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This page is about the fan character by NudgeHipsterLopunny

Fushira Zepra.png
Series Sonic Angels
  • Fushira Zephra(full name)
  • Bakaneko(by the devils and Eggman)
  • P***y Cat (by the devils, Hana, Rouge, and Eggman)
  • Tomodachi-chan(by Rika)
  • Onee-chan (by Koya)
  • Fuchia-chan
  • Fat b%tch (by Scott and Ginji)
  • S***k(by Rouge, Shadow, Ginji and Scott)
  • Immature, ungrateful, spoiled brat(by Rouge)
  • That kid
  • Otaku
  • Nerd
  • Geek
  • Weebo
  • Sailor Moon (by Scott once)
  • Fuchi (by Lizzy)
Species Bakeneko/ 99%Angel
Gender Female♀
Height 90 cm (2'11")"
Weight 35 kg (77 lb.)
Age 12
Fur light pink
Hair dark redish-brown
Eyes blue-green

dark purple long-sleeved shirt, dark blue skirt with light blue capris underneath, aqua colored bra and strapless white under-shirt, dark purple hi-tops with white, baggy socks, white gloves with blue flower like cuffs, blue pet collar with red jewel, blue and white wing and yellow halo

Birthplace The Hitama Kingdom
Romantic Interests
Alignment good
Likes catnip, sprinklers, shopping carts, computer chairs, sand, guns, knives, fish, sleeping, being patted or stroked, eating, food, cute things, Pokemon, fluffy things, video games, internet memes, the Vocaloids, anime, manga, anime cons, cosplaying, My Little Pony, karaoke, parties, swimming, j-pop, rock music, techno music, her stuffed animals, her dolls, her friends and family, mature people, boys, Rika the Tanuki, Hana the Kitsune, Koya Zephra, Hikari Zephra, Blaze the Cat, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Tails, Team Chaotix, Cream the Rabbit, Shadow the Hedgehog
Dislikes being teased like a house cat, when people call her Fuchsia without permission, rude people, gross humor, things that smell bad, being touched without permission,  immaturity, sexism, being called a names, when Hayate picks the challenge, being told she is wrong,being told what to do,when people think that Koya is her son, robots (except for persocoms), stupid people, perverts, Hayate the Okami(at first), Ginji the Kapa, Shadow the Hedgehog(at first), Dr. Eggman, Chibi Metal Sonic, Eggman's interns, Scott Robotnik, Christina Burgundy(at first), Jet the Hawk, Rouge the Bat, Hana the Kitsune(when she acts retarded), Amy Rose(to some extent), Keke the Cat
  • Using her claws
  • Anger rampages
  • Basic Combat
  • Atmokinesis
  • Thunder Fly
  • Psycho Fly
  • Rain Fly
  • Shine Fly
  • Shooting Star Fly
  • Wind Fly
  • Hail Fly
  • Snow Fly
  • Chaos Control
  • Chaos Blast
  • Weather Ball
  • Prisma Fly
  • Henshin
  • Dimensional Scream(activated by chaos emeralds and after she meets Shadow only)

Fushria "Fuchsia" Zephra (フシア・ザ・化け猫) is a 12-year-old anthropomorphic bakeneko and a 99% angel. She is the main protagonist of Sonic Angels. She is also the former fursona of User:NudgeHipsterLopunny. Her character is based on Raf from Angel's Friends, but was modeled after another one of my other original characters. She has pink fur, a bushy tail (which is actual two tails merged together), a yellow halo, and blue wings. She has the shortest temper and foulest mouth in the series. Despite her age, she still has childish interests.


Before Fuchsia was born, her parents, Tsubasa and Hikari, were the king and queen of Hitama kingdom. They had a beautiful young daughter named Blaze. Hikari always kept a secret from Tsubasa, that she was an angel, this made Tsubasa suspicious and led to him constantly accusing her of sleeping with other men, she told him she wasn't, so he kept a close eye on her. They had very bad trust issues and thus began to fight and argue, and it only got worse as time went on. Two years later, when Hikari gave birth to Fuchsia, Tsubasa denied that she was his child, so he demanded that she be given away, when she refused, he attacked her. He then decided to divorce her and she left the kingdom with the newborn Fuchsia.

Called to Earth

Twelve years later, Fuchsia was called to Earth to attend The Golden School to help her become a 100% Guardian Angel along with her best friend, Rimoka Midori. To do so, she was assigned a human being named Christina Burgundy, to watch over her and help her make the right choices. However, her task is pitted by a thirteen-year-old devil student named Hayate Kuroi, who is also assigned to watch over Christina, but to ensnare her, and tempt her onto the wrong path. While attending the school, she and Rika meet Blaze Hitama and Hanako Kiro, two older angels who they quickly become friends with. She also met Sonic and his friends on the job, and got along very well with them.


Like the average house cat, Fuchsia is easily startled, distracted, and annoyed. And she loves catnip. She is also very sensitive to certain smells and sounds. She is also grossed out very easily. She can also be bribed very easily. When she is extremely tired or hungry she will become cranky and irritable. All of her attacks, except for her physical attacks, chaos abilities, and psychic abilities, are useless indoors or in outer space, however, her shooting star fly, shine fly can be used in space. When she goes "feral", she can easily be stopped by distracting her in any way.


Like all angels and devils, she attacks using her wings. Most of her abilities are weather based, however, like almost all of my personas, she has psychic abilities. She also learns Chaos Control later on in the series.

  • Thunder Fly- wings that summon thunder from the sky
  • Rain Fly- wings that summon the rain
  • Wind Fly- wings that summon small razor-like twisters
  • Shine Fly- wings that clear cloudy skies and intensify sunlight (or starlight when used at night) this ability is shared with her older sister.
  • Hail Fly- wings that summon hail
  • Snow Fly- wings that summon a harsh blizzard
  • Rock Fly- her wings expand and form a shield around her
  • Weather Ball- an attack comparable to [link]
  • Chaos Control (learned)
  • Chaos Blast (only after meeting Shadow and she gets mad at him)
  • Hesnshin- makes herself visible to humans and those who cant normally see her, this is a standard ability amongst all angel and devil students
  • Dimensional Scream- an ability comparable to [link] but is only triggered by Chaos Emeralds
  • Psyko Fly- wings that give her telekinetic abilities
  • Shooting Star Fly- comparable to [link] but is summoned from the sky
  • Prisma Fly- she undergoes a transformation in which her hair gets longer(but is held together by an inhibitor ring) her tail splits into two, her wings double in size, her standard outfit becomes a cyan gown with cobalt slippers, and her wings give of the essence of the blue sky; this ability requires all seven Chaos Emeralds and is shared with all angel and devil students, this can be considered a super form.


Fuchsia normally acts very kind and sweet; she is wild, playful, and energetic. She also loves play fighting. She has a short attention span and is very impatient.  She is also a chatterbox, and never shuts up. She also has very severe anger-management issues; when she gets angry enough, she will loose her whole mind and go ballistic. She has very low tolerance for rudeness and cruelty. She also has a very rough manner of speech in which she swears and threatens people a lot, she is NOT all talk. She also gets jealous very easily. She often develops strong bonds or attachments to inanimate objects such as, toys, dolls, etc. In fact, she talks to all of her dolls and plushies as if they were real people; however, this may or may not be because she is still just a child.

She loves to eat, a lot. When she sees someone she loves, she will instantly glomp them and start licking them while purring. On rare occasions, she will try to win a males trust over by flirting with them, but this usually fails, plus, she only does this when she really wants something from a guy. Other times she will beg by meowing and purring. Sometimes, when Fuchsia doesn't get what she wants, she will purposely fall onto the ground and start kicking and screaming like a baby, she only does this to Sonic and his friends though. Her personality can be easily compared to Ayumi Mamiya from Magikano, or Sugar from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar.



  • Hayate the Okami(arch rival/ devil rival)
  • Seiko & Yuki
  • Ginji the Kappa(she cant stand him because he flirts with her like a jerk hitting on girls)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog(but she still has a huge crush on him)
  • Jet the Hawk(she cant stand him )
  • Rouge the Bat(they hate each other; every time they meet they break into cat fights)
  • Amy Rose(they don't get along to well)



  • Fuchsia's favorite anime is Onegai My Melody.
  • Fuchsia is a pegasister, and her favorite My Little Pony character is Pinkie Pie.
  • Fuchsia has ADHD.
  • Her voice sounds like Chibiusa's english voice from Sailor Moon.
  • Fuchsia swears more than any other character in the series.
  • In Sonic Angels, Fuchsia refers to Hikari as "Mama" while in most roleplays, she just calls her "Mom".
  • In Fuchsia's bedroom, there are plushies and posters of various anime and video game characters.
  • Fuchsia's favorite Pokemon is Keldeo.
  • Fuchsia's favorite singer is Miku Hatsune.
  • Despite being an angel, she is not all that innocent.

Memorable Quotes

"Nyako, activate henshin! To guard and protect!"

"F%&k Yeah, Seaking!"

"Asuka wants to play to!!!">3<


"Oh my god, are you kidding me!?"

"God F#&%ing Dammit!"

"He's not my f#%&ing kid, he's my brother!"

"Oh, you wanna go, b%tch?"

"Are you gonna eat that?"

"I saw it first! Its mine!"

"If you say 'that's what she said' one more time, I will castrate you with my bare hands!"


"Oooh, I love that show, its so cute, and funny, but its kinda perverted, like how they always show her naked and doing silly things, and he gets a nosebleed over it, and she doesn't know what she's doing 'cause she's like a baby, he's in love with her, but she's a robot and he's a human, and he's struggling through school, and..." -Fuchsia babbling on and on about anime.