"Sonic... my son... there's no time to play a fool now... you.. you.. need... to.. help me.. stop Dr. Eggman... to avenge me...."
—General Kousaku's last words to his son Sonic.

General Kousaku was the late father of Sonic the Hedgehog. He was the five-star general and supreme leader of the rebel organization Sonic Saviors. He was murdered by Metal Sonic under Eggman's orders.

His ultimate goal, as stated by his second-in-command Sven, is to stop the dictatorship of Dr. Eggman and his Empire and liberate the world.


General Kousaku was a very old blue hedgehog with a long pale blue beard, a black eyepatch on his right eye, and wears a navy blue military uniform with red and gold designs with a matching army hat, along with brown boots.


General Kousaku, like real life army generals, was a very strict and stern individual. He was very serious about his job, and has no tolerance towards any failures from his soldiers, though a more softer side than Eggman does to his minions' failures.

Despite his stern and serious appearance, General Kousaku deeply cares and loves his family, including his own son Sonic. Although their relationship was strained, they obviously still loved each other.


General Kousaku was the apprentice of the former president in Sonic's world, until Dr. Eggman killed the president and took over the world, forcing General Kousaku to retreat and build a secret village containing of blue hedgehogs with the help of his soldiers and founded the Sonic Saviors to oppose the evil doctor's empire. When Eggman heard about General Kousaku's goal, he led an attack to the village and committed a genocide on all of the blue hedgehogs (including General Kousaku's wife and daughter except for himself and his son Sonic), forcing General Kousaku to retreat again wile abandoning his son Sonic to live in a baby farm to protect him, while the former went to build another secret hideout for the Sonic Saviors to continue working and researching on Eggman's plans with his soldiers.

A year before the events of the series, General Kousaku had his soldiers to build the ultimate weapon to stop Eggman for good. Suddenly, he was attacked by Metal Sonic, who was sent by Dr. Eggman to steal the incomplete ultimate weapon and kill him as well. After a short battle between them, General Kousaku was suddenly pierced into the heart by Metal Sonic's arm, and before Metal Sonic could finish him once and for all, he was forced to retreat when he hears the real Sonic's call of his father. When Sonic saw his mortally wounded father, General Kousaku gave his son last advice on how to protect the world from Eggman, before ordering him to escape the hideout as it had a bomb planted towards it, which caused an explosion to the hideout, with some soldiers and General Kousaku still inside.

Right before dying, General Kousaku sent a letter to Sven to teach his son Sonic on how to lead the Sonic Saviors.


Doctor Eggman

General Kousaku and Dr. Eggman has known each other for a very long time. When Eggman had killed the original president of Sonic's world and took over it, General Kousaku founded a secret rebel organization called the Sonic Saviors in order to stop his empire's dictatorship to the world. Eggman also has no qualms in sending Metal Sonic to kill General Kousaku when he heard of his goals.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is General Kousaku's second child and son. As stated by Sonic himself, they never had a close relationship as General Kousaku had abandoned his son to live in a baby farm. The reasons why General Kousaku had sent his son to live in the baby farm because he was busy doing the liberal work with his soldiers and wanted to protect his son from Eggman. So, it is obvious that General Kousaku loves and cares a lot about his son, as he had sent a letter to him inviting him to his secret hideout before he was murdered by Metal Sonic.

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