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Frozen Flare is one of Crymson the Cat's Super Formes, portraying peace, grace, calmness, and love.


This forme consist of White fur all around. On top of that, she has blue rings on her body from her ears to her legs. She has light blue eyes with no pupils. She wears a trench coat with a hoodie that goes down to her ankles and opens on her waist down. Above all, she consist of light blue fire on her wrists, the tip of the tail, and as hair on her head.


Frozen Flare is rather calm and cautious. She speaks only in a calm tone, even when she's mad. Frozen Flare is the type to make an argument or a fight die out because of her calm demeanor and soothing nature.


Crymson obtained this forme during a fight with her master at age 17. Her master basically got too drunk of Saki, that he started to go mad and crazy on her (not to mention almost raping her). Crymson try to shove off her master's akward state, but he started to beat her senseless. As soon as she was almost unconsious, her power of the blue flames forced her master away from her that ultimately turned her to Frozen Flame. her beauty overwhelmed him, but with a hand on his forehead, she released all of the madness off of his mind and brought him back to normal.


Blue Fire

Just like Crymson, she possess the power to control blue fire. But unlike her, she can control fire using Tai Chi, creating grace and elegance in her attacks. She can use about a hundred fir balls at one time, but only that limited amount. She can shield herself around her to protect herself or her allies from harm.

Peace Restoration

Her unique ability of hers is that she can get rid of any madness from within a person's mind. All she has to do is place her hand on someone's forehead and try to concentrate on the person's heart. She sends warm and calm images of anything that would make a person mellow. She can only use this ability for people who have only rage and vengence, so she uses this rarely. Along with this ability, she can detect the feelings of a certain individual just by feeling his/her emotion inside of the heart.


Unlike Crymson, Frozen Flare has the ability to fly in the air. But not flight itself, she has to concentrate on her ice blue flames to create fire wings to go airbourne. She can only fly at a limited distance above ground level. But if she's battling, she can fly only inside the desgnated area of battle.


There are only a few triggers that Crymson can ONLY transform into Frozen Flare:

  • Mass Destruction towards a town on where she's at
  • Exceeded violence towards her family or friends
  • If she feels love towards someone who is in love with her [Note: only this reason she turns without knowing]


Like all fire formes, her weakness is water which can be doused and extinguished quickly. But what's unusual about Frozen Flare is that her ultimate weakness is mass destruction, killings and violence. She's a Pasifict, meaning she takes peace very seriously.


  • Frozen Flare is a coutner-part to Crymson's other Super Forme: Raging Flare.
  • Unlike Raging Flare's wild and feral nature, Frozen Flare has a calm and peaceful nature.
  • Crymson can only change into this forme if violence occurs, mass destruction is taking place, or if she feels a sign of love from someone who loves her.
  • Though Frozen Flare wishes to bring her brother back to life and the innocent lives being lost, but she decided not to because of her master saying it is forbidden to bring back the dead.
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