"In his mind's eye, Garrett didn't see a huge gray wolf in front of him, he saw a bloody hedgehog with frightening red eyes on a black background. Argus still lived, but he was little more than a vehicle for this demon."
—Garrett's thoughts before his battle against Sonic.EXE

Garrett the Fox is a male Mobian red fox who is Redstone's only son as well as the father of Ferrell and the friend of Fireclaw and Proudfoot. He is the protagonist of Shadows of the Past, but died of wounds he suffered fighting "Argus.EXE".


Garrett is a slim red fox with thick russet fur, dark, brownish-black paws and ears, a white tail-tip and white fur inside his ears. He has white fur running from his chin to his underbelly, and amber eyes.


Garrett's exact personality is unknown, but he appears to be rather reserved, but cares deeply for his friends and family.


Before the Series: Garrett's past is largely unknown. At some point after his father's death in the then-unnamed Lamarkie Village, Garrett and his unnamed mate moved back to Bygone Island. Garrett's mate died of sickness shortly after giving birth to Ferrell, Garrett's son.

Shadows of the Past: Garrett is sitting in a meeting listening to the Gray Wolf and Siberian Tiger leaders, Graystone and Snarltooth respectively, argue over the Sonic.EXE-possessed Argus the Wolf's savage attack of a Siberian tiger named Terrix. Garrett and his Charmeleon friend Fireclaw are incredibly bored by the argument, and after the meeting ends, they head off toward their cave. They are stopped by an upset wolf named Proudfoot, who asks them for their help. After some hesitation, Garrett agrees, then takes Fireclaw to a village of Pokemon to retrieve Ferrell. Two days later, Garrett and Proudfoot go to another meeting of the leaders, during which Ferrell is attacked and savagely maimed by "Argus.EXE". During Ferrell's recovery, Proudfoot helps Garrett train to defeat a wolf, since foxes are naturally smaller, but warns him that Sonic.EXE will not hold back in his desire to kill Garrett. Before the fight, Garrett looks at Argus and thinks to himself that he does not see a huge gray wolf, but a demonic hedgehog controlling him. Garrett then fights "Argus.EXE", and after a brutal battle, Garrett kills Argus to spare him a future of possession and mental torture, but dies of his own wounds afterward.


Being a fox, Garret is naturally very agile, able to use this to his advantage to overpower bigger enemies.



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