Gaudia is a small town located in the state of Mecilia. Although it is appears to be small, it happens to be one of the wealthiest, fanciest and most regal places in the world. It is well known for Gaudia University, the largest university in the world.


The town's economic system runs slightly differently than average. While the currency remains as dollars and coins, everything in Gaudia is more expensive than in any other place. For instance, at a shoppe, while a loaf of bread costs about 3-5 dollars, bread in Gaudia costs about 7 dollars a loaf.

Businesses that focus on magic make most of the money, and it's the most popular of all Gaudian shoppes, with an average of 525 dollars a month for lessons. There are only three food markets in Gaudia, because most people have a garden in their yard where they can grow their food. Most of the money that is not given to the workers who work at shoppes is used to make investments to make their shoppes more popular.


The current census is a very mere 2,092 beings, due to it being a very expensive place to settle into. About 40% of the population are Mobians who graduated from Gaudia University. Most of the population are made up of magic users and mythical creatures;especially unicorns. However some of the more common types of species, like cats and foxes, live there too, only because they're either extremely rich or extremely gifted.

The native languages of Gaudia are French and English, so while everyone in Gaudia speaks English, 80 percent of the population speaks French as well. Most people born in Gaudia have French as a first language before they learn English. This language also has a big role when it comes to social classes. Usually the people fluent in French are high-ranking society members, and the people who don't know french are somewhere near the bottom.


As for education, the only school in Gaudia is the university. Children from grades Pre-K-12 can pick which school they choose to go to. The parents then take the children to the town hall to get a free airplane ticket to the location of their choice. The location has a luxurious apartment building for the children to stay at.

While the parents take the flight with their children to their specific location, they cannot stay with the child. The parents drop off the child at the specific apartment in their city. Children from grades Pre-K to second grade stay in the nursing room. After third grade, they get to choose a friend to share a room with, as long as they are of the same sex.

In the student's eyes, being from Gaudia doesn't really affect how they are treated amongst others until at least fourth grade;when they understand how amazing it is. However, in a teacher's eyes, for some reason, they always expect more from a child. Once a month, the parents of the Gaudian children call them and ask about how they are and if they're healthy, but they're more focused in on the grades. It's shameful if a Gaudian child is getting lower than a C- in class.

By middle school, most students from Gaudia are put in honors or accelerated courses. Teachers tend to show strange favoritism and respect towards Gaudian students rather than others. When high school comes, everyone is familiar with the intelligence of Gaudian children, so they often look for them to answer homework questions. Most of them are put in AP courses by Junior year.

Once they complete high school, if they can prove correctly that they are Gaudian, they are automatically enrolled in Gaudia University with all expenses paid. They get their ticket to fly back to Gaudia and attend at that school.


This land was founded by Ubi Sunt Gaudia the Wolf in the early 1600's. The natives of the land were mostly gold miners with brains the size of atoms. Gaudia was furious with the fact that these natives mined over two hundred metric tons of gold over the past two years and had no idea what to do with it. With all of this gold, many nations came to the land to help and construct into the massive land it is today. Because of this amazing leader, the land was named "Gaudia", after him.

By 1788, the construction of Gaudia was complete, still with several tons of gold left behind. Then, Vlad Curio the Lion, leader of the Porkish, conquered the land of Gaudia, and all of it's gold coming with it. Over the next hundred years, the natives from Gaudia were sent to Carson, capital of the Porklyson Empire, to mine gold from there. Curio took heaps of gold to his land.

This continued until 1832, when a thirty-nine year old magic prodigy, MaryAllen Setori the Winged Unicorn, came to Gaudia and taught Natives dangerous magic. These kinds of spells made this woman practically invincible. Some of these spells were based off of various elements, like fire and ice. A few were to levitate up to 4 tons of gold. Others were to make weapons, such as cannonballs, cannons and various swords. Her most famous one was her ability to manipulate wild animals, especially armed horses to do whatever she wanted. With all of this, she created a magic army to defeat Vlad Curio. She won back the land of Gaudia and became queen of the land.

She reigned as queen for 48 years until her death. The woman passed away on June 12, 1880 from failure. Years went by, and on the 125th anniversary of her death, a highly wealthy descendant of MaryAllen, Rachel, paid 10.4 million dollars for a branch of Gaudia University to be dedicated to students who are talented in the art of magic. It was the biggest branch of the university by far. She also commissioned talented artists a couple of million dollars to build a statue in her honor and put it in the town square to remember her by.

Notable Areas

The city is known for many of it's notable areas, some of these are

  • Gaudia University- The dream school of many students around the world, Gaudia University is the most prestigious school you can find in the east coast. The acceptance rate is quite low: only 9.1% of kids who apply make it in. The university has a total of five fields:Magic, Science, Architecture, Business, and Literature. Tuition for the school is 53,812 dollars.
  • Royal Memorial- Located in the central square of the town, the Royal Memorial is a statue of the great leaders who built up Gaudia to the way it is now. It shows a sculpture of Vyron, general of the Mobian Army, MaryAllen, queen of the Gaudia who lead the natives into claiming Gaudia from Curio, Mayson, a young Gaudian boy who convinced the people of the world to play a part in the DoubleDecade War, and Ubi Sunt Gaudia in the middle, the man who built this regal city.
  • Lisenburg Palace- Just recently, this palace was built for the annual Diamond Ball, the Junior/Senior Prom, and other highly important events. It consists of a three hundred yard large white tiled floor with square patterns, a door leading to the pit orchestra room downstairs, twin staircases with about sixty steps leading to the balcony, and a humungous crystal chandelier hanging above the floor.
  • Castle of Setori- Now just a historical tourist attraction, this place is considered the remains from the royal building. Many years ago, the Castle of Setori was the castle of Fiero and Maryallen with their daughter, Jaslyn and their fraternal twins, Thomas and Alice. The castle had about 90 rooms, which was about average for this castle.


  • In Gaudia, a few words, such as flavor and shop, are spelled in the old english way, like flavour and shoppe.
  • It took two years to build the chandelier hanging in Lisenburg Palace.
  • Jewelery experts and treasure hunters commonly appraise the chandelier in Lisenburg Palace to be worth approximately 87 million dollars.
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