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This is an article about G.C.N-007, a character created by Frost the Wolf on 07/29/2013. Please note that G.C.N-007 is meant to be a joke character in of itself. It is not meant to be taken seriously.


G.C.N-007 (short for "Godmodded Character Neutralizer version 007) is an amorphus robotic creature that has no true form. It is capable of taking on a variety of appearances to match it's mission parameters, and to help it fight it's opponents. While it is primarily a robotic creature, it is also combined with a disembodied spirit. This is why it has no definite form. However, it would often appear as a cloaked robotic creature where it's face is hidden behind a scarf, and its head hidden under a hood. It's "true" form is a mystery.


Even though G.C.N-007 is a robot, it has plenty of personality. Normally, it is decisive in its own actions and decisions. It is loyal to its set mission, which is to neutralize any and all characters that are godmodded, over-powered, or Mary-Sues (Gary-Stus). When it comes to dealing with problems, the robot has such incredible intelligence that it can always solve the said problem with no difficulty. Even though it has all these great feats, it does not exault itself over others.

When it comes to people, it will usually ignore them until they interact with it. G.C.N will then scan the individual discretely. If it is not a godmodded character, G.C.N will keep the conversation as short as possible while being as polite as it knows how. Should the character in question be a godmodding character, Mary-Sue (or Gary-Stu), or an unreasonably overpowered character, G.C.N will announce that he intends to defeat the character for being such. However, he will not normally kill the said character (as some cannont be killed). Instead, it will intend to strip the individual of his/her powers, and then seal them away in an alternative dimension that they cannont escape from without G.C.N's help.

Interestingly, if a character that doesn't match G.C.N's target parameters challenges G.C.N to a fight, G.C.N will usually decline and refuse. Should the character challenging it attack, G.C.N can usually either teleport out of the area, or defeat the character before he/she realizes what's happening. However, due to G.C.N's programmed purpose, it will not actively seek these characters out to fight nor seal them away if they fight and lose.


G.C.N-007 was created a very long time ago by an unknown creator. Apparently, G.C.N's creator was the mightest, most perfect overpowered Gary-Stu of his day and wanted to ensure that he would always hold that title. So, he created G.C.N to neutralize any and all other overpowered, Mary-Sueish (Gary-Stuish), and godmodded characters in the world. However, during one last preparation, an accident caused his creator's body and soul to separate, effectively killing the person. However, the creator entered the body of his creation so that he could carry out his own wishes himself.

But an error occured. During the process, the creator's personality was overidden by the robot's dutiful nature to its purpose. This means that, though the creator and creation are one, only the creation can make the choices. The only thing about the creator that remains are his powers, skill, and abilities, and the desire to neutralize all other godmodded character in the universe.

Over the course of what may have been several millenia, G.C.N has served its purpose very well. Over thousands of previously thought indestructible character have been neutralized and sealed away in another dimension by G.C.N. To this day, nobody has defeated G.C.N, and it's likely no one ever will.


G.C.N-007 has the power to warp reality to its liking. To explain how this power opperates, imagine the entire univers as nothing more than a program in a computer. G.C.N acts like the programmer, going in to delete, rearrange, or edit the "code" of the univers. This allows it to create and destroy matter, alter its abilities or the abilities of it's opponents, and, overall, warp reality. G.C.N can do this on any scale, at anytime, and moddify any amount without any negative effects on itself.

Special Abilities

Thanks to it's abilities to warp reality, G.C.N can have any ability it needs to complete a mission. Abilities that it did not need to warp reality to aquire included indestructibility, near instantaneous reflexes, supream knowledge of everything, and a whole list of other abilities to keep itself from being destroyed or failing its mission.


Like its abilities, G.C.N can have any skill it needs to complete its missions. It can also have any skill that is relevant to a particular problem. This, in short, basically means it can have any and all skills. The way it aquires these skills is similar to the way it can get its abilities and powers: by simply warping and altering reality to its liking.


Unkown. Thanks to its ability to warp reality, it can usually neutralize its opponent before they can even have a chance to land an attack. In addition, should it change into its opponent to fight it, G.C.N copies almost everything about its opponent except its personality and weaknessess.

Creation History

The idea first came to me when Smash the Echidna introduced a "Best Joke Character" category for the SFW Summer 2013 awards. After seeing several enties, an idea suddenly came to me: "Why not make a joke character that's designed to destroy (or neutralize, as I later decided) other overpowered characters and Mary-Sues? And make the character able to counter anything anyone else could throw at him." So that's what I did. I began work on creating the joke character to beat all joke characters.

However, it wasn't easy at first. The hardest thing to come up with was a name. I couldn't think of a cool acronym to use for him. Finally, I just decided to go with something short and simple. So, I came up with "Godmodded Character Neutralizer". As for the 007 part, I kinda put that in as a reference to the James Bond series.

G.C.N's powers were actually quite easy to come up with. In order to defeat an enemy that supposedly has no weaknesses and possibly can't be killed, you need a way to strip them of their powers and seal them away. That's where warping reality came in. And since G.C.N is a joke character to begin with, I didn't need to worry about making him overpowered. So, deciding to have G.C.N warp reality like it was just a bunch of code in a computer made it easier for him to be overpowered and godmoddish in of himself, but also reasonably explain why he can't be beat. It was also a good way to describe his lack of weaknesses and his abilities and skills.

As for making G.C.N amorphous, that was partly laziness on my part. I thought it would be intersting to have a disembodied spirit placed into the body of a machine, but I wasn't sure how to make G.C.N look. So, making it wear a cloak and scarf helped to make it look like he was mysterious. Also, thanks to its warping power, it could assume the form of anyone or anything it needed to. Thus, it seemed like a good idea to give G.C.N no true form.

The only thing I hadn't thought of before all this was G.C.N's history. At first, I thought it would be ironic to have a godmodded character be G.C.N's original creator, but then I got the idea to fuze the creator with the creation. However, the creator's personality would become almost suppressed by the creation's function and programming. I thought it would be best to leave it up to the reader's imagination about who the creator was and how long ago G.C.N was created.