Fusion Buster is a powerful long-range attack.


The user's hand glows a bright green-yellow, and they hold their open hand out towards the target. A small core of high-temperature heat forms, and ambient hydrogen atoms are drawn to the core, fusing together into a red-orange ball. Once the ball is at least the size of a soccerball, the user releases the garnered energy from the fusion, the result being an extremely powerful radioactive blast, which can incinerate almost anything caught in the blast, and leave a large amount of radiation in the area. It is possible to charge the attack even further, which causes the ball to grow larger, and results in a more powerful blast. This attack can be very dangerous without proper control, because if it isn't properly channeled the concentrated energy can result in a small atomic bomb that would destroy the user.




Due to its high destructive power and risk, this attack is an S-Rank technique.

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