaggerated force of a "Sandwhichium Knucklus".

The Second hammer is a smaller hammer given to him by Ray Tearca. He later on rigged the Hammer explosives to help give more attack power to his hammer. this Hammer has rarely been used, but it has shown to be a great asset to him.

Abilities & Skills

Advanced Hearing and Detection

Genja has extremely remarkable senses to his surroundings. This allows him to show any upcoming actions or people coming into his area or warn him for someone preparing a surprise attack onto him. It also acts as an alarm for him if any nearby clash or explosion has taken place.

Manipulation Skills

He is also a very extremely above average tactition and manipulator. He's very good at controlling a person's traits and emotions potentionally with his negative personality which can be resulted to be good or bad mostly in their behavior. This could also be dangerous as Genja's mind can go far to make his manipulation skills on a person with his malevolent intent.

Above Average Intellect

As being the barer of Psychokinesis, he has very keen intelligence. He understands over 38 languages, and has superb knowledge of Greek Mythology and Multiple Religions.

Willpower and Durability

Despite Genja's defense being low, his durability and willpower are above average. Thanks to his Astral energy, Genja's main priority in a battle is to keep consciousness.

4th Wall Awareness

Due to Genja's extreme intelligence, he has noticed all parts of his environment to even know that he lives in a fanon universe. At times, Genja would go out his way to converse with a user, interact with subtitles, and persuade other characters to be aware of the same thing.


Genja's powerful abilities come prior to heavy weaknesses. He doesn't have any formal training towards combat or any defenses to protect himself while using any physical attacks. Genja also has no experience in hand to hand combat so excluding his psychokinesis, he would become helpless if disarmed in battle.Not only that, Genja has a horrible case of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder that most times forcefully make him go off the topic of fighting. and even with his astral armor, he can still feel pain from damages taken just like any normal person. the process goes even further as he gains critical damage from being attacked from other astral weapons. Genja also has extreme mental outbursts when in extreme pain. This makes him more prone to attacking but to cost of his own morale.


"Hey! Tearca! I heard that there are people taking your rune abilities and calling them something else! are you gonna kill them? Can I watch?"

"It's good to be the king.."

"Jealous Brotha..~?

"I am a waddle dee! I am a proud King Dedede and nothing else! why do you think I have this hammer?!"

"I don't have my goggles anymore because my creator thought it would be cheesy if all three of us had goggles."

"Gonna wreck you up like Eve's retarted english!"

"Protect me while I write to ChibiJenHen!"

"Day by day the darkness users come to make this fanbase look more and more cliche'!"

"All these weapons! Girls use your friggin powers!"


Theme Song

Genja's Theme is Infinity X Infinity by Dead by April
Dead by April - Infinity x Infinity - Let The World Know

Dead by April - Infinity x Infinity - Let The World Know

Genja's Theme

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