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Gelato is a loyal subject of Mephiles the Dark. He is a member of Mephiles' support staff in the Third Stellar Region. He later became the commander of the Mephiles Force After Mephiles' death. Gelato is the secondary villain of the Golden Mephiles Saga. He was voiced by Benjamin Diskin, who also voiced Eric Sparrow in Tony Hawk Underground Duology, Nigel Uno and Hoagie Gilligan in Codename: Kids Next Door, and Toru Okawa in the Japanese dub.


Gelato is a short purple alien with a large black nose, giving him an anthropomorphic koala-like appearance. He wears a new type of battle armor, which is colored light green and black and has a dark green cape. He also wears a black headgear with a bluish-green stripes down the middle, and has a violet scouter. Most importantly, he also has a spring green eyes.


Gelato has a good sense of military strategy, and knows better than to kill someone who might still be useful in the future. He has a clever personality and is very intelligent; he aids in developing the advanced regeneration machine, and is aware that the Freedom Fighters can sense energy, making him bring only Schlager with him. He is loyal to Mephiles, and will beg for mercy and stutter if he says anything that would upset him. He is shown to have some care for his soldiers demonstrating a sense of honor. This is seen when he is shocked that the Freedom Fighters are killing Mephiles' soldiers, and when Pastrami is killed by Schlager, he bursts into rage at the death of one of his most powerful soldiers, instead of seeing that it severely weakened Tails. However also long as it does not hurt his subordinates he is willing to defeat his and Mephiles' enemies using underhanded tactics such as shooting Sonic the Hedgehog when his guard was down (though this plan was mainly Mephiles' idea which Gelato loyally went along with to ensure his master's victory).


Gelato was previously part of the Third Stellar Region as the staff officer. After Mephiles' death, he took over the command of the Mephiles' army and he immediately started looking for the ones who killed him.

Chaos Emerald Super

Birch Saga

In the Chaos Emerald Super manga, Gelato is informed by Schlager that his army's second best named Jackfruit is taken out, Gelato then suggests to Schlager that they should look for the Chaos Emeralds in order to revive Mephiles from the dead.

Golden Mephiles Saga

In space, Gelato is informed by his subordinate that the elites on Planet Mephiles 666 are dying down and can't hold up any longer. Gelato gives him the orders to have them retreat back. Immediately after this, the ship gets knocked away by Horchata warping. As the ship is being repaired, Gelato asks for any reports of his men from his subordinate. Sixty percent of the soldiers have been exterminated so Gelato's only option to recover the army in order to revive Mephiles from the dead. Schlager doubts that one person could change what has happened to the army, but Gelato explains to Schlager because of Mephiles' merciless, sadistic, murderous and ruthless nature, most of the universe feared him.

With Mephiles, Gelato claims that seventy percent of the planets in the universe will be theirs. Gelato reveals that he took leadership after Mephiles' death and will help recover the army once Mephiles has been revived from the dead. Without luck having to find the remaining echidnas, Gelato has no choice but to go to planet earth with Schlager to get the chaos emeralds.

He watches the fight between Sonic the Hedgehog and Mephiles the Dark, and when Sonic powers down, Gelato blasts Sonic in the stomach. When Shadow the Hedgehog kicks Sonic to the other Freedom Fighters, Mephiles attempts to shoot a Death Lance at Shadow, but he deflects it. This Death Lance hits Gelato in the heart, killing him instantly.


  • Gelato's name is a pun of an Italian frozen dessert of the same name.
  • In the manga, his scouter doesn't get busted by the newly revived Mephiles' power level. In the film, it does happen and Gelato spends the entire scene prior to Schlager's demise without one.