" These personalities inside me, they cling to my brain like a tumor, generating a endless stream of terrible ideas. Please, get them out of my head!"

GLaDOS, short for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, is a bio-mechanical bat created in the Lambda Sector.


Age N/A
Gender Female programming
Species AI, but she has taken the form of a bat
Description N/A
Attire Grey sweater and jeans, white gloves, and white and grey sneakers
Relatives None
Affiliations None
Nicknames None
Quotes See the bottom of the page
Romantic Interests Matoro "Blizzard" the Hedgehog
Weaponry None comfirmed
Abilities Master hacker, limited flight
Super Forms None



GLaDOS was made in the Lambda Sector of the Twilight Cage by Nocturnus scientists in hope of creating a new super soldier for the Nocturnus. GLaDOS was a normal resident of Nocturne when she applied for the position of being turned into a living weapon. She was under the impression that she was going to be implanted with something as a small test. When the transformation began, she tried to refuse the transformation, but she was forced into the transformation. When the transformation was done, she went berserk from her new programming and her personality conflicting. She murdered the entire staff of the lab except one, who hid in the maintenance areas. She later fled the Cage with no memory of the event.

The crush

Later, when she was wondering around Glacier Plains, she noticed a black and blue hedgehog rescuing a a wolf from a icy pond. After seeing that, a small part of her mortality programing resurfaced. That part of her made her wonder if she should care for life, but GLaDOS just dismissed that idea. Amazed at the black hedgehog's act of selflessness, she spent the following year spying on that black hedgehog. After the hedgehog went back to that pond again, GLaDOS noticed that he had gathered all the supplies for a suprise party, but he was missing a cake. The small amount of morality popped up again, and that small voice of reason convinced GLaDOS to break into someone's house and bake a cake. After the cake was done, she ran back to the pond and snuck the cake onto the ice table that the hedgehog had just made. GLaDOS then ran to the edge of the pond, and the small amount of morality had erased the memories of what just happened. After the party had subsided, the hedgehog took the same wolf that almost drowned there over to the edge of the pond, and kissed her. At this point GLaDOS had felt some thing she had never felt before. It was jealously. That night, GLaDOS decided that she would continue to spy on that hedgehog. After learning that his dad had died of cancer, the hedgehog and the wolf had decided that they were going to leave Glacier Plains and travel the world, GLaDOS had continued to follow them. To this day, GLaDOS has been following the hedgehog and the wolf around the world.

A father figure

After losing the hedgehog, she suffered a malfunction, temporarily shutting down. When she woke up, she was half way around the world, under a large tree. She had sat down next to the tree, and curled up underneath it. Unknown to her, a black echinda walked up to the tree and sat down on the opposite side of the tree. To her surprise, the echinda asked her what she was doing there. She said she had no idea. The echinda then asked her were her family was. She replied that she had no family. The echinda, who introduced himself as Kurahk, asked her if she would like to come with him. GLaDOS said yes, after having heard some one care about her. The two have been traveling the world since then.


GLaDOS is a insane AI, often killing people with out reason. Due to glitches in her programming, GLaDOS is prone to malfunctions. She also enjoys keeping people on the dark about their fates, and will often " test" them. This tests are commonly only running from on place to another. After the tests are finished, she murders the test subjects. She has multiple personalities, ranging from curious, wise, angry, a know-it-all, a adventure loving moron, and even going nuts about space. How ever, the rarest of all these personalities is a personality of morality. It's that morality that convinced GLaDOS to follow Blizzard and Akiza around the world. Despite her being a AI, she has a crush on Blizzard. Whether or not this is because of her morality in unknown. She often talks to her self, mostly insulting the other parts of her personality. GLaDOS can be described as unstable, often twitching and emitting sparks, then going nuts then killing every one in the area. But, despite her murderous nature, GLaDOS can be somewhat caring and concerned about others, although not for long. GLaDOS has a small amount of her that is alone and depressed, and that often causes her to ask for help getting through tough moments in her life. She also pleads to any one she can find to get her other personalities out of her head. GLaDOS can be described as a little girl who doesn't have any friends, but tries her hardest to make some. GLaDOS cares about Kurahk, treating him like a father. When ever GLaDOS goes haywire or is really depressed, Kurahk is the only one who can cheer her up or fix her.


GLaDOS is, almost unbelievably, slender and light weight, despite her mechanical build. Her ' artificial' white hair hangs loose, covering her right eye. Her wings are gray, and the membrane of them is white. She also sports a white muzzle and skin. Her eyes are unqiue: One is blue, the other is orange.


GLaDOS wears a light grey sweater, and simple white gloves. Her shoes are just simple white sneakers, and her jeans are a grey pair. She wears a gray belt with two straps hanging of from either side.

Powers and Abilities

GLaDOS doesn't have many abilities, but the ones she does have she does with skill. GLaDOS is a master hacker, and is able to hack into almost any program anywhere. She is also capable of flight, but due to her mechanical build, she can't fly for long. She is also a very able murderer, being able to murder someone without been seen, although how she does this unknown. GLaDOS' outer body is made of Protosteel, being very durable and flexible. Being made of Protosteel, she can reconfigure parts of her body at will, and with little effort. As such, she is able to turn her arms into sharp blades, or her wings into a backpack, if desired.


GLaDOS is an AI, meaning that she thinks on her own accord. Because she thinks, she can ponder new ideas or think of things that she could be doing. But, she can't stray to far from her programming. She is also prone to malfunctions, and her multiple personalities can take over at any time. The most influential of her personalities, the morality rarely appears, but when it does pop up, it influences GLaDOS to go against her will and do something else.

Character Relations

Kurahk "Bloodnova" Dragonblaze

GLaDOS treats him like a father, both respecting him and loving him. GLaDOS relies on him to help her through life and her depression. When ever she goes crazy and tries to kill everyone, Kurahk is the only one who can calm her down. GLaDOS trusts Kurahk to get rid of her other personalities, and is often dissapointed when he can't do a thing about them. Kurahk and GLaDOS can easily relate to having something inside them, fighting for control.

Kallen the Echidna

GLaDOS and Kallen don't interact much, but they are good friends. GLaDOS treats her like a mother, relying on her to cheer her up.


  • " This isn't brave. It's murder."
  • " Goodbye!"
  • " What I wouldn't do for a tablesaw right now."
  • " Do you think your doing some damage? * BZZZT BZZZT* Two plus two is * BZZZT BZZZT* ten!"




None as of yet.


None as of yet.


Exile Vilify, by The National

The National- Exile Vilify

The National- Exile Vilify

Relations to character

This song is very deppressing, reflecting GLaDOS' personality.


  • GLaDOS is based of GLaDOS from the Portal series of games. For more info, go here.
  • GLaDOS' multiple personalities are based of the personality cores that are within the Portal games.
  • GLaDOS' theme is actually from Portal 2. The band that preforms this song were contacted by Valve to have this song put in the game. The song plays on a radio in a Rattman den.
    • Her original theme was Still Alive, the song that played at the end of Portal.
  • GLaDOS has a crush on Blizzard, but she doesn't even know his name.
  • If GLaDOS were to have a voice actor, it would have to be Ellen Mclain, albeit with a younger voice. She voices the Administrator in Team Fortress 2, the Combine Overwatch in Half-Life 2, and the original GLaDOS in Portal and Portal 2.
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