Froilan the Salamander is the 'old man' of the Chaotix, a thief and con-man who joined with his black-market purchased helicopter, modified from it's norms.

Froilan the Salamander

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Skin: Blue, w/ dark blue markings
  • Eyes: Black
  • Brown & white leather jacket
  • Pale blue shirt
  • Dark brown trousers
  • Black belt
  • Black boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Possesses the genetic ability Rock Head
  • Possesses the genetic point Stages of Evolution
  • Advanced Pyrokinetic
  • Trained with hydrokinesis, electrokinesis, solarakinesis, spectrakinesis & geokinesis
  • Advanced combat w/ trident, hand-to-hand
  • Skilled liar, cheater & thief
  • Skilled helicopter pilot
  • Respectable mechanical skills
VehiclesHeavily modified Hammerforge Industries LOS-4 Snakeback Attack Helicopter
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Froilan is reasonably tall and slim, with two-tone blue skin that glints as if covered in slime. However, his eyes are deep black, leading some to refer to the salamander as 'soulless'.


Normally, Froilan wears attire typical to the mental image of a 'scoundrel' - brown & white leather jacket over a light-blue t-shirt, dark brown pants, black belt & boots. This he wears even while flying his helicopter, describing it as more comfortable than anything he's worn in a long time.


Early History

Froilan was born in Tatsun, a small village on Angel Island. His parents passed away while the salamander was young, rendering him an orphan and street urchin, where stealing became the only way he could get the money and food to survive. Quickly, he caught the eye of a gang of like-minded youths, and the career of crime started. At six, Froilan could lie to almost anyone in a way that was believable, from police to concerned citizens. He could pickpocket at a speed that most people wouldn't notice anything missing, and was capable of moving at high speeds completely silently. Indeed, the salamander's reflexes were astounding, and quickly, he was recruited by a criminal empire, aiming to turn his survival skills into profit-making skills.

Even though he was only young, Froilan was still more than respectable at the art of theft, and as such, he was quickly inducted into the organization, starting as a pickpocket, but quickly moving up into the world of scams.

Joining the Chaotix

Soon after his eighteenth birthday, Froilan was instructed in becoming a combat helicopter pilot, with his boss purchasing an old, run-down and decrepit Hammerforge LOS-4 Snakeback Attack Helicopter for the youth to use and customize to his leisure, as long as he maintained his production income. Instantly, the youth began putting money into the helicopter, replacing it's standard weaponry which was old and unworkable with a quad laser cannon, two upgraded missile launchers, and a new weapons-pod, fitted with turbolasers. This armament gave the helicopter extreme use against heavy and medium armor, although it was of limited use against infantry. When the rebuilds were complete, Froilan was twenty-nine. Along with his gunner, the two betrayed the criminal force, instead flying the helicopter off to New Mobotropolis.

While in the capital of the Acorn Empire, the duo and their helicopter caught the eye of Vector the Crocodile, who recruited the duo as an anti-armor team for the Freedom Fighter styled group known as the Chaotix.

In their first recorded battle, the helicopter managed to destroy three Egg Dromedaries assaulting Tatsun, while the rest of the group defeated the rest.


Froilan possesses the genetic ability Rock Head, making himself impervious to 'recoil' damage from his own attacks. In conjunction, he is also capable of entering a genetic 'evolution' permanently, when he reaches a certain strength level. However, this hasn't yet occurred.

As a salamander, despite not being of the 'mystic' fire-breathing kind, Froilan is a powerful Pyrokinetic, with training in five more elements - Electricity, Water, Light, Darkness and Earth. This combination set makes it hard to predict in a close-in fight how he would react. Count in a pair of wings created of flame, a high-level of skill in hand-to-hand combat, and a trident, and you get an extremely impressive opponent.

Outside of combat, Froilan is talented in what he refers to as his art, being a 'scoundrel'. With a smooth tongue and nimble fingers, the salamander is talented at thievery, silent movement, and lying. On top of that, he is skilled in mechanical areas, capable of rebuilding a run-down helicopter with limited problems. He is also a skilled pilot, capable of making his helicopter 'dance' in midair to avoid fire.

However, it is known that Earth-based abilities pose the greatest threat to him, as his body doesn't cope well with the impacts, despite his ability to manipulate the element itself.

Fire Abilities

Water Abilities

Electric Abilities

Light Abilities

Dark Abilities

Earth Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Signature Ability

  • Heat Rising - Froilan heats the air around him, especially around his feet, allowing himself to levitate over a large number of earth-based attacks on a pillar of heat.


While working with the criminal underworld, Froilan was given an old, run-down Hammerforge Industries LOS-4 Snakeback Attack Helicopter, a superseded vehicle. He was also given a large budget to repair and learn to fly the craft. As such, he fitted the helicopter with a more powerful engine and armor, while removing the rapid-fire blasters, missile tubes and standard laser pod. He managed to acquire a small enough quad laser setup for the front of the craft, and spent an extremely high amount of money acquiring an anti-armor turbolaser pod. He also had the missile launchers retooled for more powerful, starfighter-caliber torpedoes, as well as the standard and easier to find missiles. Then, he defected, joined the Chaotix, and the rest is history.


Defensive to the extreme, especially when asked about his past or the things he's lifted from people's pockets, Froilan is ruled by his past experience. He's on the verge of kleptomania, lies in more than half of what he says, and constantly tries to extort money from people he doesn't know too well. However, he seems to think better when working on something.






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