Galitea is a spirit who resides in the Perpetual Rest Graveyard in King's Court. She is a pacifist, meaning she prefers not to fight even if she could. Galitea is Prez's favorite of all her characters, and her voice sounds like several eerie whispers, as such, is a combination of Prez's voice, her friends' (Smight and Bella Vita) voices, and her cousin Blu's voice.



When Galitea was alive about 1,000 years ago, she was a female echidna named Gea-Ti. She had two living siblings, Jenel-Ti, her older sister, and Fedrel, her older brother, and one dead one, her twin brother Podo. Her mother, Nera-Ti, died giving birth to her and Podo, her father Ursu died before she was born, her maternal grandparents had died in a war against the Nocturnal clan, and her paternal grandparents had hated her mother, as such, wanted nothing to do with Gea and her siblings, so Jenel-Ti (who was about 14 at the time of Gea and Podo's birth) had to raise the three younger ones.

Podo died when they were about 2 by drowning, and Gea had very few memories of him. Shortly after Podo died, Jenel got married at the age of 16 and Gea's niece Nera-Ti II was born.

Gea had an enemy, Daryl, by the age of 4, and neither had any memory of why they started fighting, they only knew to continue the battle. Gea's best friend was her niece Nera seeing how they were only 2 years apart.

Gea was murdered by Daryl at the sad age of 13 years and 3 days.


Gea changed her name to Galitea shortly after her death. Due to never being properly buried, rather, kept hidden in a temple, she was a wandering spirit pinned to the temple where her remains were. Around 500 years later, her skeleton was found on an archeogical dig, and she was brought to the then-new Perpetual Rest Graveyard in the newly-founded King's Court. Galitea then slept for 500 years.

Recently, she was awoken by Smight the Echidna, which she wasn't very happy about but learned to accept. She is unable to leave Perpetual Rest, but her only friend Prez the Mockingjay visits often so she's not that lonely.


Galitea is a ghostly form surrounded by an eternal mist. She wears a white cloak and hood that makes it impossible to see any facial features or color, but when she grins you can see it through the shadows that conceal her face. On the rare occasion she takes her hood off, you can see the face and dreadlocks of an echidna, but she appears badly mauled and you still can't make out her features and color very well.


Galitea is clever but harebrained. She is, most of the time, kind and understanding, but she has that nature seen in all ghosts where she wants to scare the life out of anyone and everyone. Galitea has a hobby that she refers to as "Spooking"; she haunts the graveyard and takes pictures of all the scared faces to send to her group, the Council of Teenage Spirits, which is made up of spirits of Mobians who died in their teen years (12-18). Galitea's favorite movie is Poltergeist, which she watched for the first time when Smight brought it to the graveyard to watch on her laptop as an apology.

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