"Day 1129: It's raining hard outside. How pleasant. There is also a strange man with a red jacket and a brown mustache outside of my shed. I'm gonna go talk to him, and if I don't come back, I will either be dead or worse... "
—The Final Entry in Gauntlet's Journal


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Main Info

Gauntlet when he was corrupted.

"Now that I work with Dr. Eggman, I shall take over the world until everyone finally decides to worship Master Eggman, and do his every bidding. Crazy, isn't it? Foolish hedgehog. Prepare to die a horrible fate."
—Gauntlet about to attack Sonic and his friends

Gauntlet is an insane and corrupt scientist, who used to be nice and helpful before being corrupted by the Dark Emeralds. His true name is Illuminus. He is twice as smart as Eggman (That means he has an IQ of 600). He was the one to discover that there were more than 7 emeralds, and he has collected his own set.

He then discovered that only the Chosen Three (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles) could use the emeralds powers naturally. Because of this, Gauntlet invented "Power Gauntlets," that let him absorb the emeralds powers, earning him the nickname Gauntlet.

He lives in a small village called Green Valley. It is protected by a huge force-field. His laboratory is hidden inside of a cave on one of the mountains. There is where he studies the emeralds, and he takes many notes. He one day then discovered The Dark Emeralds. The Dark Emeralds power ended up corrupting him and making him insane. He then decided to run away because his insane mind thought he was living around "Foolish" individuals. He built a portal using the power of some of the spare emeralds he found, and he ran away, never to be seen again for 3 years...

During that time, he lived in a dark forest, in a wooden shed. He wrote about his life during those 3 years in his journal, which is still in the shed to this day. If you manage to go to that forest and find the shed, you will learn a lot of history about him just by reading that journal. His final entry stated that a strange humanoid with a mustache and a red jacket (Eggman) discovered him, and used him for research. He eventually turned into one of Eggman's best scientists, and helps him find the emeralds.

Eventually, about 20 years later, the Dark Emeralds were destroyed by Silver, breaking Gauntlet free of his corruption. He tried to escape, but was caught by Eggman. He was then imprisoned and tortured for about a month, before Eggman decided to turn him into a robot slave (Referred to as Metal Gauntlet). Now Gauntlet is currently Eggman's full-time partner. After the Chaos War, he was reprogrammed to be a normal citizen, and he forgot everything about his time with Eggman. He is now best friends with Shadow.

Then, after about 5 years, he finally gets his actual body back, as it is recovered from the ruins of Eggman's HQ.

Eventually, he discovers a deadly virus, and gets infected. In order to prevent others from getting infected, he went back to his shed, and he sadly killed himself by stabbing himself in the head with a knife. His body is now being preserved in a laboratory for research purposes.

A 16-Bit Metal Gauntlet. He is like this because Metal Characters cannot be made in Crossover Sonic RPG yet.


He used to have white fur, but the corruption made it turn purple with dark pink tips. He has one fake eye (The golden one) due to it being melted during an experiment with the dark emeralds.

He has a deep violet lab coat, with a name-tag. The name-tag reads: Hello! My name is: I#L##I##S, hinting at his original name being Illuminus.

His gauntlets are gold with bronze spikes on them. They have black lines that glow when he is channeling the Emeralds power.

He has a tuft of dark pink fur on his chest.

Other Forms

—Gauntlet when he is about to transform

Gauntlet has Four alternate forms, Super, Solar, Dark, and Hyper. He transforms into these by absorbing the power of the Emeralds using his Gauntlets.

Gauntlet in his Super Form.

His Super Form is Gold with white stripes. His shoes and Gauntlets turn green, and his shoes turn from leather into steel, so he can run faster. His fake eye disappears, while his real eye glows red. His chest and tuft turn white also. He just has the same abilities as Super Sonic, but buffed.

Gauntlet in his Solar Form.

During his Solar Form, he turns into a red, flaming echidna. Like his Super Form, his other eye glows gold, while his fake eye disappears. His Gauntlets turn a crisp shade of gold, and his spikes are now on fire. He can shoot large balls of fire from his hands, and he can fly, leaving a path of flames behind him. He can also upchuck molten lava.

Gauntlet in his Dark Form

Gauntlet in his Hyper Form

His Dark Form plus corruption turns him into a dark, raging beast, with no emotions other than hatred and anger. He rarely uses his Dark Form, as his corruption takes total control of his body, and sometimes will not get out of his Dark Form for months at a time. He turns a very deep shade of purple and black. His eyes glow purple, and his gauntlet and shoes turn into Silver. The spikes are now covered with Lead. He can turn invisible, and he can hypnotize people. He can also fly, and when he is in this form, the sky turns dark. He can also shoot purple balls of fire from his hands.

During his Hyper Form, he flashes rainbow colors. His gauntlet turns green, his spikes turn gold, and his shoes turn into ruby. Both of his eyes glow. He is very deadly in this form, and you should run if you see him like this, as due to the corruption, he will abuse the Hyper Emeralds power. His powers are all of the other forms powers combined.

Theme Songs

Normal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XRodZXUYTA - Cognitive Dissonance OST - Ghosts

Corrupted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_125V1bxoc - I am Porky - MOTHER 3

Robot Form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FThxlFdZqHo - Master Porky's Theme - MOTHER 3

Battle Theme (Normal/Corrupted): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQZSwACv7hU - Smashified: Strong One - MOTHER 3

Battle Theme (Robot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkPL_EYOg7A - Megalovania - Kazio Sonic Edition


  1. Gauntlet was inspired by Mephiles, Thanos, a villain in the Marvel Movie, Infinity War, and the Masked Man from MOTHER 3.
  2. The photos were made in the Roblox game Crossover Sonic RPG.
  3. Gauntlet also discovered a "Perfect Form," that he can use when he uses all the emeralds combined, (Basically a deadlier version of the Hyper Form) although its power could potentially kill him by making him implode.
  4. He likes to call Knuckles a "Foolish trigger-happy clone" of himself.
  5. He used to be a huge fan of Mighty and Ray (Before he was corrupted).
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