Along with the powers she has in base, she also gains:

  • Infinite Power: Thanks to the Chaos Emeralds, or even the Master Emerald, Joselyn possesses unlimited power in this form.
  • Advanced Powers: In this state, Joselyn can use more advanced versions of preexisting powers and techniques; basic fireballs in base form become literal suns in this form.
  • Support Enhancements: Possessing infinite power, she has more than enough to spare for her allies and still be able to power up herself; augmenting her innate abilities and powers.
  • Pure Aura: Super forms manifested by positive energy manifest an aura that neutralizes evil and negative emotions over time.


Undergoing a super transformation, she has godlike strength and speed as well as an invulnerable body. The powers she has in base form are similarly enhanced. Thanks to the medium used for the transformation, she can unlock unlimited power.


While overwhelmingly powerful, similarly powerful opponents can match her and removing the emeralds power is also viable given the right circumstances. The super form itself has a time limit, but given how fast she can be in this form, its not that relevant.

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