Gelid Forest Freedom Fighters
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Gelid Forest Freedom Fighters
Organization Information
TypeFreedom Fighting faction
Also known as
FoundersLevi the Hare - leader
HeadquartersChilly Village
Enemy organizationsThe Eggman Empire
Artika Egg Army

The Gelid Forest Freedom Fighters are a faction of Freedom Fighters stationed in Chilly Village, which is located in the Gelid Forest.


Early Years

Combating the Egg Reaver



The primary goal of the Gelid Forest Freedom Fighters is to drive the Artika Egg Army (and hopefully by extension, the Eggman Empire) out of Artika. They also desire to help those who don't really have the means to fight for themselves.

Another intent of their is to try and end the poaching of Tundra Reavers, as well as to combat the destruction of the Gelid Forest at the hands of the Eggman Empire.


The Gelid Forest Freedom Fighters do not fight to kill, only to disarm and drive back. As the home they were raised in was one of a peaceful mindset, they are adept at using less combative and more indirect methods to achieve their goals, such as sabotage and distraction. However, all of them are capable of fighting if need be.

Allies and Enemies



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