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Frosting the Hedgehog is a 14 year old female hedgehog that loves sweets and desserts. She can bake very well. She cares very much for her friends and family. Frosting's necklace allows her to control the power of sweets. Without the necklace, she wouldn't have any powers.


Frosting has grey fur. She wears a white t-shirt, a pink vest, long jeans, pink sneakers, white gloves, and of course her lollipop necklace.


Frosting is sweet and polite. She really cares a lot for her friends and family. She never wants them to get hurt. But since Frosting really wants to protect her friends and family, she can take some risks. Frosting can sometimes be easily angry if someone hurts her feelings in a really bad way. She can also be brave.


Frosting was born on April 7th. Her necklace was given by her father at the end of his life. His father wanted to protect Frosting, because if enemies were attacking her and she doesn't have any powers, she would perhaps die. After Frosting recieved the gift, she noticed that her father was brave and fearless. He wanted to protect everybody so they can be safe. Frosting thought that he was like the hero of her family. She wanted to follow his footsteps by protect her friends and family. So, she did. She started to go training. She wanted to fight really well so she kept on practicing everyday. Soon, Frosting got the hang of it.


Frosting's necklace gives her the power of sweets. She can grow a lollipop or popsicle and form it into a sword, or she make a gun that shoots out candies. Frosting can do many things with her necklace, but without it she can't do these things.


Frosting really enjoys baking. She does it really well. She can make various cakes and cupcakes. Frosting likes baking a slice of chocolate cake for her friends if they are in trouble or if they are hurt. Frosting can also control her powers really well.


Since Frosting loves sweets, she dislikes vegetables. She also cannot swim like Sonic, and she is really bad at running fast. She also despises bugs and iscects.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is one of Frosting's best friends. Frosting and Sonic had been friends for quite a long time now. They met when Frosting tried to protect Sonic when he was being attacked. The two care for each other a lot. Sometimes, when Sonic says things to Frosting in a mean way, her feelings can be very hurt. Usually the two is seen together many times, talking to each other or helping one another.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails and Frosting seem to be good friends. Tails really cares for Frosting, like when he warned her not to take risks, and Frosting seems to like it when Tails is like a little brother to him. Frosting also cares about Tails because he is younger.

Knuckles the Echidna

Frosting and Knuckles is rarely seen together, but they are still friends. Frosting was once seen talking to Knuckles and helping him protect the Master Emerald

Sally Acorn

Sally is also one of Frosting's best friends. They like to chat together and is seen many times together. They seem to really enjoy helping each other in a time of trouble. Frosting likes to teach Sally how to bake too.

Amy Rose

Frosting and Amy are quite alike, because they are both hedgehogs, and both have a pink theme color. Still, Amy is Frosting's friend. Frosting also likes to train Amy so she can fight well.

Cream the Rabbit

Cream is like a little sister to Frosting, like when Tails is Frosting's little brother. Frosting likes to protect Cream if she gets hurt or if someone acts mean to her.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Frosting teaches Shadow to be a good guy all the time, but Shadow just disagrees. Even if she cares for Shadow and wants him to be a hero, she can sometimes get mad at him and they can be enemies once in a while.

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