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G'ling is a young N'rrgal drone who developed a strange infatuation with Moon after her saw her do something nice when she was with the Nocturnus overseeing the N'rrgal colony.

G'ling the N'rrgal
2 ft. 6 in.
45 lbs
N'rrgal Colony
Worker Drone
Moon, energy, batteries, the N'rrgal queen, slime, water
Fighting, yelling, fire


G'ling is characterized by his innocence and loyalty. Notably persistent, his background makes him a hard worker and he is not opposed to performing menial or tedious tasks. He is very affectionate to those he likes, especially Moon who he is also very protective of. G'ling will usually put others above himself. He is rather sensitive and scares easy, frequently hiding in corners when something startling happens.

Physical Characteristics


G'ling is a typical N'rrgal drone. He is a yellowish greenish color with a dark green stripe down his back and on top of his head. His eyes are cyan with four on his head and four on his lower body, two on each side. He is short yet wide and has a bit of a flexible shape. He also has four arms with no perceivable fingers or hands.


G'ling moves around rather slowly with slug-like movements. He usually stands at a distance from strangers but will stand very close to people he likes. When he's nervous he'll back up and sort of squash himself down.


G'ling's voice is gravely and has a sort of liquidy sound like someone talking through slime. Like all N'rrgal's he drags out certain consonants when he talks. He especially drags out m's, n's, r's, and s's.


Like all N'rrgal, G'ling's main ability is being able to absorb energy. This energy absorbtion gives him significant regeneration abilities. Energy weapons can not harm him since he can absorb them and he also has some ability to pass through energy fields. His energy absorbing attacks can lower an enemy's attack power. In addition to this, he can put energy back into something to charge it up, which can be helpful for his allies. To do anything of these things, he has to have direct contact, attaching almost like a leech.

Being a drone and not a warrior, he really doesn't have much natural fighting ability. Due to how much he's travelled though, he's a bit better than it than the other drones who spend all of their lives on the colony. A significant weakness of his is how slow he is, his movement being comparable to that of a slug. He also lacks any real strategy, relying on his ability to absorb certain attacks to help him power through things.

He is resistant to lightning and water elements, many of his attacks being water based. However, he is weak to fire, as well as ice, wind, and earth.



  • Run Skill - G'ling's run is very slow. He does it by pulling himself forward and sliding thanks to his slime.
  • Dash Skill - What little dash ability he has comes from secreting more slime to get a brief burst by sliding.
  • Jump Skill - G'ling can not jump. He can slide up and over obstacles though.
  • Air Action - None.
  • Guard Skill - In addition to absorbing attacks, he can create a water shield to protect himself from damage.
  • Heal Skill - G'ling has very high recovery abilities since he is able to sap energy to heal himself.


  • 1st Attack - His first attack involves him leaning forward and smacking his mass against his opponent, often draining a small amount of their energy.
  • 2nd Attack - He'll then use his 'arms' to smack them again.
  • 3rd Attack - Finally, he moves forward completely onto them to attempt to smother them in slime.
  • Heavy Attack - His heavy attack involves turning around and using his tail to knock them aside.
  • Upper Attack - His upper attack is more of just a push with his arm-like apendages.
  • Dash Attack - His dash attack is the same as his 1st attack but with more power behind it.
  • Air Attack - None.
  • Aim Attack - For his aim attack he spits acidic slime at his target.

Special Attacks

  • Drain Life - G'ling can drain the life force from his enemies to regenerate himself.
  • Water Shield - He can create a shield of water to protect himself.
  • Slime Shot - He can fire off toxic slime projectiles. This is his shot attack.
  • Smother - He throws himself over his opponent, covering them in slime and sapping some of their health. This is his power attack.
  • Slime Slick - He leaves a trail of slime on the ground to trip up his opponents. This is his trap attack.


G'ling was a regular N'rrgal drone born in the spawning pools. He went about the mindless day to day work of a worker on the N'rrgal colony gathering energy. When the Nocturnus conquered the Twilight Cage they would send patrols of soldiers to the subjected colonies to manage and monitor them. With one of these patrols was a Nocturne Triarius named Moon. The soldiers were usually rather rough trying to keep everyone in line and asserting Ix's dominance. But one day G'ling saw Moon help a young spawnling. Ever since he saw that act of kindness he has been obsessed with Moon and has even gone so far as to leave the colony to follow her.


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  • The Zoah


Moon the Echidna

G'ling has been obsessed with Moon ever since he saw her actually be nice unlike the other Nocturnus soldiers. He recognized that she was only patrolling the N'rrgal because she had to. G'ling desired to know more about her and pretty much stalks her.

Luger the Echidna

This is pretty much a one-sided rivalry that stems from G'ling's not liking to see other people touching Moon.

The Zoah

Like all members of the N'rrgal race, G'ling hates the Zoah.

Kallen the Echidna

G'ling met Kallen when she was trapped in the Twilight Cage due to the wormhole activity that was unknowingly started by Kurahk. G'ling likes her because she is nice to him and has had a caring attitude. Thus she is not scary at all.

Roleplay Appearances

Trapped in Twilight


~"Moonnn I've founnnd you!" - (Trapped in Twilight)

~"Cannn I help?" - (Trapped in Twilight)

~"They havvve baterrrrries!" - (Trapped in Twilight)


  • G'ling came from the development of an idea that started out as another Nocturnus echidna who liked Moon.
  • A possible theme for G'ling is Stalker by CASCADA. Although there's a female singing in the song the words are appropriate.


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