Furion The Hedgehog was a professional racing car driver, and is the current wielder of the objects known as the Chrono Engines. Up until he was exposed and subsequently bound to the mysterious ancient objects, he suffered from lifelong Paraplegia, and lived his entire lifetime bound to a wheelchair due to the Paralysis afflicting his legs. Thanks to the supernatural qualities and miraculous powers hidden within the ancient artifacts, Furion's Paraplegia is not only completely cured for the duration of the time that he wears them, he obtains the incredible power of massively supernatural speed.


General Appearance

Furion is a tall and athletic Hedgehog who sports all the signature characteristics and features of his particular species. In comparison to others of his kind he is notably taller, the proportions and length of his limbs and torso being more akin to that of a human beings than others of his kind. He is however much shorter than any normal human being by comparison, despite being generally taller than those of his own species, having a head of rather long, pointed quills and a small pointed tail growing out of the area where the base of his spine is. He is colored a deep, soft and cool blue color, his tone leaning more towards a dark gray or black rather than blue, and he possesses a pair of vibrant, vivid and fiery orange eyes.

Cosmetic Appearance

More than anything else, Furion is known for wearing his famous, official team racing jacket, something which he can be seen wearing both on and off the racing track. As a person who is extremely proud of the accomplishments he has made for himself, Furion is rarely ever seenn without the racing jacket, which has his signature, official racing driver number of "17" stitched into the back in a large, colorful design. He also wears a pair professional racing gloves on his hands and a pair of cargo shorts which come down to a length slightly over his knees, showing the Chrono Engines that have been fitted to his legs from the knee down.


General Personality

Being born with legs which utterly lacked function, Furion always had the desire to prove himself to others, especially in the way of mobility and speed. Speed particularly, was something that he was always extremely passionate about, obsessed with, even. Even with his condition, he never let anything hold him back or slow him down. He quickly took up the passion of high performance automobiles, thus causing him to study, pursue, and attain the skills and knowledge of a mechanic and specialist in racing vehicles at an extremely young age. Despite his inability to use his own legs, his ability to control a vehicle was nothing short of incredible, exhibiting natural talent and aptitude for the control and management of a high-powered terrestrial motor vehicle. Furion loved the feeling of traveling fast, and because of this, he pursued speed endlessly, his passion quickly leading him to chase after his dream-career of racing in cars for a living, resulting in him becoming an extremely popular professional race driver. His talents behind the wheel were such that he quickly became one of the most popular drivers in the world, his story inspiring millions of fans to follow and support him.


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Furion was seemingly born with the gift of attunement and natural aptitude towards automobiles. Up until the point where the Chrono Engines merged with him, Furion was extremely talented and savvy in the behavior, performance, and more intricate workings of all manner of motorized vehicles, talents which were only overshadowed by his ability to control and maximize the performance of any vehicle he was behind. Now, with the power of the boots having given him the gift of speed, Furion is an extremely fast creature who has managed to apply the theoretical concepts which had been in his head for years and years, becoming an instant master of speed due to having done image training and continuously fantasizing himself being capable of walking and running, a desire which was eventually granted to him once the Chrono Engines read his heart and accepted him as their wielder.

Acceleron Field

For his entire life, Furion his always been quicker when it counts. Despite not being able to walk on his own, Furion always seemed to have the upperhand in other acts of speed and quickness, something which was particularly showcased during his time as a racing driver. He was capable of executing complex and intricate last-minute, split-second decisions, yielding tremendous dividens and allowing him to make exceptional comebacks and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat numerous times throughout his life. After becoming the host of the Chrono Engines, Furion eventually learned they were only catalysts for something much, much greater, a phenomenon which was eventually identified as the Acceleron Field. Part of the reason as to why Furion was chosen of all people to awaken the Chrono Engines was because of the fact that he always had an innate attachment to the Acceleron Field, an invisible, phantasmal plain of existence which governs all motion. It is this innate attachment which allowed Furion to perform complicated actions in a split instance. The Chrono Engines act as amplification devices for this energy field, allowing the user to directly manipulation the motion of themselves, everything inside of them, and with deeper and more complex mastery, the motion existing apart from themselves. It is the force which drives Furion's speed.




Chrono Engines: Furion's only real source of equipment that he wields, which are always in his possession. Like a symbiotic entity, it is said that they are bound to his body for the duration of his lifetime. Up until he learned the name and origins of these mysterious, alien objects, Furion simply called them a pair of boots, and for all intents and purposes, they were. These mysterious armor grieves boast extraordinary magical powers and incredible supernatural abilities. Once they were awoken by Furion, the Chrono Engines shapeshifted and altered their size and shape to perfectly fit the proportions and structure of his body, and thus bonded to Furion's legs, becoming a set of highly advanced boots resembling sneakers. After they were fitted to him, they exhibited their miraculous power and immediately granted feeling and full functionality to his lower body, magically healing his lifelong Paraplegia. The Chrono Engines also granted Furion the ability of incredible super speed and agility, allowing him to move, think, react and perceive everything around him at speeds far above that of any natural creature on the planet. Because of the extreme value and power of the Chrono Engines, Furion has involuntarily been labeled a major threat by numerous nations, and is constantly being pursued by any number of individuals who wish to acquire the power of the magical relics in his possession for their own selfish gains, or perhaps assist him in mastering their power.

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  • To my understanding, everyone has their own "personal sonic" so to speak, or at least, I'd like to think that this is the case. Being my first and "main" OC, Furion can be considered my particular sonic, hence, he carries the tropes of having tremendous physical speed, and of course, like many OC's, he is a Hedgehog. As for how he has achieved that speed, I've tried to depart as far off from the original as possible and come up with my own avenue of how he attained his super speed.
  • His official theme song is "Heavy Day", the track written, recorded and performed by Daisuke Ishiwatari for the fighting game, Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN. I chose this song because of the composition and sound resemblance Ishiwatari tracks have to Crush 40 songs and numerous other rock music productions that have become somewhat synonymous with the sonic franchise and the character himself. Due to the fact that Furion is a speed-type character based on Sonic, having this song as his theme just made sense to me.
  • During his time as a career race car driver, Furion compensated for the inability to use his legs with a highly modified steering wheel, a device that he created and designed as a work of passion on his personal time. This steering wheel had all the controls of the pedals in a car integrated into its design, allowing Furion to control the acceleration, braking, clutch and shifting of whatever vehicle he was driving at any given time with his hands and fingers, never having the need to use his feet for anything to begin with, something that astonished his rivals.
  • Furion's name is a corruption/alteration of the word "Furious", The process behind his name was rather simplistic. I thought "what are things associated with speed?", and was immediately reminded by one of my favorite movies; The Fast & The Furious. Of course I could've named him "Fury" or just plain "Furious", but I've discovered that there are some OC's who have already claimed those names, and I wanted something as original and unique as possible, so I modified the word a bit.As for speaking purposes, it is pronounced "Fyur-E-Ohn", essentially being the word "Fury" with "On" attached to the end of it.
  • I lack the ability for creating art outside of photoshop modification. However good I am at it, not only am I limited in a way that a legitimate artist is not, I don't consider editing pre-existing/official pictures to be real art creation. Therefore, this page will probably remain empty or extremely scarce in the way of character images up until the opportunity arises that I can pay a more professional artist to draw my character. That being said, all readers have my apologies, please excuse the lack of images for the time being.
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