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Garaja the Wolverine is a knight that serves the Electric Clan of Haeos.

Physical Description

Garaja is a brawny yet reasonably well-endowed wolverine that stands about a half-foot taller than most of her comrades, being at roughly the same height as fellow knight Ukkonen. Her muzzle is broad and short with a strong jaw, while her ears are short, round and set more on the sides of her head than on top of it. Her tail is fairly short, thick and densely-furred.

Her fur is primarily goldenrod and mustard in color; her muzzle is mustard, while the fur around her eyes is goldenrod. A thick streak of goldenrod fur runs down on either side of her body and joins above her tail, and she has more goldenrod fur on her chest. Her hair, which is black in color, is cut fairly short, and is rather spiky-looking. Her eyes are also persimmon in color.

Her outfit is quite simple; she wears a brown vest with a black tube top underneath it, a pair of blue jeans, brown boots and brown fingerless gloves, as well as a few silver studs in her left ear.



The Elemental Wars


Base Stats
Spcl. AtkGood
Spcl. DefGreat
Other Stats

As a wolverine, and also one who has trained to be a knight, Garaja has incredible physical strength, able to easily overwhelm weaker foes with sheer force. She wields a morning star in combat, a heavy weapon that deals its damage through a mixture of blunt force and puncture wounds. Being a knight, she is also quite durable, and excels in the realm of close-quarters combat.

She is also a proficient Electrokinetic, yet generally uses physical, melee-range attacks of the Electric Element.

Her jaws are wickedly powerful, and she is capable of delivering a punishing bite to any enemy that gets too close to her.

Electric Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Status/Defensive Abilities


Garaja is relatively resistant to the Elements of Electricity and Wind (her Electricity resistance is somewhat higher, however). Being a knight, she is also better at tanking damage than her more fragile comrades.


Garaja is weak to the Elements of Water and Earth. Her speed and agility are only average, therefore much faster opponents can run circles around her. As she tends to rely on melee-range attacks, opponents who can reliably attack from afar can wear her down with little risk to themselves.

Friends and Foes






Like most wolverines, Garaja is aggressive and bold, and never backs down from a fight. She's been known to have as crass sense of humor, and tends to not take things too seriously, especially around her close friends. She also has a very quick temper, a trait not uncommon in wolverines. Despite this, she is fiercely protective of her home and her allies, and will defend them with tooth and claw if necessary.


  • Fighting


Biggest Fears


"I am the storm that overwhelms the enemies of Haeos!"


Her name is the Hindi word for "thunder"

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