Future City is another name for the course Metal City from the Sonic Riders series.

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The true name of Future City. It is a metropolis known for it's unique arcitecture as well as it's advance science such as levitation technology. Hovercar's and other flying vehicles being common at this city.

It is also known as the capital for the Extreme Gear sport, it's busy streets usually racing ground, against conveniance for traffic. Well known such courses is located in Metal City as well as a for night-time riders.

The roads around Megalo Station are also known racing grounds, especially at stormy nights.

Dolphin Resort is along the bays of Monopole and is also a popular place for Extreme Gear riders.

Sonic Aero Riders

Monopole is where the EX World Grand Prix is held. It is also where Accevive Corporation is located. Due to Dr. Eggman's criminal background, rights to the Grand Prix now belong to Accevive Corp. and it is no longer an underground event.

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Future City (formerly Relicum City) is a huge metropolis located near Splash Canyon. It is divided into two counties - Metal City and Techopolis. Originally nmed Relicum City, it was referred to by outsiders as "Future City", due to "relicum" meaning "future". This eventually stuck, and it was renamed.


In IncaIceBunny's fanfictions, Future City comes up, usally as residence for some of the non-fighting characters, and Future City News is mentioned since Kate the Hedgehog, Caleb the Rabbit, and Dakota the Rabbit all have jobs there.



Relicum City was founded by Auctor Esse after he was exiled from his hometown for several counts of adultery charges. The city quickly grew, as the surrounding inhabitants had needed someone strong to lead and organize them.

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