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Gelid Forest

Type Country/Zone

Pine forest
Small streams


Frost Imps - common
Denkojo - common
Denkuzuri - uncommon
Tizheruks - uncommon
Tundra Reavers - rare

Mobian Residents
Other Residents

Telchur - rumored

The Gelid Forest is an area located on the Mobian continent of Artika, and is its largest forest, spanning half of the continent.


First Settlements

The first settlements of the Gelid Forest were founded roughly 200 years ago.

Poaching Troubles

The Egg Reaver's Attack


As its name implies, the Gelid Forest is, well, a massive forest. The area is primarily flat, with quite a few small streams here and there; these streams stretch all across the forest, with many of them reaching the lakes of the Frozen Plateau Zone, and some even making it to the shorelines of Artika to meet with the ocean.


Notable Areas

Chilly Village

Despite its name, Chilly Village is a warm and inviting place, located in the southern area of the Gelid Forest. Many people who trek through the Gelid Forest stay the night here so they don't have to travel through the forest when it is at its coldest.

Ice Clan's village

The home of the Ice Clan of Kyanos, located in the northwestern area of the Gelid Forest. This village is the settlement that is closest to the Frozen Plateau Zone, which sits right next to the western area of the Gelid Forest.

Flora and Fauna


Most of the trees in the Gelid Forest are regular pine trees, but there are a decent amount of Frostbark Trees as well. A great deal of bushes and flowers also grow here in the Gelid Forest, all of them being suited for the cold environment; notable examples include Shiverstems.


Frost Imps and Denkojo are the most common creatures in the Gelid Forest, but Denkuzuri and Tizheruks can be found as well, albeit more rarely. Tundra Reavers used to be quite common, but poaching has caused their numbers to plummet.

Notable Residents



  • Telchur - She is said to live somewhere deep within the Gelid Forest, far away from any Mobian or human settlements. It is said, however, that her territory is the most beautiful place in the forest, where auroras freely dance between the trees and in the air.

Things of Interest

Grove of Black Ice

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