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Ivan "Frost" Skatarov is a twenty-cycle old Male Gray Mobian-like wolf from another world that is burdened with immense power and a painful past. Having been bestowed with superhuman capabilities and cryomanipulative powers as well as some ethereal-like abilities through advanced science and magic, Frost is a soldier and fighter unlike any other. Having lost nearly his entire family and homeworld to the ravages of war and betrayal, he strives to protect Crystaline, his sister and only living relative, and fights to protect the world he now calls "home".

Frost is the royal son of a powerful leader who was slain in battle early on in the young wolf's life. He was taken into his clan's military at an early age to be trained to fight in an ongoing war. At a very early age, he displayed a remarkable prowess for battle and natural talent for fighting. This later made him the prime candidate for an experiment to create the ultimate soldier.

Originally cold and ruthless, he soon made a name for himself and instilled an unparalleled sense of terror into the hearts of his enemies. He still retains some sense of callousness and relentlessness, but because of experiences later in his life, he has become more capable of sympathy and mercy.



Frost is a mobian gray wolf that stands at a little over four feet tall. He is strong and well built for a mobian, but not overly muscular. In fact, he's rather lean for a wolf of his size. The majority of his body is covered in gray fur, but his chest, forearms, hands, and hair are white. He keeps his hair relatively short so that it doesn't get into his eyes, but there is no specific stylization. His ears are short, narrow and point upward and his eyes are a slightly dark shade of green. His snout does proturde like most wolves, but his is much shorter  in comparison to the longer snouts of other canines, similar to how foxes have shorter snouts. Although he is lean in appearance, he has much more physical strength and endurance than one would think. Frost takes good care of himself in terms of health, but is somewhat lax about his appearance, not taking much care to keep himself perfectly groomed. However, he by no means looks like a slob.


Frost has never had one specific outfit that he'd normally wear. Rather, he would wear whatever was best suited for the occasion. His outfits have ranged from combat armor, stealth suits, heavy winter clothing, and laid-back civilian attire and more. However, two important items that accompanied him are his boots and scarf, which are almost always present regardless of what he chooses to wear.

Soldier Uniform (homeworld/Pre-reset):

The outfit he frequenlty wore the most during his days as a soldier under Rivak's command consists of his dark gray boots, which house a hidden blade in the sole of each foot that can protrude out as a weapon, a pair of dark brown pants, a dark brown heavy jacket with the emblem of Rivak's army on the left shoulder, a black shirt underneath the jacket, black gloves, wrist gauntlets on each wrist that housed a hidden blade, and his trademark battle-torn scarf bearing his former clan's insignea. Being a military outfit, it came equipped with holsters, sheaths and belts for various weapons and equipment.

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Early Life/Pre-betrayal:

Early on in his military career, Frost earned the reputation as a cold-blooded, ruthless fighter who would do whatever it took to get the job done. In addition, one could see that despite his heartless demeanor, he enjoyed all the killing he did in battle. Each enemy he slew served the one purpose of bringing him closer to becoming the greatest soldier his clan, no, his world had ever seen. Having been trained to never feel pity or compassion towards the enemy, the wolf became borderline inhumane to all who were not family or brothers-in-arms.


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Frost is mostly a lone wolf (no pun intended). He perfers to do things on his own, and tends to rely on only himself to get the job done. He is completely confident in his skills and abilities, but never to the point of becoming boastful or arrogant. Frost is very slow to warm up to people, and even slower to trust them. He will usually keep most people at an arms length and choose to operate on his own. When he does choose to cooperate with another individual or group, he takes on a professional approach in dealing with them. While he will usually maintain a serious and to-the-point attitude, he has been known to use sarcasm on occasions and has even shown to possess a moderately dark sense of humor. Frost rarely cares for what others think of him, and usually shrugs off any insults that are thrown his way. He couldn't care less whether a person had a great amount of respect for him, or a great amount of animosity. He tends to only speak when he feels it is necessary; rarely does he take interest in making small talk. Although Frost usually doesn't care what others say or do to him, he can be extremely vengeful when it comes to people he cares about, particularly his sister. Frost will justify taking vengence on someone who has harmed or endangered anyone close to him, and will often show no relent in pursuing vengence.

Despite his icy exterior, Frost is capable of warmth. His warm side, however, is mostly directed towards one person: his younger sister Crystaline. Because she is the only other living member of his family, as well as his younger sister, Frost is extremely protective of Crystaline when he is with her. He will often visibly and verbally express concern for her well-being, but almost immediately show callousness towards another individual. However, this isn't to say that he never warms up to another person. He is capable of making friends, but it takes time for him to grow to like another person. It takes even longer for him to come to trust them. Once he becomes friends with someone, he will show himself to be fiercely loyal, dependable and completely trustworthy.

Although his appearance may give the impression that he is little more than a gruff and aggressive person, Frost is actually quite an intellectual. He carefully plans out every move he intends to make, and critically analyzes the situation he's in before coming to a decision. He's a very smart individual who will take every detail and possibility into consideration, and can make these calculations on the fly while under pressure. In addition, he is not one to succumb to peer presure, and can actually come across as stuborn at times. Once he's committed to something, his decision is final and he will not have his mind easily changed.



Frost's ability to generate and manipulate Ice are a hybrid of psychic power and magic. Despite being a powerful asset, Frost had formed a bit of a resentment towards his abilities. He sees his powers as a burden and even a potential hinderence. He believes that by becoming too reliant on his powers, he could easily be left vulnerable if his powers were ever to leave him for some reason. As a result he has a tendency to focus more on his physical skills and weapon mastery, using his powers only when necessary or to augment his physical attacks.


Physical and Mental Enhancement:

Frost was selected for a special experiment designed to greatly enhance the functions of a soldier's body and mind. Given the wolf's peak physical and mental conditioning, and his natural talent for battle, he was a perfect candidate for the project. The experiment resulted in Frost's physical and mental functions to be greatly multiplied, causing his body and mind to perform their natural functions at super human levels. One of the more powerful features to result from this experiment is that his body can now heal itself at a hyper-accellerated rate, allowing him to recover from most wounds in a matter of minutes or even seconds, while severe wounds would fully heal in a few days at most.

His self-healing and regenerative abilities even go so far as to allow his body to function with minimal sleep or nutrition. This isn't to say he never needs sleep or sustinance, but his body can forgo these things for extended lengths of time with minimal impact on his performance. In addition, his immune system is also greatly boosted, giving the wolf much stronger resistance, and in some cases immunity, to illnesses, poisons, and other agents designed to weaken the body. Interestingly, his body's advanced healing factor also acts as a numbing agent of sorts, allowing him to shrug off or endure pain that even others beings with high pain tolerance would find difficult to ignore.

In addition to enhancing bodily and system functions, Frost's physical and mental abilities are also boosted to almost superhuman levels, including his physical strength, endurance, agility, speed, reaction time and sensory perceptions. He can endure extended periods of intense physical stress without tiring out; he has great physical strength, speed and durability; has blazingly fast reaction times and can process information several times more efficiently than a normal person, allowing him to think and react quicker. The experiment has even greatly enhanced his vision, hearing and even sense of smell and taste. Lastly, his mind is boosted to the point of being resistant, and in some cases immune, to attacks on the mind from hallucinations, mind reading and mind control.


Contrary to what one might think, Frost was not nicknamed after his cryokinetic abilities. He was nicknamed by his comrades for his reputation as a cold, relentless, and deadly soldier. Since then, the nickname just stuck and he uses it as his real name.

Frost's real name is Ivan Skatarov. Although his last name was completely made up, Frost's first name is the Russian equivalent for the English name "John", and the common nickname for "John" is "Jack". This seems to imply something, wouldn't you say?

In addition to accellerated healing, Frost's bodily functions are also greatly enhanced. This includes his liver's ability to break down harmful substances. This would include alcohol, effectively making it impossible to get the wolf drunk.

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