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Gabriella the Cat

Gabriella-Jade the Cat, more commonly known as Gabriella the Cat, stage name "Serena Stone", is a fan character created by Darkest Shadow. She is a well known swordsman and pop star from Tamaruin City. She also happens to be a high level gymnast coached by Michelle.


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Physical Appearance

Gabriella, stands at 3 feet and 6 inches, is a cat with white fur. Her hair is light blue, with the front sideswept to the right with a bang covering her muzzle. The back is straight going down to the middle of her shoulder blades.She has peach skin underneath her fur, on her muzzle and in her ears. Her eyes are separated with sea green irises.

Currently, Gabriella has a very simplistic outfit. She wears a strapped dark blue dress that goes down a little above her knees with a black belt on the dress on the waistline. Over it, she wears a black half-sleeve open blouse that reaches below her waistline. For shoes, she wears matching blue flat pumps with anklets. She also wears a vibrant blue eyeshadow, and keeps a black pin in her hair.


The best way to describe Gabriella is determined, and confident. Seen as a warrior like figure amongst her friends and fans, she is confident in her sword fights and battles. She also is a powerful speaker and inspiration to her fans to make them feel better about themselves.

Gabriella is very outgoing, and popular. Always out with friends, she likes to be part of different friend groups, so she can try to make plans everyday. She hates to be alone, especially on the weekends. She likes to talk about her songs, the latest trends, and other people (mainly other celebrities)


Sword Combat

Gabriella has extremely good swordplay skills. She started ever since she was little and now she has been fighting against many good swordsmen and swordwomen. Usually, she'd be home training in her inspiration room.

Gabriella also happens to be a very good fencer. She always tries to aim high and strike people at the right time. When she fences, her stabs tend to be lighting quick, and she can greatly defend herself using her stick.


Gabriella is also a very good singer. She is known all around her country region. Her singing is very inspirational, and gets ideas. Most songs she writes is usually written by herself, then edited by other people.


She also has pretty good gymnastic skills. Along with Christina, Michelle is coaching her in this skill. She isn't bad at it. Her skills are pretty good. She isn't as good as Michelle yet, but she's pretty good. She stopped taking lessons from her in order to make her singing her main focus and priority.


Attack: 7- Physically, Gabriella is pretty strong, and can throw solid kicks.

Defense: 7- Gabriella is pretty good at defending other attacks.

Speed: 7- Gabriella is pretty fast on her feet, and can run to far places.

Magic: 0- Gabriella possesses no magic ability whatsoever.

Evasion: 8- Gabriella's pretty good at evading attacks, and could do it with ease.

Intelligence: 8.5- Gabriella has shown to be pretty smart for her age, as she could possibly be in college when she was a sophomore.

Skills: 9- Gabriella's sword fighting skills are hands down impeccable.

Accuracy: 9- Some say that Gabriella has a keen eye, as she can aim nearly every attack she makes without trouble.

Stamina: 8- Gabriella doesn't really run out of air, as she can run far distances without trouble,

Tolorance: 6- Gabriella is a little gullible, which could make her fall for tricks easily...





  • She despises being called "Jade"
  • Gabriella is almost fluent in French
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