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Basic Information

Frosting is a cute little teenage hedgehog who transforms into an equally cute and awesome magical girl named Sugar Heart. She is about the height and weight of Amy Rose or Chris, though she doesn't seem very developed in terms of curves and shape. She is single, but this is out of choice as she isn't really in a rush to settle down, as well as the fact she's only had a crush once or twice, but she's never truly loved anyone yet.

Born December 15th at Sunshine Valley, Frosting now lives at a small house just enough for one person and maybe a guest, somewhere by Station Square. However she is often out and about, taking a walk, going to the beach, or just playing at the park or visiting chao.

She is a Hero, and apparently not the least bit dark or evil.

Abilities and Powers

  • Transformation
  • Basic hedgehog things
  • Long weapon skills (wands, staffs, poles)
  • White magic user (not in a healing sense though)


  • Sugar Smashing - small white energy balls form around her and fly at the target. Can summon one at a time in her hands also.
  • Henshin! - Her transformation
  • Heart Beam - Frosting (as sugar) holds up her hand and a giant heart comes out from the top of it. Kind of used as an "attraction" type ability.
  • Sparkling Hearts - An alternate finish, Sugar traces a pink sparkling heart shape using her wand or hands, then when it hits the target it explodes into small hearts.
  • Chao's Aid - Summons magical chao, after each takes a single hit it vanishes in a ball of smoke.


Being a magical girl doesn't mean Frosting is without faults. She has quite a lot of them...

  • Weakeness - In general, she uses a lot of strength and ability when fighting. So when she uses too much energy she usually transforms back to normal and risks passing out. However, as she keeps practicing she will gain more strength
  • Clumsy - Frosting is quite a klutz, though not too severly. As a result, she may trip during serious moments, stumble and hurt herself totally random, or make the wrong people fall in love with her or some random object her her attack end up missing
  • Crybaby tendencies, though they're not that troublesome.
  • Oddly enough, if strangers touch her hat she'll freak and totally lose composure


Frosting is a pure white hedgehog girl with pale skin and pale, light pink eyes and small gray button nose. She has long quills/hair almost knee in length with a few spiked bangs. Her side quills that frame her face are very dull pink.

She wears a tea-rose colored eared cap on the top of her head. Along with a cute purple dress with lilac top and a single white line going around the top, attached to a loose worn dark blue ribbon. The straps of her dress are purple to match her skirt, which has frilled black lining. Frosting also wears white gloves with dark blue ribbons on her wrist, a red bow at her tail, and purple and lilac fancy styled sandals.

As Sugar Heart

Sugar's fur, eyes, and hair coloring remain the same, though her hair goes longer and more loose with golden ribbons strewn through. She gains crystal heart jewelry. She wears a white and gold themed dress that reveals a bit and has translucent parts and a long silver bow on her back by her tail. Along with gold bracelets and no gloves. Her shoes become gold and silver themed heels. Overal, Frosting gains a slightly older version of herself and resemble an angel, but with cuter magical girl attire.


Frosting is a cutesy, sweet hedgehog girl. She is nice and gentle, though a little sensitive and quick to tears or fussing over things if she feels stressed. She isn't childish or ditzy, but she has air-headed tendencies and winds up hurting herself, or others, quite a bit. So while she has a reputation for her cute and magical ways, she also has one for being "bad luck".

Frosting is a little bit shy and ends up blushing quite a bit, though it generally never means anything. Surprisingly she is actually a little bit smart, but she just sees smartness as a sign of ignorance and smug behavior so it honestly means nothing to her.

Overall, Frosting is a very happy and perky girl, though she may just be quiet when she meets new people...

As Sugar Heart, she's more open and affectionate. Her cute ways don't change but she seems to have matured slightly and acts more seriously. However, people hardly take her seriously either way...


  • Shiny objects
  • Bubbles
  • Eating/baking
  • Crafts
  • Chao
  • Exploring
  • Foods: Orange juice, candy, curry, ice cream, soda, sundaes


  • Bugs
  • People touching her hat
  • Sitting around doing nothing
  • The dark
  • Abusive behavior
  • Hate Food: mostly all vegetables, bitter/sour/salty things, coffee, junk food


When she was little, Frosting lost her father in a terrible accident. She was raised by her older sister mostly due to the fact her mother had trouble working, due to illness. Growing up, Frosting wasn't a very happy child and grew to be very lonely as a result. She had tried to make friends, but would end up scaring them off or accidentally give them the wrong impressions. When she was around the age of eight her mother passed away, so she and her sister moved elsewhere as they couldn't really deal with their current home anymore.

Frosting dealt with a lot of struggles and problems growing up, so she remained this way until about the age of twelve when she decided to move away from home and move into her own place. She didn't really have any money but had found an abandoned home and got to work on it with a couple of people she had met by that point.

After she had been in the home for a few days, she managed to find a small, tiny object resembling a key in the shape of a heart. She had no idea what it did until she noticed a lost chao while outside and brought it back to the chao gardens nearby. After bonding with them she had begun to grow out of her lonely shell and eventually the strange key started to transform her and since then she's been trying to do her best and help others.




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