Fusion Pulse is a rare, powerful and useful technique used to fuse the two beings together.


The user/s charge up a glowing, multi-colored ball of energy in any portion of the body, the technique not having to be visible to others in the area, although the energy required often restrains it to naturally powerful Chaos wielders or any form of transformation. When the user finds their intended fusion recipient, they launch the ball as a rapid pulse at the target, creating a 'tunnel' of energy only visible to Sharingan Eye-wielding Knuckles Clan members or to Flab's Psycha form (or anyone else who can see energy). The user and the target both glow with energy (actually becoming white-silhouettes of themselves as if transforming). The two bodies flow into each other, becoming one being with the power and combined appearance of both targets. Skilled users can use this technique in up to three different directions at once, but to do so is extremely hard and rare.


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Resulting Fusions

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No official variants, only ones being the simultaneous Chaos Control method and the Fusion Dances.

Technique Rank

The technique, for it's rarity, power and required skill level, is an S-ranked Fusion-based technique and is not to be used lightly, considering it can fuse any two people together.

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