Cquote1 The saddest people have the best smiles. The smallest people have the biggest hearts. I may be alone now but in my heart my friends are always with me, by my side, cheering me on, and there's no way I will ever let any of them down! Cquote2
Frostbite the Hedgehog.

Frostbite 1

Biographical Information
  • 18
  • The Ice Kingdom King (Father)
  • The Ice Kingdom Queen (Mother)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Elemental/Hedgehog
  • Male
  • Fur: White tipped with freezing cold icy blue quills that could turn boiling water into ice in seconds
  • Eyes: Blue
  • White gloves
  • Stylish watch/wrist communicator
  • Gray baggy pants
  • Yellow Icy shoes that help him run in snow and skate on ice better
Alignment and Abilities
  • Hero

(Most of his ice related abilities can be seen in the powers section below but here are some specific ones)

  • Ice shards
  • Ice breath
  • Ice barrier
  • Skate
  • Avalanche
  • Flurry
  • Freeze Thrust
  • Super breath
  • Whirlwind
  • Ice formation
  • Whirlpool
  • Typhoon
  • Agility
  • None


Age: 18

Likes: The cold, Being Alone

Dislikes: Being crowded, Too much attention

Strengths: His Cryokinesis is so strong that he can even create Ice in temperatures up to 150 degrees, and he is pretty fast, but nowhere near as fast as Sonic.

Weaknesses: He isn't very strong without his powers and his powers can usually be disabled by the intense energy of the Chaos Emeralds which would melt any ice he produces instantly. Since he cannot use his powers with the Chaos Emeralds around, he also cannot go Super.

VOICE ACTOR: Dee Bradley Baker - You may recognize him as the voice of Numbuh 4 from Kids Next Door or Cinnamon Bun from Adventure Time


He likes to be alone so he can focus on improving his powers to be the best he can be. He became very determined after a tragic accident happened years ago. He does enjoy a little company and when he's around a few friends he can have a charming and sarcastic attitude. But he knows not to joke around when there is serious danger.

He is very close friends with all the princes and princesses of the elements. He would do anything it takes to help them. Although those are the only people he feels comfortable opening up with. People who weren't on his home planet have a harder time becoming friends with Frostbite. The only one he has ever had a close friendship with that was born on mobius is Tails since Frosbite can help Tails with some of his inventions by using Ice powers to help freeze things together when they break.

Frostbie does have a thing for plenty of girls. The emotions that boil inside him make him depressed a lot so he tries to block that depression with love, so he likes to flirt with girls and tries to constantly get a girlfriend.

NOTE: If you see Frostbite flirting with a girl it probably takes place before the events of Story of the Elementals. Because after that story Frostbite and Firaga are a couple!


Where he came from

Frostbite was not born on Mobius like most of the characters in the Sonic Universe. Frostbite comes from a planet seperated by kingdoms, each kingdom having a specific element in which it's residents can control and manipulate. Frostbite is from the Ice Kingdom.


Frostbite was born in the Ice Kingdom during the coldest winter day there had ever been. Born with his powers, Frostbite could control them easily even if they weren't that strong due to his young age.. He was the prince of the Ice Kingdom since he was born of the King and Queen. His parents raised him like a normal child instead of treating him like an actual prince because they knew if they spoiled him he would be a greedy selfish brat. Instead of having servants and maids clean up Frostbites spot at the dinner table, his parents made Frostbite do it himself. He of course grumbled about chores like any child would but he knew it was good for him/ He had a very close relationship with his parents and life seemed perfect... for now.

Early Teen Years

On a frosty night loud crashes were heard outside the castle. "War..." Frostbites father said in a concerned tone. They ran outside to see the Fire Kingdom attacking them with all their might. His parents ran to Frostbites room and woke him up. "Come on son we need you to get into the escape pod..." His father said. "Where are we going?" yawned Frostbite. "Away..." replied his father. Frostbite was confused but got out of bed anyways and fell to the ground after a large crash shook the entire castle. The place began to crumble. "RUN!" shouted Frostbites mother. The 3 ran into the lab which had one escape pod left. "Those blasted cowardly scientists used them all!" shouted his father. "Don't worry we can all fit" replied frostbites mom. They walked towards the pod when suddenly... The roof caved in on top of the king and queen. Frostbite panicked and tried hard to lift the crumbled rocks and stone off of his parents but it was no use. "Go son...." said his father, "Go now!". "I won't leave behind!" cried Frostbite. The king knew Frostbite wasn't going to leave. "Guards!" shouted the king. 2 guards ran into the room. "Get my son into the pod!" shouted the king as an explosion hits the castle. The guards carry off Frostbite into the pod. "Nooo!" shouts the scared hedgehog as he sees more of the castle fall onto his parents. As the door of the pods close Frostbite here's his fathers voice in his head. "We may be apart now.... but we are always in your heart..." says the voice. "Goodbye..." Frostbite says as a soft smile appears on his face and the pod sets a course for mobius. Days later the pod lands and Frostbite arrives and explores the new world he came to.


Frostbite is now training very hard to completely master his ice abilities so he can go back and stop the war before anyone else ends up like his parents. He has made some new friends and enemies but he will not gie up until he sets things right, and someday he will return home. Not now, but someday...


Base Stats
Spcl. Atk
Spcl. Def
Other Stats


Ice Powers

  • He can summon Ice and form Ice in any temperature up to 150 degrees. Any hotter and it would just melt into water and then evaporate.
  • He can control water as well however it's not as effective as ice
  • He can use ice breath which freezes enemies in their tracks, but it isn't strong so it doesn't last very long
  • His ICY BLAST is his most powerful attack. When it is below 32 degrees he can absorb all the heat around the area into him and burst all the ice out in a powerful blow, however if it is above 32 degrees he will absorb to much heat which will weaken him temporarly.
  • Ice Slider is more of a defensive move, he freezes his feet and a bit of the area around him so he can move faster on the ice which helps him avoid enemy attacks

Other Powers

  • He is pretty fast but not as fast as Sonic.
  • He knows how to box
  • He can breath underwater.


Kingdom Hearts Music - Sora's Sacrifice

Kingdom Hearts Music - Sora's Sacrifice

The organ at the very beginning will send chills down your spine to help you feel Frostbites cold powers, as the rest of the music symbolizes his tragic past but how he still has hope to bring peace to his home planet someday.

Simple and Clean-Hikaru Utada-(Rising Sun)-Rock Remix

Simple and Clean-Hikaru Utada-(Rising Sun)-Rock Remix

This is Frostbites 2nd theme. This becomes his main them ater the events of Story of the Elementals. It shows his epic laid back personality but how he's not afraid to kick butt when danger approaches


"I'm Frostbite, make sure to freeze that into your mind" - When introducing himself.

"The only thing colder than me is your heart!" - When battling an enemy.

"You should think about your life while you thaw out!" - When defeating an enemy.

"Is it hot in here or what?" - When losing to an enemy.

"Looks like you got a bad case of freezer burn!"- Getting an S rank on a mission.


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Special Abilities

  • Frostbite often uses his powers to help Miles "Tails" Prower with his machines since Frostbite can freeze broken parts together.
  • Frostbite can shape anything out of ice even if it holds no actual power. For example he can form ice in the shape of a chaos emerald, but it's still just ice it has no chaos energy inside it. He sometimes abuses this power to make beautiful ice roses to give to the ladies *wink wink*
  • He is also great at boxing, his skills can be seen in the game Fanon Punch Out!
  • Frostbite has insane special reflexes, if there is toxic gas in the air nearby, he can sense it almost immediately.

Frostbite's Canon

These are the canon stories and RP's that Frostbite appears in, in their correct order


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