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General Phillip Hedgecat is

General Phillip Hedgecat
Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Black, with olive skin and white markings on his tail
  • Hair: Grey
  • Eyes: Black
  • Silver-grey tailored jacket with gold rank marker on upper right arm
  • Military badges on left breast of jacket
  • White tailored shirt
  • Black tie
  • Navy blue tailored pants
  • Polished black leather shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsRepublic of Valaria
  • Experienced tactical commander
  • Skilled with firearms - submachine guns and sidearms
  • Highly trained in hand-to-hand combat
  • Moderate experience in naturakinesis and pyrokinesis
  • Trained in psychic combat techniques
  • Basic training in manifesting Dragon powers.
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212


Average height is about all that's average about Phillip. With thick black fur and olive skin; the general is often one to take people by surprise with his intimidating muscular build. Similarly, his eyes often seem to suck people in; the lack of an obvious iris making him seem monstrous in the eyes of his soldiers and those he interacts with.


In most of his public appearances; Phillip dresses in the formal manner befitting a General in the Republic of Valaria. This is his dress uniform; a silver-white tailored jacket complete with rank insignia and medals, white shirt, navy-blue slacks, black tie and black shoes. In the field; however, he typically ditches the formal finery to stick with the normal infantry's uniform, his rank markers the only ornamentation he needs.



A career soldier, General Phillip Hedgecat commands his forces from the front lines with his keen tactical sense and years of experience. Resistant to the efforts of his staff to have him retire to command from the capital; Phillip still carries his Hammerforge Industries P-42 Submachine Gun as his personal combat weapon. Practiced and familiar with the weapon; with the gun being compact enough to rest in a desk draw, it serves to protect him just in case hostiles from the Kingdom of Ahto come for him, an unfortunate possibility from his position.

While a skilled marksman, his training with a submachine gun and tactical skill are not the only things he brought with him from his time in the military. Trained in two elements - nature and fire - , capable of performing psychic feats and skilled in hand-to-hand combat even in his middle age, Phillip is certainly a force to be reckoned with, even after you get through his bodyguards.

However, due to his lack of routine combat, it is uncertain how dangerous he would be in actual combat. Similarly; while his two elements are fairly good at covering each other's weaknesses, he can't quite combine the two fluidly into an advanced element, and his Fire-based defenses are easily overwhelmed if he can't pivot to his stronger Nature or Psychic powers.

Nature Abilities

Fire Abilities

Dragon Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Elementless Abilities











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