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~ This page is a creation of Purple Paw Studios ~
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​ ​ Frostbite Spear is a powerful Ice-aligned attack, and Kyanos' signature move.


The user manifests a spear of pure yet cracked ice, with bitterly cold air wafting from the cracks, and either throws it or stabs the foe with it. The Frostbite Spear has great piercing capabilities, and explodes in a violent burst of ice shards and snow upon contact with the opponent. The ice and snow left behind is abnormally cold, easily capable of inflicting severe frostbite on or even freezing solid whoever was unlucky enough to get hit by the Spear.


Normally, only Kyanos (and The Omnimental) can use this move. However, anyone he possesses can also use this move.


Derived Techniques

  • Ice Spear - A somewhat weaker, slower and smaller attack, capable for anyone to use.
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