Gemma the Tunnelhog is the deceased Col'nesian counterpart of Toph the Tunnelhog, who served as a pilot for the Geo Clan of Doton.

Gemma the Tunnelhog

Biographical Information
Age22 (Deceased)
Relatives Unknown Parents
  • Toph the Tunnelhog - Mobian counterpart
  • Unknown Moebian counterpart
  • Unknown Solian counterpart
Romantic InterestsNone
Physical Description
SpeciesCol'nesian/Tunnelhog (Hedgehog with some echidna and mole-like qualities)
  • Fur: Burnt orange, w/ pale skin
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Red
  • Loose tan shirt
  • Brown skinny jeans
  • Umber sandals
  • Copper-colored sunglasses
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsGeo Clan of Doton (Pilot)
  • Possessed the genetic ability Skull Stone
  • Possessed the genetic point Stages of Evolution
  • Skilled geokinetic
  • Experienced hydrokinetic
  • Trained pilot
  • Trained in use of shotgun, hand-to-hand combat
VehiclesHammerforge Industries N-16 Harandra-type Transport Helicopter
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Gemma was a reasonably short, dark orange hedgehog, with a light build and pale red eyes.


While on duty, Gemma typically wore the standard brown flightsuit of the Geo Clan's pilots, complete with black helmet, gloves and boots.

While off-duty, however, Gemma wore a loose tan shirt and brown skinny-jeans, umber sandals and a pair of copper-colored sunglasses.


Early History

Gemma was born in an underground village next to Star Line Bay, a major port on the Frozen Ocean. As a youth, her skill with both Earth and Water, although manipulating the ethanol that she normally drank and bathed in instead of water, were great. Soon, her parents, both followers of Doton, departed to the Geo Clan, taking their seven-year-old daughter with them.

Joining the Geo Clan

As a Col'nesian Elemental Clan, the Geo Clan was a lot more technological than it's Mobian counterpart, and it showed. It owned a fleet of aircraft and land vehicles, while it's soldiers and battle mages carried firearms as well as the traditional melee weapons. Instantly, her family amalgamated, and Gemma was trained as one of the youths, in the clan's 'school'.

Soon after her fifteenth birthday, as was the clan's custom, she chose her future position - helicopter pilot. As it happened, the clan had recently found and acquired a N-16 Harandra-type Transport Helicopter, which was the perfect supply helicopter and unarmed troop carrier that they'd been looking for, and became the craft that Gemma was trained on board of. Three years and no major incidents later, she became the regular pilot of the Harandra-type helicopter.


She was still flying that same craft four years later, even though it could be said that it was that craft that got her killed. While flying a military squad on a mission, the unarmed aircraft was attacked in midair by seven members of the Prismic Clan of Theran, the Col'nesian Nihlic clan. In the process, Gemma was killed at the helm by a Chaos Spear, leaving her co-pilot to perform a crash-landing into Prismic territory.


Gemma's death was one of the key events in the start of the Prismic War, where the Prismic Clan began to randomly kill members of the other clans.


Before her death, Gemma was marked with the genetic trait Stages of Evolution, a sign that she could ascend into a permanent, more powerful form. It was theorized by the medics that it was based around her strength level, but due to her lack of combat training, she never reached that point. She also possessed the genetic ability Skull Stone, which increases her physical defenses by almost half again, but has the unfortunate side-effect of lowering the accuracy of all of her attacks by twenty percent.

As a tunnelhog, Gemma was an extremely powerful geokinetic, with the type encoded all the way into her species. This was clear through her skill in manipulating the Earth around her. In addition, Gemma could use hydrokinesis, although due to the rarity of water on Col'nesia, this meant that she could perform identical attacks to a Mobian hydrokinetic, although substituting the naturally occurring ethanol for water.

Gemma was also a trained pilot, and was quite capable of self-defense using a shotgun, however while in the air, this ability was useless.

However, while many fighters are immune to her elements, her greatest weakness was not as logical as may be thought - her body would react powerfully to Chaos Energy, which is what ended up killing her - a Chaos Spear to the chest, causing her heart to stop.

Earth Abilities

Water Abilities

Elementless Abilities


As a young helicopter pilot in the high-tech Geo Clan, Gemma was normally trusted with the clan's large, slow-moving transport helicopter, a Hammerforge Industries N-16A Harandra-type Transport Helicopter. As an older civilian design, the A-series Harandra-type was unarmed and needed a crew of three - pilot, copilot & flight engineer, although it was capable of carrying forty troops and seven thousand tonnes, either inside the hull or beneath with lifting slings. However, this same helicopter was written off when Gemma was killed, although her copilot managed to pull off a crash-landing.


Gemma was an easy-going young tunnelhog, with the same attachment to the ground as a fish to water. However, due to her hydrokinesis and interest in flying, she wasn't quite as insular as her family and friends, and as such was trained as a pilot. She was also quite open and friendly towards newcomers to the clan, although she also was suspicious of outsiders.






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