Furion The Hedgehog was a professional racing car driver, and is the current wielder of the objects known as the Chrono Engines. Up until he was exposed and subsequently bound to the mysterious ancient objects, he suffered from lifelong Paraplegia, and lived his entire lifetime bound to a wheelchair due to the Paralysis afflicting his legs. Thanks to the supernatural qualities and miraculous powers hidden within the ancient artifacts, Furion's Paraplegia is not only completely cured for the duration of the time that he wears them, he obtains the incredible power of massively supernatural speed.









Chrono Engines: Furion's only real source of equipment that he wields, which are always in his possession. Like a symbiotic entity, it is said that they are bound to his body for the duration of his lifetime. Up until he learned the name and origins of these mysterious, alien objects, Furion simply called them a pair of boots, and for all intents and purposes, they were. These mysterious armor grieves boast extraordinary magical powers and incredible supernatural abilities. Once they were awoken by Furion, the Chrono Engines shapeshifted and altered their size and shape to perfectly fit the proportions and structure of his body, and thus bonded to Furion's legs, becoming a set of highly advanced boots resembling sneakers. After they were fitted to him, they exhibited their miraculous power and immediately granted feeling and full functionality to his lower body, magically healing his lifelong Paraplegia. The Chrono Engines also granted Furion the ability of incredible super speed and agility, allowing him to move, think, react and perceive everything around him at speeds far above that of any natural creature on the planet. Because of the extreme value and power of the Chrono Engines, Furion has involuntarily been labeled a major threat by numerous nations, and is constantly being pursued by any number of individuals who wish to acquire the power of the magical relics in his possession for their own selfish gains.

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  • To my understanding, everyone has their own "personal sonic" so to speak, or at least, I'd like to think that this is the case. Being my first and "main" OC, Furion can be considered my particular sonic, hence, he carries the tropes of having tremendous physical speed, and of course, like many OC's, he is a Hedgehog. As for how he has achieved that speed, I've tried to depart as far off from the original as possible and come up with my own avenue of how he attained his super speed.
  • Furion's name is a corruption/alteration of the word "Furious", The process behind his name was rather simplistic. I thought "what are things associated with speed?", and was immediately reminded by one of my favorite movies; The Fast & The Furious. Of course I could've named him "Fury" or just plain "Furious", but I've discovered that there are some OC's who have already claimed those names, and I wanted something as original and unique as possible, so I modified the word a bit.As for speaking purposes, it is pronounced "Fyur-E-Ohn", essentially being the word "Fury" with "On" attached to the end of it.
  • I lack the ability for creating art outside of photoshop modification. However good I am at it, not only am I limited in a way that a legitimate artist is not, I don't consider editing pre-existing/official pictures to be real art creation. Therefore, this page will probably remain empty or extremely scarce in the way of character images up until the opportunity arises that I can pay a more professional artist to draw my character. That being said, all readers have my apologies, please excuse the lack of images for the time being.
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