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The twenty-four Galctic rings are magical items that have a mostly unknown orgin and they can grant a wish when all forty-eight are obtained with a side effect. They have been praised (and feared) by the people of Mobius. They've been used for good and evil.


As stated above the true orgin are unknown they first where known by acient mobians at nightime when 2 rings fell from outer space the rings where glowing and hot. Soon all of the rings fell from the sky the others attracted eachother and then quickly sinked into the ground. Recent studies show that the rings are in fact from outer space. Scientest found out that the rings were from a very far region of space than mobius. They than were somehow knocked into a speeding orbit and went through mobius' closest star before it was pulled by mobious' gravity. Scientest are still befuddled in why the rings posses such great magical abilities.


The rings have great power to grant a wish. It also seems to have a strong magneticpull to the other rings on surface but in the soil they don't attract at all. They also seem to be very hard to break because they went through a star. After a wish they go back to the deep soil or on rare ocasions a different planet.

Side effect

After a wish there is a montrous side effect which turns your into a titan for all eternity. It is currently unknown if you can wish a titan back but it seems useless because YOU would then become a titan. The titan reflects a little bit on what you wished for.


The wishes are listed from when they were wished

  • First wish: A poor acient mobian hunter wanted to get some food for his family. One day he was digging and found a ring he gave it to his boss and his boss wanted him to find all 48 (he heared of the tail of rings falling from the sky) so he could become rich by selling them. So the poor hunter travelled all of mobius until he found them all then a voice from the ring comanded State your wish now. Be it fame, fortune, revival, anything you wish for O' ring bearer. The man knew what he wanted but he gave it to his boss just to follow orders. Uh....boss could I wish for something and you keep the money? he asked his bossed pushed him away and wished for fame. After he wished it money started falling from the sky but soon the greedy boss turned into a a giant dollar thus making the money titan. The poor hunter stole all the money and gave it to his family.

  • Second wish: An acient mobian wanted to stop the terrible earthquakes happening at the time so he set off to fing the galactic rings. It was really easy for him since every earthquake it seemed that two more kept popping out of the ground. After he got all 48 he wished for the terrible earthquakes to stop or at least not be so many. After the earthquakes stopped he becomed the titan of mobian soil (or crust).

  • Third wish: A schemer who hated the planet that he lived on wanted to collect all the rings. Few tried to stop him but he crushed them each time. One man attempted to stop him and almost won after a intense fight for the 48th ring. He was thought to be dead afterwards. So the scemer wished for a large part of mobius to be destroyed. A whole quater of mobius was then gone. He then turned into the rock titan.

  • Fourth wish: Soon the man who dueled with the current rock titan was proved to be alive. He proceeded to get all the rings except the two that were in the part of mobius that was destroyed he than proceeded there until he was stopped by the rock titan after a long duel the man won. He than wished for the planet to be mended and it was but he then turned into the tian of the core of mobius.

  • Fifth wish: After the 4th wish the rings flew away and crashed landed on another planet (earth?) where dark gaia was taking over light gaia still young was attracted to the rings due to it's colors after he got the last ring chip heared the ring's demand and wished dark gaia be resealed inside the core. The rings then flew back to mobius. Note: Chip was already bassicly a titan so it had no effect on him.

  • Sixth wish: When the rings got back to mobius almost everyone forgot the rings except the core titan's great great great great grandson. Mobius was suffering from a drought and the young boy (named Timathy) tried to find all the rings, He failed and gave up soon the drought got worst and all of the water was gone the boy then saw the rings sticking from where the ocean used to be after a quick gather of them all he wished for mobius' water to come back and he was changed to the ocean titan.

  • Seventh wish: A evil man who didn't like veggies feared that all of mobius would switch to veggies and get rid of meat eaters. He soon dug up all of the rings and rished for all greenery on mobius to vanish. He than became the meat titan.

  • 8th wish: Exactly a day after the wish a boy wanted the grass back so he got the rings (which were being held by the soil titan who wanted to help) and wished for the plants to come back than becoming the plant titan.

  • Ninth wish:After thousands of years in about 2007 a man from the remains of Station square wanted to bring the city to it's former glory so he gathered all rings and wished for station square and it's people to be rivived. He than became the station square water titan.
  • Tenth Wish-Stephani Bell had tricked a group of males to help her gather the rings, promising they would all split the wish. After all the rings were collected she was about to wish to obliterate all the men on the planet but a young boy wished for the ozone layer to grow smaller and 25% of the world's extinct animals to be revived. It is unknown which titan he became.
  • 11th wish-Three months later an alien hero named Rider to repay a debt he wished for more attacking and defending strength.Thus he became the Gaurdian Titan.
  • ???-Hundreds of years ago Mobius was at war with itself due to the Termians not eating nightmares anymore. For some odd reason the Galactic Rings malfunctioned and made a dimensional barrier and a seal,thus trapping the Termians. The Rings also undid the effects of the Termians meteorite ever crashing.

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  • The station square titan seems to be the only person who knew he was going to become a titan.
  • It is unknown why the water titan became a titan for station square not all of mobius.
  • The core titan is sometimes referred as the grand titan or the titan of all of mobius.
  • The money titan is hardly ever seen but the rest of the titans usually can be found with out much effort.
  • The galactic rings command has a slightly digitized voice but it also sounds like 50 different people talking at once further making the ring's orgin unknown.
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