This is a private roleplay between DUBSTEPxSonic and Julia Finitevus.


Five months after the events of the Genesis Series, trouble is brewing once more. Eggman has obtained information about the interdimensional traveler Ion, and his Fusion Shard. Desperate to obtain the Fusion Shard's powers, Eggman makes many attempts to capture Ion.

Meanwhile, both the Freedom Fighters and Team Dark find out about Eggman's plans. Each group sends a member to investigate just how Eggman found out about Ion and his Fusion Shard. Not only that, but an Echidna with a mysterious past and a former member of the now-nonexistant Dark Legion make an encounter with Ion himself...

Part One

"Five months of no conflict passed, The Genesis Lord went quiet after I froze Chaos Doom and that was two more months ago. I am actually Surprised all this went on while I roamed my new Home world. Meeting Shadow and all that nonsense really got me thinking... what other troubles lie ahead of me... I hope I don't find out!"

"I may get curious but is it really worth the risk to get captured again like before!? Even If Trouble does lie ahead then is it for my Fusion Shard, I do hope not... Strangely I'm thinking seriously and it's NOT Normal for me, but I know I should start showing that I can be serious, Even To Dr. Finitevus and his Genesis Freedom Fighters!"

"I will note to anyone who tries to mess with Mobius is that, no matter how many times your evil spreads there will always be some form of hero to stop it. No matter if that hero follows their own rules or does it to protect everything and spare everyone. That hero will stand tall and face Evil and stop that spread from covering the world."

"My name is Neo Hedge Towers... or Ion the Hedgehog... Ion... what ever you like to call me... I am One of many heroes and I await a better future for mobius and Even I know i may not see that day. I stand here in this very spot within Seaside Hill looking forward, and never backwards."


"Nicole?" Sally called as she walked into her hut. Suddenly a hologram of a Lynx appeared in front of her.

"You called?" Nicole asked jokingly.

"There you are!" Sally exclaimed. "What's the status?"

"Status? Of the Hedgehog with the Fusion Shard, or Eggman's plot?"


"Well," Nicole replied, "according to the surveillance data that I've downloaded onto my hardrive, Ion is pretty much underground at this point. Not literally, of course- he's in hiding, basically. As for Eggman, I haven't been able to gather any information as to how he found out about the Fusion Shard in the first place."

"That's not good," Sally commented. "I'll talk to the others. You just let me know if anything's changed."

"Will do."


"I still don't get it," Rouge told Shadow as they walked down a hall to the debriefing room.

"Well, deal with it," Shadow replied. 

"How did Eggman find out about this Fusion Shard?" Rouge asked. "Better question: if we find it and it's pretty enough, can I keep it? The Shard, I mean."

Shadow let out a disgusted sigh.

"Oh, come on!" Rouge exclaimed. "A girl has to have pretty jewels, y'know? Especially me!"

"Let's just get to the debriefing room, shall we?" Shadow asked, irritated. "We're late enough as it is."

"Okay, okay, sheesh! Gotta take the fun out of everything!"


"Out of all the people I had in mind, Eggman had to find out!" Ion Sighed in disgust. "Feels like history is repeating itself..."

"I hope I have no one watching me within my surroundings." Ion added.

"Hello?" A female pink-furred Echidna stepped out of the bushes behind Ion, a red female Echidna following her. "Excuse me, but who are you?"

Ion Startled a bit and looked at the Echidna. "Ion the Hedgehog and would you keep it down, It's not the best time to be talking currently." Ion whispered knowing he is in danger and is trying to keep hidden until the right moment.

Both Echidnas frowned and looked at each other. Danger? 

The pink Echidna then whispered back, "What kind of danger? We might be able to help you."

"Eggman, does that ring a bell? He wants me for something. I know that more help should be on the way at any moment."

The pink Echidna raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. The only thing left was to wait.

Suddenly a flustered coyote stumbled out of the bushes, sword in hand. "Mon Dieu! Eh, who are youz?!"

"Oh thanks Chaos, glad to see someone I trust." Ion whispered in relief.

"Someone you trust?" the pink Echidna asked, glancing at Ion strangely. Both the red Echidna and the coyote looked just as bewildered.

"I never met you," the coyote declared. "Zis Hedgehog haz issues! Or am I going crazy?! Halp!" The coyote began freaking out at this point. "Zomeone halp!"

"Chill, I have been trying to save this world countless times from destruction from a being who goes through different dimensions. I am well aware of your Freedom Fighters and what you do." Ion tried to calm the coyote down before taking a peek only to see nothing in view. "I am actually one the run by a certain Evil Scientist who is Hell-bent on Taking over Mobius." Ion added, He was quite concerned with the whole situation.

The coyote didn't know how to reply. He then glanced at the pink Echidna, then did a double take. "Julie-Su? Is zat you?"

Before the female could answer, the coyote had her in a tight embrace. "It iz you! Knucklez will be zo happy to see you!"

"Ack! I can't breathe!" the female Echidna exclaimed.

"Oh, sorry about zat," the coyote replied, releasing her. 

"My name isn't Julie-Su anymore. Not since my amnesia. You can call me Jyn," Jyn told the coyote. "I presume you are the 'Antoine' Lien-Da occasionally talks about?"

"Lien-Da?" Antoine repeated. He then noticed Lien-Da standing beside Jyn, and drew his sword. "En garde, you fiendish Echidna you!"

"We don't have time for that Antoine, We have an Egg to crack!" Ion reminded him.

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