The Frontline-type Heavy Tank is a Hammerforge Industries-created heavy tank; fitting into the experimental Combat-type Tracked Vehicles.

Frontline-type Heavy Tank

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Product LineCombat-type Tracked Vehicles
ModelFrontline-type Heavy Tank
ClassHeavy tank - tracked vehicle
Technical Information
Weight40 tonnes
Maximum Speed50 kph
Armament & Equipment
  • 120mm autocannon in turret
  • O-73M Machine Gun in an independently-rotating position atop the turret
  • Machine gun mounted co-axially to the primary cannon
  • Emergency Void Shield generator
  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Machine Gunner
  • Commander
Prototype DesignationC-14 Heavy Tank
  • Front-line Assault Duties
These tanks are exported to factions on good standings with Col'nesian officials
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design History

In attempts to expand the Combat-series from the solitary Warfront-type Medium Tank, Ronan himself began to work on a heavier counterpart. One of the key failings; at least in his eyes, was the highly secretive temporal lock defensive system mounted to the tanks. This system was incredibly expensive, and with the device classified to the point where export was forbidden for what would otherwise be an average combat vehicle, the Warfront was really never going to turn a profit. Instead, Ronan began to look through defenses that functioned along a similar line; and quickly stumbled across something interesting.

The so-called Elemental God Nihlus was a being known for his position as the "guardian of the void" in many myths, and of course the technology to create hammerspace portals was fairly common knowledge. However, one of the mythic powers that Nihlus was famed for was the ability to make all incoming attacks vanish as if they never struck him. It was stated in many ancient texts that he simply transported the targets to his realm within the Transistory Mists; the gaps between worlds. Hammerforge already made dimensional gates and transition devices, so there was no reason why they couldn't make a shield that worked on the same principle to void incoming attacks into the mists.

While early experiments were catastrophic failures; within six months Ronan and his team had developed a functioning "Void Shield", though the device was so power hungry that they couldn't get the milky-white mist to stay for more than a handful of minutes before the generator was expended. At the same time, a forty-tonne tank chassis had been designed and built with enough space for the prototype generator to go with a 120mm cannon, and from there the Frontline was developed. Surprisingly, G.U.N. were fascinated by the concept, and purchased small numbers of these tanks for a number of divisions.


The Frontline-type is armored with proper reinforced heavy armor. Proper Col'nesian Steel armor makes up the bulk of the tank's defenses, with steel laminate in small sections such as the turret rotation ring. With this heavy armor, most crews are fairly confident in their tank's ability to survive all but the most heavy of assault weapons.

The weaponry on the tank is fairly classic and basic; not really pushing the boundaries of front-line tank design, especially considering the tank was still smaller than the standard main battle tanks being produced by Mobian companies. The engine is the standard Mega Coal reactor common to Col'nesian vehicles; with the compact engine capable of producing a lot of horsepower while needing infrequent fueling.

A large 120mm autocannon provides the primary firepower, with armor-piercing and high-explosive shells to help take out hostile armored vehicles and enemy base defenses. As a secondary measure against infantry, a machine gun is mounted co-axially with the cannon, giving the gunner an effective anti-infantry weapon to go with his cannon. An O-73M Machine Gun is mounted on the top of the turret for anti-aircraft use, with this weapon normally proving more reliable than the standard machine gun mounted with the primary weapon.

However, the most notable function of the Frontline is the Void Shield System. Still utilizing a phase one Void Shield design only just barely beyond the prototype stages; the defensive system has it's own miniature Mega Coal generator wired into what has been dubbed a "Chaos Projector Array" around the tank. This functions in a manner similar to a Vorstec Portal, but instead of transporting the tank and anything within a certain radius to another world; the very specifically calibrated system instead leaks a controlled layer of Transitory Mist around the tank. This system absorbs incoming fire and vents it into unknown locations between worlds, though the Mega Coal within that reactor can only really generate its field for at most five minutes.


As with most vehicles in the Combat-series, no variants have been released due to the expense connected to the unit - experimentation is restricted due to that.

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