Future Sight is a rather obscure Psychic technique, often regarded as the 'gateway to Time'.


The user begins to glow with a psychic aura, typically a pale blue/turquoise, although in the hands of a master, it could be any colour, including some invisible to an ordinary Mobian's eyes. This aura is typically over the entire body, although as the user gains in experience with this technique and the temporal paths that it follows, the aura shrinks to simply glowing eyes.

The technique allows the user to see forward in time a short distance, allowing them to predict exactly where a target will be in a certain amount of time. With that, they place a psychic trigger, and simply return to whatever they were doing. However, when the target reaches the trigger-point, a ball of psychic energy, the same colour as the user's aura, slams into them with near-pinpoint accuracy. Indeed, the sheer power presented by the technique makes the technique a devastating blow to all but Chaos wielders, whose own elements make them essentially immune to Psychic techniques, thanks to the disorganizing effect created by Chaos energy.




Technique Rank

Due to the sheer power and versatility of the technique, it bears an A-rank.

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