Frost The Cat


First appearance None
Game appearances None
Real-world designer(s)
Creator (real-world) Lize Prescott

Lady Sapphira

Voice Actors
American Voice Actor Lize Prescott
Japanese Voice Actor None
Biographical overview
Full Name Frost Blizzard-Peak the Cat
Age 14
Birthday Febuary 28th
Birthplace Sol Dimension (Blazes kingdom)
Physical Description
Species Cat
Gender Female
Height 100 cm (3' 3")
Weight 35 kg (77 lbs)
Fur Pale blue and white
Skin Pale blue
Eyes Cyan
  • Black jacket
  • White fur trimmed gloves
  • green leggings
  • short shorts
  • brown boots

Alignment and character traits
Alignment Neutral
Sexual Orientation Unavailable
Affiliation None
Likes Pinapples, the cold, snow, ice, wind, poetry, chocolate
Dislikes Blaze, Nega, Jet, warmth, fire,
Skills, abilities and powers
  • Combat

Abilities and Powers
  • Some degree of Super Speed
  • Super hearing
Ability type Speed


Frost is a young cat at the average height, and presumably, weight, though her figure seems to be very delicate. She is also fairly lanky, but she hides this with a jacket. She is a very light blue furred animal with white tips on her quill like hair. She has three bangs on her head, which is a very different feature from Blaze. She has a white muzzle and the inside of her ears are a light yellow. She wears a dark, sapphire blue gem on her forehead that is similar to Blaze's. Her eyes are a deep cyan color.

She wears a long, black leather jacket that has a grey zipper and a blue and green emblem sewed on the left side. Her shorts are jean blue and are very ragged at the bottom. Her legs are mostly covered by her barely above the knee brown combat style boots, and up to her mid thigh is covered with green leggings. Her gloves are flared with almost fur like cuffs and are white.


In many ways, Frost is the exact opposite as her sister, Blaze. She is much more bubbly and out going, and is willing to get help if she needs it. She's also much more relaxed and much more excitable. Not only that, but she actually believes that her ice powers are a gift, rather than the curse Blaze believes her fire power to be.

Frost is very adventurous and a heavy risk taker. One could venture to say that she's almost "addicted" to an adventurous lifestyle, as she always tries to go on a new adventure when ever available. She also loves exploring and being near nature. She's very restless though, and doesn't like to stay in one place for too long.

Although being a cat, she loves water, most likely due to the fact that she can turn it into ice. She can also loves to go swimming and is a very good swimmer; she had once dreamed of competing in the Summer Olympics, but being royalty, wasn't allowed to participate.

Another difference between her and her sibling is that she is a party animal, so to speak. She loves going to concerts and any night club or wild party; if there's more than two people at a place, she's bound to come over to check out the scene. She also seems to be a little bit of a social butterfly, and will talk to anyone at a party, bartender, DJ, or even the janitor if there is one.

One quality that makes her not as great as her sister in this is the fact that she has very little respect for people, and also doesn't do her duty in protecting the Sol Emeralds, saying that it's her sisters job and not hers.


Frost was born on the same day as Blaze, as they are twins, though it is unclear as to who is older. Her frost powers spawn from her father, and because of that, she was mostly trained by him. Other than that, she lived a very quiet but happy childhood. She had a great relationship with her sister and parents, and she had many friends.

It isn't until she and her sister, at the age of ten, were given the title of Guardian to the Sol Emeralds did things change. Frost hated the idea of living her life tied to a "worthless" emerald that only produces fire and not ice, and thoroughly refused to take the position. This led her to get into a fight with the rest of her family, and she still refused. Blaze, completely angry that she was discarding her destiny, lashed out at her, making the twins have their first fight ever.

Frost eventual gets sick of all this fighting and decides to leave. She packs her things and in the middle of the night, leaves her sister and runs away. Because of what she did, she had a part in Blaze being unable to trust people or accept help, and becoming almost obsessed with her duty. Unfortunately, she didn't know what an effect her disappearance would have on her sister, and left.

Four years later, Frost had found a good lift in a small village far away from the royal family. She is very popular for her amazing ice and freezing powers, and is often invited to hang out or join a party with the locals. During on of her trips to visits the locals and "hang out" with her friends (party), she saw something shine as she was walking. Believing that it was trash, she went to investigate and then throw it away. As she came closer, she realized in horror that it was a Sol Emerald. Uncertain of why it was there and what to do, she started to walk away, only to have a fiery tornado appear behind her. She turned around to see her twin, and that sparked a bitter memories about her. Blaze, finding the Sol Emerald, sees her sister, and tries to talk to her. Frost yells at her to leave her alone and let her live her life and to stop following her. Blaze yells back that she was just trying to do her duty, something that Frost should start to do to. That angers Frost to the point in which she attacks her sister.


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Frost is extremely flexa and agile, just like most cats. She also has a superior sense of smell and hearing, though she lacks very good vision. Her reflexes rival her sisters and are quick.


Frost is able to preform a wide range of gymnastic abilities: she can do simple cartwheels to harder flips to difficult twirls and maneuvers.

Frost is also trained in combat if worst comes to worst, so that she will be able to defend herself against her adversary.


Frost has very poor vision, and she has a hard time seeing this farther than ten feet infront of her. She also lacks grace in her fighting style, so shes very rough and almost a brute. Her ego can also be turned against her, and she is easy to annoy.

Another prominent weakness is her fear of heights, similar to Blazes', though not as bad.

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