The Fusion Chant is a group of summoning phrases used to allow a user to manipulate the energy from the Fusion Shards with increased power. (The Fusion Shards belong to Celestia879). The Fusion Chant is loosely based on the Tikal's Prayer spell.

Phrases Used In Fusion Chant

"The Fusion is the key to peace. The Shards binds the heart together. The Fusion Shard is a hope." - Ion repeating the pure version of the Chant.

"The Fusion is the tunnel to darkness. The Shard tears the heart apart. The Fusion Shard is a black hole." - the darker variation of the Fusion Chant.

People Who Used the Fusion Chant

  • Ion the Hedgehog


  • The Fusion Chant has only appeared once, in the fanfiction story "Ion the Hedgehog, Part 2".
  • Like the Tikal's Prayer, the Fusion Chant has multiple variations.
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