Frosty Bunker
Game Sonic Dreams
Played As Sonic
Acts 3
Level Theme Winter
Old industrial base
Boss Chaos Snowman

Frosty Bunker is a winter level featured in Sonic Dreams.

It is the fourth level in Sonic's story, the second in Knuckles story and fifth in Blaze's story. A long abandoned scientific research facility in the middle of an arctic wasteland, the Frosty Bunker was hijacked by Dr. Eggman to further his research into the power of Dream energy.


Knuckles is the first to find the Frosty Bunker after chasing Eggman through the Season Ruins and Eternity Forest from Radiant Bastion. He finds the old facility in a state of disrepair following Dr. Eggmans experiments with dream energy. He fights the Chaos Snowman after confronting Eggman in the mountains, and claims a hidden Chaos Emerald after Eggmans use of Dream Shift doesn't affect the immediate area around it. He heads for the place he considers most likely to hide Chaos Emeralds, Twilight Hill.

Sonic comes the Frosty Bunker after losing Eggman in the Season Ruins and meeting Rouge the Bat, who claims to be on a mission with Shadow to obtain a Rune Edge: A weapon capable of cutting Star Shards. Sonic agrees to go to the Bunker with her to find it, thinking he may find Eggman. After finding the Rune Edge, the Chaos Snowman grows to the size of a mountain using nearby snow and ice. Sonic and Rouge defeat it and return to Vectopolis to meet with Shadow and Tails.

Blaze heads to the Frosty Bunker after learning from Sonic and Amy that Dr. Eggman has been messing with reality using the dream-powered Dimension Cannon, leading her to suspect that if Eggman was experimenting with the technology in the bunker, then one of the Sol Emeralds may have come through. Blaze explores the bunker and finds an Emerald, concluding that her presence in this reality is Eggmans doing. She also uncovers Eggmans plans to destroy Vectopolis and build Eggmanland on its remains, and heads back to warn Sonic.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Act Name: Blizzard Mountain
Level Number: 4
Areas: 1
Assist Character: Rouge the Bat
Boss: Chaos Snowman
Previous Stage: Mirage Ocean
Next Stage: Eternity Park

Sonic starts off at the top of the mountain and scales down on a snowboard. This section is almost impossible to lose, but trick ramps, rails and alternate paths make it more interesting. Rouge, who is gliding alongside Sonic, will launch bombs at enemies and can be called on to blow up walls of ice throughout the level. At the end of the snowboarding section, Sonic is chased by an Interceptor, which eventually gets caught in in a massive snowball.

Sonic escapes the interceptor into a large cavern of ice. This is where momentum-based physics start to become more important, as there are many ramps that can throw Sonic to different sections and short cuts based on how fast Sonic goes through them. There also many opportunities to run across the walls and skip entire sections of platforming through confident use of dream shift and boosting. If Sonic misses these opportunities, he will face obstacles including falling icicles, icy drift sections and treacherous water-running.

Sonic will enter the facility through the same gap created by Knuckles and goes through the same rooms, using Dream Shift to manipulate the pipes and walkways to create ground he can cover. Rouge will find the Rune Edge and the two escape the facility before being confronted by malfunctioning Chaos Snowman in the mountains.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna

Act Name: Unwelcome Guests
Level Number: 2
Areas: 1
Boss: Chaos Snowman
Previous Stage: Radiant Bastion
Next Stage: Twilight Hill

Knuckles begins near the entrance of the cave encountered in Sonic's version of the level, but Knuckles can access far more of the cave thanks to his climbing and gliding abilities.

Blaze the Cat

Blaze the Cat

Act Name: Aurora Wastelands
Level Number: 5
Areas: 1
Boss: Chaos Snowman
Previous Stage: Tempest Forest
Next Stage: Urban Jungle

Blaze's version of Frosty Bunker is an abstract merging of the icy caverns and the bunker itself due to Eggman's abuse of the dimension cannon. She can use her fire abilities to melt weakened parts of the ice to open up doors or collapse certain structures.

The level is open and somewhat maze-like; revolving around Blaze finding five of the eight weak points on a massive ice pillar in a central room. Once Blaze has sufficiently damaged the pillar, it will collapse and create a bridge to the exit of the bunker. Blaze could also reach the exit of the bunker through a complicated path through hidden passageways throughout the level, but this will involve very precise platforming.

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