Fury Swipes is a common technique, typically used by beings with claws, although it can be replicated by a fighter with dual blades.


The user repeatedly slashes the opponent with their claws or blades, often getting in two swipes, then dodging a counterattack, then proceeding, with a typical max attack combo of five sets of two slashes. Each individual slash pair is reasonably shallow and weak, but as the combo chain builds, the damage mounts. Some characters have their claws or blades start to glow white, or appear to elongate. In rare cases, a user can channel energy into the slashes, so that each two-swipe set leaves a short trail of energy behind the blades.

Due to the white glow, and the energy trails, it is theorized that elemental variants may be possible, but none have been seen as of yet.



Derived Techniques

Parent Technique

Technique Rank

Fury Swipes holds an E-rank due to it's low power and reliance on combos - opponents can easily break a combo by blocking a single two-shot set, or by striking with a counterattack before the user can launch a second set.

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