This is Joselyn's super state, achieved through the use of the Chaos Emeralds or Master Emerald. Joselyn herself doesn't change that much, only obtaining hair of fire and a tail of clouds; her attire on the other hand, changes drastically. Joselyn sports a white, loose-fitting, sleeveless top that reaches down to her thighs; this top is fastened to her by the thick, golden belt around her waist. Underneath it, she wears a dark, one-piece undergarment with short sleeves and legs that fits her figure.She also wears golden arm and shin guards as well as golden sandals. She can also create a scepter of sorts, which she can use as a weapon as well as a conduit to channel ambient energies; it usually manifests as a wooden staff with a crescent moon shaped stone floating just above it, and a green jewel floats within the opening of that stone. In this form, Joselyn gains a handful of physical buffs; her innate abilities are elevated to godlike levels, she can fly unaided, and her strengthened link to the Chaos Force grants her unlimited power.


As Joselyn's super form, only she can use it.


Joselyn needs the Chaos Emeralds or the Master Emerald in order to transform.

Weak Points

Though it seems unstoppable, a common drawback is that its a temporary form; and despite the invulnerability, chaos energy can be used to circumvent it.

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