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Gabriela Angel is a Fallen God And the mother of Vendeta the Hedgehog.


Gabriela is a Mobian artic fox, with bright white fur and blue eyes. She usually wears a white dress with a knee-high skirt, with her tail poking out the back.


Gabriela is usually quite quiet and only talks in a hushed tone. She usually allows her emotions to get the better of her on the inside, although she rarely shows it. After being the God of Life for so long, she has become a complete pacifist and never uses violence, although she would only use violence in extreme situations before her godhood anyway. She wants to use her powers to help anyone she can, and she always blames herself when she can't. This is mostly because she was unable to help anyone as an Endless God.


Early Life

Gabriela had a fairly normal early life. She was taught from a young age about the horrors of war and how violence was wrong. Gabriela took this to heart:she always wanted to help people. When she was old enough, she joined the G.U.N military, not as a soldier, but as a medic. She married a hedgehog who was a humanitarian aid worker in one of the war zones she was deployed in. They settled down in Iravia and had 2 sons together:Vendeta and Glass. However, when Vendeta was 1 year old, both Gabriela and her husband died in a freak plane accident, the details of which G.U.N has not currently revealed.


After Gabriela died, she was surprised to find she had been elevated to Godhood as the Endless God of Life. Her death had coincided exactly with the banishment of the previous God of Life, and seeing she was on the list of candidates for the role anyway, she was the most convenient option. Gabriela gladly took up the role, seeing it as a chance to help more people than she could as a G.U.N medic. However, she was bound permanently by the Laws of Godhood, which meant she couldn't intervene in the mortal world unless there was no other option. She did, however, keep an eye on Vendeta and various other events. She was a God for around 20 years before the Solaris Crisis.

The God of Darkness, Mephiles, had decided to take the power of the God of Light, Solaris, to spread his darkness throughout the universe. When the Gods found out what was happening, it was already too late. With Solaris' power, Mephiles killed most of the Gods before they could do anything. Eventually, only him and Gabriela were left. Gabriela successfully banished Mephilis to the mortal realm, but not before he dealt Gabriela a fatal blow. She used the last of her power to resurrect the other Gods before she fell to the mortal realm.


Gabriela has had a hard time adjusting to being mortal again(or at least, living in the physical world). She has still retained some of her powers as God of Life, and now she's no longer bound by the Laws of Godhood she can finally help people instead of keeping the universe afloat. She also aims to find Vendeta and any other surviving members of the Angel family.

A Different Kind of Normal



Gabriela has extremely strong life-based powers. She can heal wounds, regrow limbs, or remove genetic defects and diseases. It is also thought she can resurrect the dead, although she's never shown she actually can. She also ages at a much slower rate than most Mobians:10 years is roughly 1 year for her.


Gabriela is a pacifist and doesn't fight against anything, which makes her useless in a one-on-one fight. She also doesn't have any self-defence techniques (although she was taught them by G.U.N, she forgot them after being an Endless God for so long).

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