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Gelidium is an overall uncommon ore that is primarily mined from the Shiverstone Caves, located in the Frozen Plateau Zone of Artika.


Gelidium appears as translucent, icy chunks of the raw mineral embedded within stone. The raw mineral becomes more opaque towards its general center.



Refined gelidium is primarily used to coat the edges of bladed weapons, to give them a considerably sharper edge; however, the technology required to perform this is advanced, and the process expensive. Gelidium-edged blades are also notoriously difficult to maintain, as well; they are not only fragile, but the gelidium in them can be corroded by excessive heat. Therefore most of them are relegated to the status of decoration.


Speaking of decoration, gelidium has also become a popular kind of jewelry. When refined into this state, the result is a translucent, if somewhat fragile, "gemstone" that seems to always maintain a cool surface to it and has faint, iridescent properties; it can appear as any mixture of pink, cyan, blue, purple and teal depending on how the sun hits it.

Gelidium "gemstones" are generally faceted; considering how brittle and fracture-prone the substance is, cabochon (shaped and polished) "gemstones" are quite difficult to create.


Gelidium is known as one of Mobius' many "magic minerals", which basically describe any ore, mineral, or gemstone that has supernatural properties. gelidium bears an alignment with the Element of Ice, and both refined and raw variants have their uses.

Special Properties

Being classed as a "magic mineral", gelidium has supernatural properties; it carries a natural sub-alignment to the Element of Ice.

Related Materials

  • Cryosteel - An alloy that is a mixture of iron and gelidium. Primarily used to create bladed weapons, cryosteel bears the considerable sharpness that gelidium-edged weapons have, with the durability of iron. However, cryosteel is notorious for being difficult to create, as gelidium is immensely fickle and needs to be prepared perfectly, or else the result will be nigh useless. As a result, genuine cryosteel weaponry is astronomically expensive and rare.


Anyone who uses gelidium in any form, for any use.


  • Gelidium is taken from the word "gelid", which means icy or frozen.
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