Game World is where video games of all sorts live together in one city. It is an expansive city, and is the home of Erica Sakura.

As of September 27, 2013, Game World has been added as a section of Toon City.


There are many types of life in Game World: humans, normal animals/plants, anthropomorphic animals/plants, magical animals/plants, Pokemon, Digimon, etc. Usually, the ecology depends on the district you're in.


The climate is various; some areas are sunny and fairly warm, others may be hot to the point where it's almost unrealistic, others may be water-freezing cold. This depends on the district you're in.


Game World has been around before video games themselves. Game World was first discovered long ago; along with the land itself, it was also discovered that it was connected to various other locations. Eventually, the land was populated by some of the best-loved video game characters. Each time a character is "discovered", the character is put into a video game or game-based media (cartoon spin-offs, comics, etc.).

Game World was added onto Toon City in September of 2013.

Significant Populations

These are some of the most significant populations:

  • Humans (normal or magic)
  • Animals (mythical, magic, anthropomorphic, and normal)
  • Plants (mythical, magic, anthropomorphic, and normal)
  • Aliens and other creatures

Notable Areas

Game World is divided into "districts"; areas that contain video game locations that are referred to by the game they are featured in. There are many districts, but these are some of the most significant. Here are some of the major districts:

Main District

This district connects all of the other districts. The main street is called "Video Square". The Main District has some of the best gaming-based shops, and has all of the various portals connecting some of the more distant districts. This is where Erica Sakura and co. live.

Sonic District

This is where the Sonic the Hedgehog continuity takes place. This includes the anime, games, and comics. Some Sonic FCs live here, although Erica Sakura and co. live in the Main District.

EarthBound District

This is where the EarthBound continuity takes place. It should be noted that this district has been improved since Porky Minch was found and restored, as he switched to the side of good immediately after.

Mario District

This is where the Super Mario Bros. continuity takes place.

Zelda District

This is where the Legend of Zelda continuity takes place.

Pokemon District

This is where the Pokemon continuity takes place. This includes both the anime and games.

Digimon District

This is where the Digimon continuity takes place. This includes the anime and games.

Kirby District

This is where the Kirby continuity takes place. This includes the anime and games.

MySims District

This is where the MySims continuity takes place.

Crash Bandicoot District

This is where the Crash Bandicoot continuity takes place.

Other Districts

There are various districts for other games; however, these are small districts and aren't as significant.


In front of the Main District, there is a gate where people can enter straight into or exit straight out of Game World. Most entrances to other parts of Toon City are located just outside of this gate, and this is how most people travel to other areas without using other forms of transportation.



  • Most of the districts are based on YoungOtakuNerd's favorite games, as well as the more famous, well-loved games.
  • Some districts are in other locations, ranging from real-life locations to other planets. In order to tie them into the main land, they are connected to the rest of the land by means of portals and other forms of transportation.
  • Despite being Sonic FCs, Erica and co. do not live in the Sonic District; instead, they live in the Main District.
  • Game World's reason for existence is to help give an explanation for video game crossovers, as well as to help tie almost every video game together.
  • Originally, Game World was a strict city of it's own, and there was a seperate city known as Toon City; Game World has recently been sworn in as part of Toon City, however, and no longer has strict rules on the crossing-over of cartoons/anime and games.
  • Despite being called "Game World" and having enough districts and locations to be considered a country, Game World is regarded solely as a city. It becomes more confusing when you realize that there are cities within the various districts.
    • As of recently, it's more confusing as Game World is now a section of Toon City.
  • Game World is supposed to be located between Japan and America. This is because, while the creator of this city (YoungOtakuNerd) lives in America, most video games are from Japan and YoungOtakuNerd (given the name) is fond of Japanese culture; having Game World in between the two countries makes for a great in-between for deciding a specific location.
  • The concept of Game World is somewhat similar to the Disney movies Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Wreck-It Ralph; the characters and worlds in various video games have existed not to long before video games themselves, and they must be "discovered" to become famous. Once a character is discovered, someone creates a video game based on something that happened in their lives.
  • In Game World, every character has multiple lives (unless the character is supposed to have a scripted death or was already permenantly dead). However, death is still a serious issue, as dying multiple times is considered painful and aggrevating to most.
  • In the Erica Sakura anime, it is hinted that Game World was originally part of Toon City, but was seperated and eventually rejoined with the rest of the city.
  • A common extra in Game World is Lapis, a character from the scrapped game Elemental Crystal: Bejeweled Being Lapis. He was originally going to be a main character, but YoungOtakuNerd thought it would be too hard to fit him in with the other characters. Other characters from the Elemental Crystal series appear as well.

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