Gauntlet is an android designed after a Hercules beetle. He is one of the four lieutenants of the Mech-Bug Colony, serving under the rule of Madam Menasting. His specialty is close-quarters combat.


Gauntlet was built to serve as the motivator of the lieutenants. While he is usually not the one who comes up with a plan, it's his job to make sure everyone follows it. He often brims with confidence and does his best to encourage his allies (and sometimes even his enemies) with kind words and an inspiring speech. Sometimes, Gauntlet has trouble controlling his emotions. One minute he will be boasting about his greatness, and the next minute he's overcome with grief. He hates disappointing others and will try his best to take responsibility.

Gauntlet is a very prideful person, to a fault. He enjoys fighting and loves a challenge in which he can showcase his strength. Above all, he likes the feeling of overwhelming an opponent with his power. Whenever he meets someone strong, Gaunlet finds it difficult to not challenge them.


Enhanced Strength

Modeled after the strongest of insects, Gauntlet would naturally be the most powerful of Menasting's creations. He is capable of such feats as splitting boulders with his hands and lifting objects several times his size.

Enhanced Leap

Due to his heavier weight, Gauntlet is not able to fully make use of his wings like a certain other lieutenant. However, he can use them long enough to increase his jumping capabilities.

Multiple Limbs


Tragically, Gauntlet's biggest flaw is that he is a machine. No matter how many fights he partakes in, he cannot get any stronger unless he receives upgrades from his creator, which he seldom does due to his prideful nature. That means that if someone exceeds even his strength, they will almost always will be able to overpower him in a one-on-one confrontation


  • Gauntlet is the oldest of the four lieutenants, created long before the others were even a concept in Menasting's head.
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