Galaxina is physically similar to Cosmo, as having dark cyan colored hair and wears white and yellow clothing. As well as having a similar physical appearance compared to Cosmo, she has teal features.

When becoming a Freedom Fighter along with Cosmo, She wears a shirt with a skirt, boots, and gloves that have all the teal features too with a green amulet and a yellow belt.


As opposed to Cosmo, Galaxina is very smart, sophisticated and down-to-earth. Despite this, she is tender and worries a great deal about Cosmo and their mother, Earthia. Even her adopted nephew, Shyly.

Since Shyly and Cosmo were reunited with her alive as well, Galaxina can also be shown to be cheerful, playful and more affectionate towards Shyly in her aunty nature due to the fact that Shyly was a cute little Chao who looked like he had a toddler age. Though like Cosmo as an adoptive mother, she was being responsible for taking care of him as an adoptive aunt and Cosmo as her big sister since she lives with them now. She also has a sense of humor with them and her friends.



Galaxina was born on a Seedrian home planet called: The Greengate with her parents: Earthia her mother, Lucas her father, and her brothers: Lidoran the youngest and Mars the eldest. When the unknown enemies invaded her home, she and her clan were forced to leave with their planet dying and left Lucas, Mars and the other Thorndrigans except for Lidoran behind. In the space cruiser, Cosmo was born and was the last child Earthia gave birth to. When Cosmo was 8 years old, a group of robotic aliens called the Metarex invaded their ship and Galaxina along with the other female Seedrians were killed and Lidoran was blasted out of the ship and knocked out cold while stranded in space which only Cosmo survived and was captured by the Metarex.

The Resurrection

After Dr. Eggman stole the flower pot where Cosmo was planted since her death from Shyly, He revived not only Cosmo who is now a teenager but Galaxina as well, much to Eggman’s surprise. Then after the battle and rescue, Cosmo was reunited with her friends, including the tearful Shyly. After Cosmo introduces to Galaxina, Cosmo and Galaxina build a new home with Shyly living with them and Galaxina became his adoptive aunt. Then sooner or later, she and her sister became Freedom Fighters and she gained the power to summon her energy bo staff to battle enemies and protect Mobius.


  • Energy Bo Staff

She has the power to construct her Energy Bo Staff and use it to attack enemies and she can extend her staff for more distance.


  • Healing Seeds


  • Staff Techniques
  • Acrobatics
  • Float Down

She can do that by using her Freedom Fighter skirt.


Fire can be weak to plants like her. She was afraid that she might put her friends and her sister in danger.

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