The Gaia Stones are the Chaos Emeralds prior to Jezz the Hedgehog's battle against Xinneon of the Mongak Tribe. Their powers are unknown to many, having not been in this form since the Aelotis Event. After Jezz the Hedgehog's death many millennia later, they have started to revert to their original form.

These stones have since been recognized as markers to represent divisions in time, with their pre-Emerald form representing the Precursory Era, Chaos Emeralds representing the Chaos Risen Era, and their post-Emerald form representing the Guardians of Earth era.


Precursory Era

The origins of these stones are very much unknown; some predict they might somehow predate time itself, as they are somehow compatible with the clockwork in the Center of Time. Earth's inhabitants during the early stages of this era were primitive, with the exception of the Earth Guardians, who had sworn to protect the planet, no matter the cost. Eventually, after the Earth Guardians died out, the population started civilizations, with the first Echidna tribes and clans settling near the Gaia Stones' resting place, which, during the Chaos Risen Era, would eventually become Angel Island. War raged, and peace was made, with the Stones never being affected or used during this time.

When a Mongak Echidna Priest by the name of Xinneon decided to tamper with the Stones' power to use for evil, a young Knuckles Clan hedgehog, Jezz by name, decided to stop him. Jezz was then tricked into making contact with the Stones, altering their abilities and weakening Jezz as well. A Chao named Chaos then made contact with the changed Gaia Stones as well, transforming him into the form that many recognize as the God of Destruction. Jezz then merged with Chaos, creating Aelotis, and defeated the evil echidna. Chaos then realized that his old friends, the Chao, were attracted to the newly transformed Gaia Stones, and volunteered to guard the Chao and the Stones. Jezz decided it was for the best, and left his friend to guard the Gaia Stones.

From here on, the Gaia Stones had been known as the Chaos Emeralds.

Chaos Risen Era

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The Gaia Stones were lost to time, and the Chaos Emeralds had taken their place. Many battles were fought to acquire these gems of power, including the battle that lead to the near-extinction of the Knuckles Clan echidnas.

The Chaos Emeralds became so important that even super geniuses like Dr. Ivo Robotnik, informally known as Dr. Eggman, sought after them as a means to make his Eggman Empire the ultimate force on the planet. On the flipside, local heroes such as Sonic the Hedgehog have thwarted his plans time and again with the very artifacts Eggman needs.

Eventually, Dr. Eggman was defeated, and a time of relative peace came upon the world. However, it was not to last, for Armageddon the Evil's agents eventually decided to make their presence known to the unfortunate Planet Earth approximately 20 years later.

Jezz the Hedgehog, now 33, married to Shelly the Hedgehog, and father of two, faced the likes of Dread the Hedgehog, his sidekick and Jezz's former #1 enemy Cuezaltzin the Echidna, Mecha Jezz, and the Dark Warriors, who were then under the command of Armageddon the Evil himself. Jezz and Shelly defeated all of these foes, losing his life to Armageddon in the end, and the Chaos Emeralds were becoming Gaia Stones once again.

Guardians of Earth Era

The death of Jezz the Hedgehog sent echoes through the Chaos Emeralds, and their Chaos-based energy began to drain, leaving only the energy of the Gaia Stones. But while Jezz paid the ultimate price, new enemies rose from the ashes of Armageddon and the Eggman Empire, such as the Transk Tyranny, the surviving Dark Warriors, and various minor factions that would be defeated easily by the forces of the Guardian Units of Nations. All the aforementioned factions would seek either world domination, dimensional annihilation, or possesion of the Gaia Stones.

And so, the battle for power began once again.

Abilities granted to the user

The Gaia Stones share many of their abilities with those of their other form, the Chaos Emeralds. But their energy type is very different. It can also make the spirits of those who have passed away re-enter the land of the living for a limited amount of time, though this drawback can be manipulated.

  • Gaia Control: An ability that has a random effect, but the effect is always to help the user in some way.
  • Gaia Teleport: Similar to the teleportation properties of Chaos Control. The Gaia Stone teleports the user to a location of his or her choosing.
  • Gaia Time Stop/Gaia Time Flow: Similar to the time manipulation properties of Chaos Control. The Gaia Stone stops or resumes time around the user. A more intermediate command will enable the user to merely slow down time or speed it up further.
  • Gaia Guardian Form: Should the user collect all 7 Gaia Stones, the user can attain a Gaia Guardian Form, which will enable the user control over the various elements of the Earth, as well as enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and an additional flight ability.
    • Spirit Guardian Form: Deceased characters like Jezz the Hedgehog can attain Spirit Guardian Form with the 7 Gaia Stones, and pass it on to other spirits, bringing them into the Spirit Guardian transformation as well. This form enables them to remain in the living plane of existence almost indefinitely, however, this can lead to ill effects.


Precursory Era

Guardians of Earth Era

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