The Genesis Freedom Fighters is a group of rebels formed to fight against the Genesis Lord and his minions. The group consists of four members, and is led by Dr. Finitevus.


(Spoiler Alert!) History in the Ion the Hedgehog, Part 2 story:

The Genesis Freedom Fighters are a small, four member group of fighters led by Dr. Finitevus. The group had encountered Ion just as he defeated a group of robots in battle. The group joined forces with Ion and attempted to blow up the robot factory that was supposedly being used by the Genesis Lord. The plan failed and, but then the remaining members rescued Ion and Yang and now the group continues their resistance.


  • Dr. Finitevus (leader and scientist)
  • Yin the Lynx (second in command and master of stealth)
  • Yang the Lynx (weapon specialist and navigator)
  • Iris the Echidna (strategist and master of hand to hand combat)


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