Frost the Hedgehog is one of the runaway princes of House Thunda and a member of The Trolls.

Frost the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Age 16
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
Gender Male
  • Fur: Light blue w/ peach muzzle & Sonic-style quills
  • Eyes: Cyan
  • Gray sleeveless shirt
  • Red cargo pants
  • White gloves
  • Gold Sonic-style shoes w/blue bands & dark blue buckle
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Heightened durability
  • Talented Cryokinetic
  • Moderate Electrokinetic
  • Studying the element Stratos
  • Skilled use of Chaos Powers
  • Skilled Zen Do Kai Practitioner
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
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Original Creator Flashfire212


Early History

Frost was born as "the middle child", born a year after the twins Toxic and Poison, and a year before the youngest, Bolt. This resulted in, from an early age, neither parent paying him any attention, and even the media not putting him in the limelight as much. As a result, he became more withdrawn and secretive, allowing his brothers to fill his space as he put more effort into constructive play and designing, drawing and experimenting.

Prelude to Departure

All through school, he made very little progress socially or academically, and that was for one simple reason - he didn't attend. He would go for two days in five, the rest being spent in a little workshop he had set up near the lake on the outskirts, where he could do whatever he liked without parents, brothers or press bothering him. Within, he would also secretly practice electrokinesis, a power that SHOULD have brought him to his father's attention, but he had never let his father see him use electricity, always ice. Quickly, the workshop grew, and soon possessed a bed and a workbench which he quickly covered in different things, from drawing materials to mechanical parts for vehicles or even weapons. Soon, he started to design something to serve as a gift for Bolt, who had succeeded to use the Nerve Overload technique, but felt that he could use more practice. Frost quickly struck his brother a deal. If he taught Frost some electrokinetic skills, then Frost would build him something to practice with. When Bolt agreed, Frost quickly got to work on a set of puppets, using parts of the training dummies used by the Royal Guard. This is when he met Solar, a misunderstood kid, just like Frost, who's father captained the Castle Guard. Solar offered to help Frost get the dummy parts, which he had easy access to with his role as a trainee technician. Eventually, the mechanical side of things was completed, and Frost got the chance to test the mechanics of his creations, a set of twelve specially-designed puppets. Using the Nerve Overload technique, which Bolt had taught him, he managed to get one to work, moving around lightly, as if alive, but could only get one to work at a time. When he asked Bolt why, the genius side of his younger brother explained that due to Frost lacking "pure electrical" genes, he couldn't use the technique to it's fullest potential, and then demonstrated the "full" technique, manipulating all twelve puppets at once. With Frost's help, the two brothers created a Hammerspace void and warped the twelve puppets in there, for use by Bolt for practice. As Bolt left, a strange young girl, about Frost's age, stopped him from leaving with a kiss. She then admitted that she'd been watching him for a while and that she knew who he was, to his shock. When he pulled himself away from the young hedgehog and asked her name, she told him simply - Amanda Pyria, Crown Princess of House Pyria. He'd caught her eye, and as such, she wanted to keep in contact. After he promised that he would, Frost left and hurried after his brother.

Joining the Trolls

Frost continued to visit the workshop regularly, sleeping there overnight on many occasions, with the guards ignoring him sneaking in and out of the palace, thanks to Solar. Regularly, messengers would come all the way from Mobia, the capital of House Pyria, with messages from Princess Amanda. After sending them back, he would draw and basically enjoy himself. That changed when Toxic got into trouble with their parents. The first Frost heard about it was Toxic bursting into the workshop and demanding that Frost come with him back to the castle to discuss their next move. As soon as Frost agreed, Toxic Chaos Controlled both of them back to the castle, where Poison and Bolt were waiting. Frost went and grabbed Solar, dragging him back and telling his brothers that his friend had a right to be involved, considering he was a castle guard and a respectable. Toxic grudgingly allowed it, then moved onto the issue at hand - leaving. He had been in contact with a group of "Freedom Fighters of sorts", and as such decided their plan was escape and make their way to these people. Frost agreed, not caring either way but preferring to get out onto the road. Once that was agreed on, Poison accidentally told his friend Hotdog the Hedgehog. This made Toxic snap, but he eventually calmed and agreed that Hotdog could come. Upon departure, the brothers split up to find their own ways to the Trolls, with specific locations having been sent to Toxic, who passed them on to the others. Frost and Solar ventured out as a team, working alongside each other to reach an Eggman base, which appeared to be freshly ransacked. As soon as they entered, a squad of Alpha 100 Series robots activated and began to attack the duo, who quickly disabled and destroyed the entire group. This wasn't missed by Mephiles, who reformed himself from a black ooze hidden in the shadows, and then offered to take the team to the Troll Moonbase, where they were inducted into the Trolls by Rageik. Sometime after this, Frost met Steph the Cat, who showed a lot of interest in him. Unsure if Amanda would still be interested in him after he left his position, Frost exchanged numbers with the young cat, just in case.

RP Appearances

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Physical Description

Frost is a light blue Sonic recolor with cyan eyes, so he wouldn't stand out, considering Mobius' high percentage of recolors/edits.


Frost wears a gray sleeveless shirt, red cargo pants, a pair of gold Sonic-style shoes with blue bands & and dark blue buckles, as well as the regular white gloves.


Frost is extremely durable, capable of taking massive amounts of damage without collapsing. This, he works to his advantage, allowing himself to take a beating and still be able to use his powers. Frost has cryokinesis and electrokinesis, both of which he uses to great effect both within and outside of battle. He also practices the martial art Zen Do Kai. These, he combines to make his own unique and unpredictable fighting style. It was said by Poison that "Frost doesn't need a weapon. The environment IS his weapon." This is talking about his habits of using his electrokinesis and cryokinesis to change the environment to great degrees to gain the advantage. His fighting style is nicknamed "the ultimate trapping style", in that he uses the environment, as well as all of his powers and skills to force the enemy into a single position, where he can either use the Nerve Overload technique or an Ice-based technique to ensnare his target. Recently, Frost has started to learn how to employ the advanced element, Stratos. However, even with all of these, people trained in other fighting styles and resistant to both the cold and mental attacks can easily defeat him by simply smashing through to him and pummeling him.

Ice Abilities

Electric Abilities

Stratos Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Chaos Powers

Forms and Fusions

Frozen Frost

Conductive Frost

Frozen Spark Frost

Heartless Frost


Frost is an antisocial kid, who has grown up with an unhealthy disrespect for the media and for anyone but his brothers, believing that they are the only people who understand and trust him. It is this disrespect that drove him into his own little workshop in the first place. This distrust broke when he met Amanda, but remains, ablit slightly smaller. Frost is always tinkering, fiddling with little bits and pieces to make things. As such, he is capable of building a variety of different weapons and items, including all of Bolt's puppets. He was also the person who designed the basic Chip Handgun, the basic sidearm carried by most Trolls, barring the higher ranking ones like his brothers and himself, who use modified chip launchers that are slipped under the cuff of their gloves. Frost is also known to have an interest in roleplaying games, both of the PC and tabletop varieties.

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