Fury Attack is a common technique, normally used by birds and beings with horns, but is possible to be replicated by a fighter with a weapon.


The user slams the target with a blunt pointed object, be it a horn, beak, clenched fist, finger, mace, etc, then dodges a counterattack and performs it again. Each strike is reasonably weak, but with each successive strike, the damage mounts. Each user attacks at a differing rate, but the combo typically ends with five strikes max.

Some users have their attacking point glow with energy, creating the possibility of an elemental variant, however, no such technique has been seen as-of-yet.



  • Fury Swipes - similar technique, used by beings with sharp claws or twin blades.

Derived Techniques

Parent Technique

Technique Rank

Fury Attack holds an E-rank due to it's low power and reliance on combos - opponents can easily break a combo by blocking a single attack, or by striking with a counterattack before the user can launch a second strike.

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