This is an article about General Atokad, a character created by Alienation999 on 08/6/2015.


Atokad is taller than most other Del'taan, and boasts more powerful muscles and sharp claws. He normally wears the traditional Del'taan Officer attire, with his peaked cap being the most prominent feature. He is covered with War Paint, with designs unchanged since the Cataclysmic Wars.


Atokad is very stern, cunning and cruel. He, unlike the rest of his race, wants to conquer planets for fun instead of survival. He constantly bends the rules of the law in order to get his own way.


Atokad was the first of his species created during Black Dooms experiments. His personality and unstability led to the rest of his species being created differently, with the first of the reformed species being Atokad's brother, Dakota. He fought in the Cataclysmic Wars, and accidently blew up his homeland of Vir'krugar with a Prototype Zion Ultracannon. After many years, he built Project Delta in order to conquer the Solar System.

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